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  1. there are, many places that supply such things. they're not an exact color match to the necron green
  2. Ha ha ha ha one of the Pathfinder characters died a round after being hit by hot sauce.
  3. don't wish too hard, they just showed the update to the necron warriors I've been wanting, and well it was a monkey's paw wish...
  4. bunch of stuff. I paint more, because I can do it while waiting for work calls to come in. ring fit adventure, because I don't get any exercise at work now. bake, because I'm home often enough that I can wait for dough to rise. sew, because I've been trying to make a better mask. TV, I've been trying to watch the new startrek shows so I can cancel the subscription. phone calls, I usually just go talk to people in person, but that isn't happening.
  5. Oh good. My job is supposedly safe at through New Years, but likely continuing to be work from home most of the time.
  6. the person in charge is frequently lying.
  7. They may already have those. I mean I only bought tomato and cheese today, but still ended up with a complete pizza.
  8. I don't know, probably is a good year to be a blimp pilot, you get to be really far away from other people
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