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  1. or it is just Jon test running his new show "reaper wheel of fortune"
  2. mine was ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ 6 ▅ so stuff was out of place, but "november five 6:00" was the answer so I guess the letters were kind of scrambled?
  3. looks like different people's message had different reveled letters at the bottom.
  4. someone on social media posted this, and I thought you all would want to see it. a naturally occurring broccoli base.
  5. haven't bought one to carve, no where to put one I have roasted pumpkin before, used for pie favorite is pie
  6. formerly GW's learn to paint demo guy. currently independent youtube paint guy.
  7. no ship notice yet for me, but a friend down the road has gotten theirs so hopefully mine will ship soon.
  8. The chili was good. Could have used more hot peppers but it seems to be kind of random how many it takes.
  9. I have no problem with self serve when I go to New York state. But I'm also glad they don't allow it here. Because our gas stations tend to be much smaller than new york's because land costs more. (With the exception of nyc and a few parts of LI) so one old person staring at the machine yelling "how do I make it go" could create a line around the block. At full service you either need to have cash or card ready, or go until you figure it out.
  10. I kind of hope they hold off on the humans and lead with aliens and robots. it's a lot easier to find good space humans than aliens and robots.
  11. butternut squash soup was the last one I had, and I'll probably have ramen in about 10 minutes. as for more interesting ones that I made myself, the last one was split pea, as for the next one, I kind of want to do chili or beef stew or something, but don't currently have the stuff to do that.
  12. Things accomplished today, got a covid test, cut the spare bits off a lot of sprues to save space, built a weird servitor conversion, made bagels.
  13. hmmm what is this mysterious map here... it says hamster hell?
  14. I don't have the first mini anymore, but here's one from the early 2000s and one from last week. Biggest change was learning how to paint bright colors, not using tube paints, and shading. Things I would have told me starting out, use the side of the brush for lines, stop trying to use tube paint for minis, prime white or grey, don't try to paint red directly over black.
  15. Bleh, I wasted all day on getting an RMA for a laptop I had bought to replace my falling apart surface pro 2. For some reason the manufacturer considered a 20 pixel stairstep wiggle to be normal for a pen interface that they advertised as good for drawing. So I'm basically back to square one on replacing things just with one manufacturer crossed off the list. Almost enough to make me just switch back to paper.
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