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  1. I also don't think it lets you get a gift sub if you had one that expired this month
  2. Kind of why I like rune quest, you roll the dice it comes up as 100, then you roll again, it comes up as even worse, you narrate how you screwed up riding a a bull into battle, had it headbutt a tree get concussed, fall over crush your leg and then used your axe to amputate the crushed leg and throw the severed leg at the enemy to try and scare them off. Because who on earth wants to fight the guy who throws his own leg.
  3. bleh, a friend asked me to fix a mini that started chipping, because the person who painted it originally is not around anymore. Really nice paint job, unfortunately the root of the problem is they didn't clean the mini before priming.
  4. One of those attacked the roof of a house in Tuesday's storm Pour the lemonade in the beer
  5. in this case it was on a 25mph road and the bike appears to have hit the back side of the truck some how
  6. Reminder: in a collision between heavy truck and motorcycle, the heavy truck almost always wins. This message brought to you by the dead motorcycle driver on the side of the road while I was driving back from my parents.
  7. Does anyone know what the closest match to dirty grey is out of the currently available paints? I'm kind of on my last little bit of it, and I used it on a bunch of stuff that I'll likely need to get close to matching in the future.
  8. I like robo ape
  9. that makes sense, because it grew out of a mix of mordheim and inquisitor 28
  10. Starfinder went pretty well, using discord for voice and roll 20 for the map and dice roller worked out better than using roll20 for both.
  11. 1 it's something I want to do eventually, but even before covid, it wasn't happening this year. I wanted to try the sophie says painting. 2 don't know
  12. I'm signed up for a starfinder game tomorrow night
  13. Undecided. I've been messing around with gencon and some other stuff this weekend, so far they're going well enough, so I'll probably try others. Not the same as a real con, but probably as close as I can get at the moment.
  14. No. My goal is always to have my work be fit for the purpose. If I need 40 minis who are all going to survive for less than half a game, I'll simplify. If a mini needs to travel a lot to games I'll limit complex shading to make it easier to touch up. If I start a mini and realize it just isn't that good I'll cut my losses.
  15. I ordered wyrd's gencon exclusive cyber punk gang, a roboscorpion, and witchlings. got a free large woman with minigun
  16. a funnel that holds a coffee filter. you put the filter and coffee grounds in it, then pour hot water on it. then you have coffee
  17. either just black it out or put acrylic stucco medium on it with a wash of some color
  18. of course. little pvc aliens counted, as did green army men. the army men had bases
  19. Correct. Worked with a guy who spent 3 years in a wheel chair because he tried to tip one. His cousins thought it would be funny to convince him to try it while they were all drunk.
  20. yes and no. They moved immortals into the troop section an edition ago. I mostly run stuff that existed in 3rd edition. warriors, immortals, wraiths, lords, spiders, ctan, scarabs and destroyers.
  21. not really. the current edition changed the tournament rules. at 1k points you can have a maximum of 2 copies of a unit in a list. at 2k you can have only 3. (not at all annoyed because he owns more admech infantry than that...)
  22. I don't love the new warriors. the degree of damage they all have just seems wrong. So I'm, trying to paint them up with green glow on any damaged bits to try and make them in mid repair as opposed to the the intended rotting look they were sculpted for. Although I do quite like the warden, overlord and plasmancer. They seem like a much better fit with the older stuff.
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