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  1. Well, the good news is my state is moving to the next group in it's vaccination plan on the 15th. The bad news is they changed who's in that group so I'll be waiting longer than I had been expecting.
  2. https://youtu.be/4vKXrGWJST4 super groups that can be assembled only through the use of a time machine and possibly mind control
  3. I had a metal mr. Grimm sitting around, so I figured better paint it before the bones version shows up. So cold mr. Grimm
  4. normal year, jeans, and some kind of moderately nice looking shirt. this last year, what ever is clean and at the top of the pile
  5. I watched attack of the 50 foot woman. it had more butler fights, and space knights in leather jerkins than I expected, and far less 50 foot women.
  6. I have learned one important thing this weekend. There is a reason why wrestling monks do not get to cast "elemental aura fire", and I should not lend them mine. so many accidental team kills
  7. Keep going, most people are bad at most things when they start, they don't stay that way.
  8. I guess for wrestling I'm gonna go with "gotta gotta go!" the Austrian death machine cover version. mostly because I'd have to be some kind of joke match. maybe uriah heap's "return to fantasy" if it's a deal where I can use a death trap dungeon like a proper kobold.
  9. I went with cursed gold and new gold with tungsten plating and sepia glazes for shadows on the gold bits. Blue titanium and hot blue for the blue parts, with a little bit of nightmare black for lines. Skin is a base of vampire mist with amethyst purple and brains pink glaze. Hair is mercury fliers blue with led blue and vampire mist highlights.
  10. the smiley is actually molded into the figure :)
  11. https://www.reapermini.com/search/pipe/latest/77075 well there's this dwarf with a pipe and a staff but he's a bit more wizardy
  12. I was going for hi-vis jacket with reflectors.
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