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  1. June 24 You need to have a meeting with someone over zoom/skype/webex/facetime/whatever, do you care about having the cameras on?
  2. June 23 Your town now has a professional sports team for a sport no one in town plays, for some reason you have been put in charge of naming the team. What is the sport and what do you name the team.
  3. I have eaten one, I misunderstood what I was ordering. it could have used a tortilla and a different sauce
  4. it is a taco that uses a giant chicken nugget as a shell. it's not very good.
  5. June 22 I like to leave joke weapons scattered around dungeons, got any suggestions for good ones? Can be any setting any type.
  6. June 21, Are there any kinds of minis that were previously hard to find that you now have too many of?
  7. June 20, you stumble across a cool looking bottle, it has a genie inside. you get 3 wishes, what 3 do you make?
  8. how much drawing do you want to do and what kind of laptop is it? do you care about things like pen pressure? If you're just going to make annotation kind of stuff the "snip and sketch" tool built in to windows 10 will do that pretty well, if you're looking to illustrate with shading and all that good stuff I'd go with art rage. If you're planning to do a ton of drawing on a laptop I'd recommend spending a small amount of money for "clip studio paint" it is absurdly powerful for it's price
  9. June 19 Have you ever been to an in person auction? How'd it go?
  10. I was the one selling the marines and buying the sandwich. it was buffalo chicken with banana peppers, cheese and tomatoes
  11. I have learned the auction price of a sanguinary guard space marine is the same as the retail price of a 6inch sub. Do with this knowledge what you will.
  12. I couldn't find my sir forescale so the units of measure in these photos are a bones housewife and a haunt cav. The missile rack is about 25mm front to back the gun about 30mm
  13. June 18, How do you outsmart a time traveler?
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