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  1. Ha ha ha... Do they make get well bouquets of wolfsbane for situations like this.
  2. it's ok. it cleans up a little bit of the system weirdness from 2020 v2. the problem is there's not enough extras to go with it so you're likely to be dipping into 2020 v2 for inspiration and modules if you don't plan to home brew everything.
  3. well that was weird. I had to get one of my players to leave the table and go to the hospital because he had some nasty untreated dog bites.
  4. Ha ha ha oh megamek, they've been a thing since I was in highschool. It's gotten a lot better over the years.
  5. I played kill team this weekend. I am off the right side of the picture. you can see the dynamite throwing stealer sneaking along the bottom of the map. He had a really good day successfully hucked dynamite at imperial guard and space marines. I lost both games, but dynamite is it's own reward.
  6. Playing d&d, while on a grid... But not aligning anything to the grid....
  7. for reference, johnny mnemonic takes place this year. the movie that is I don't remember the book having a specific date...
  8. then cecil rhodes or leopold II of belgium. there would be 24 hours of hitting them with a stick.
  9. am I allowed to spend my whole day beating them with a stick?
  10. Well the semester has really started, had to scold two college students trying to make out near my office for taking their masks off in the hall.
  11. I've already found that parts I was supposed to install this morning are missing. So now I will spend more time driving to get the parts than I was supposed to spend on the entire install. So yes
  12. that is definitely a kitten, no vampire at all
  13. So... Do we know when the Halloween stuff starts for the reaper store? I kind of need to order some bases and brushes.
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