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  1. The individual unit packs are also quite a bit more reasonable than the starter for several of the factions. I'm probably picking up a box of cybertronic chaseurs.
  2. Not I. And this would really be a good time for them to post an update to explain what is going on.
  3. Well, this seems more put together than their last attempt. I have more than a little trouble justifying the prices they want for a six man cybertronic starter.
  4. yes. it's at 5 minutes 20 seconds of the video on demand. they are currently testing the system by which they prompt people to pay for shipping. they expect shipping to begin about may 1ish
  5. Did it start when it got cold? I have an 04 Corolla and it had the check engine pop on when it got cold. Turned out there's a bug with one of the sensors that they were able to correct by updating the computer so it didn't freak out whenever it got cold.
  6. In case anyone was curious I finally have found the amount of force required to break one on the siocast style bones USA models. It is the eclipsephase 2nd Ed book falling 2.5 feet onto the viceroy enforcers. Which is pretty good, I mean it's a big book, and I was still able to reassemble the bots.
  7. Some of the bigger vehicles were on sale at significant discount at the grocery store around New years.
  8. is 3d printing an option? I'm seeing some 20's cars available on myminifactory. from epic miniatures and some others
  9. Wrath of kings house teknes has pig men and women, but they are armed and armored.
  10. also, he wanted tall, stargrave is universally on the short side of things
  11. you want tall, in a jumpsuit, and with a figure. for reaper, I would go with https://www.reapermini.com/search/woman/latest/50212 I would recommend digging through supers games. if you're looking at infinity I would recommend "dire foes 5" it comes with a civilian mini that is an unarmed woman in a body suit, holding a helmet. Aleph support box would also work, she has a gun, but it's on her back so wouldn't be too hard to swap it for a bag or something. Some of the TAG pilot minis would also work, though the one I was thinking of seems to be out of print.
  12. This is an example of the sort of thing you call your union to have someone else in on that call when it happens here.
  13. It's hr they'll almost always find a way to be the security weak link. Well then and any executive...
  14. their stuff tends to roughly map to the available minis from GW or mantic. but the entries are all generic enough that there is little issue using any minis you feel like. I've used a mix of mantic, reaper, and stargrave minis for it. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the basic rules and the army lists are free, so if you're not sure if you want to try it just google their page and give it a read.
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