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  1. biscotti and oatmeal cookies are also really good starter baking projects. Simple ingredient lists, very forgiving in terms of bake time.
  2. not real lasagne unless you use a laser.
  3. Oh no. The party got into a fight with docwagon. Now they need to do a lot of clean up in a hurry or face the certainty of a hit being put out on them.
  4. that's actually come up before. if there's clients on both sides of a fight they'll generally try extract both by stunning anyone who tries to stop them, or hitting the entire area with immobilizing riot foam
  5. I've gotten sick after Waffle House at 2 gencons in a row. The rest of my group insists on going there. I will skip breakfast rather than go there.
  6. oh. IHOP. mistakes were made. Not quite as bad as waffle house, but close.
  7. Digestive problems that they don't want to explain to people? Chains are known quantities and easier to avoid foods that you know will cause problems.
  8. I didn't prepare for tonight's shadowrun game. I'm considering making the party fight doc wagon to keep the already severely injured villain from getting away, or let him escape and then deal with him later.
  9. you know they make more than one kind of them right? there was a story in the paper several months ago here about someone who had been feuding with their neighbors because they set up an entire council of blow up dragons in their front yard.
  10. yep. it also has the track where the summoned cthulhu by playing metallica backward while ramming a speedboat into his head.
  11. Oh I guess they did release the tour album...
  12. what did they finally release their tour album "tidal scourge"?
  13. Werkrobotwerk

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Just going to say the bones mini I have bought the most copies of is "xair bot small" 4 copies, plus 3 metals from before bones 4, with maria, the nova corps, and black star corsairs following close on their heels...
  14. Werkrobotwerk

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    yep. I have that one. I just always want more translucent in these things. you can always paint over to make it solid, but you can't make solid become translucent
  15. Werkrobotwerk

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    This kickstarter needs more translucent purple.