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  1. yes and yes. painted those robots I bought from khurasan a few weeks ago, and then went and played esper genesis
  2. The same way you are most likely to survive any disaster, knowing your neighbors, knowing what you have and being ready to pool resources to deal with things you are unlikely to live through alone.
  3. I assume there is a shortage of raw materials, we've had trouble getting certain sizes of foam inserts for camera cases at work.
  4. Nope. Not enough space in my apartment to use one.
  5. moderately good news! they found one extinct tortoise! https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/10/world/galapagos-tortoises-discovery-scn/index.html
  6. yep. Having wounds greater than 6 can also be a big deal till you get used to how it works.
  7. a cheese steak. fries or onion rings $19000. because if you have money to throw away on a five star, you should probably be parted from it.
  8. 1k is fine. most of my games have been about 1500. it'll get you a few squads, a few leaders and a vehicle or monster in most armies. Just gonna recommend maybe restrict the really huge monsters/tanks in your first game. They can be hard to deal with till you have a good understanding of how the rules work.
  9. I have an event I would target, but I am not perfectly sure how far before I would need to go to prevent it. and I'm not explaining
  10. it is a potato, on a bike. the potato is happy
  11. I have, I've been trying out a bunch of random lists. I like it. I think they still need to do some more tuning for the really big stuff but it is a generally good game.
  12. I was wrong it's actually argent and the vesk fighter. The Valkyrie is slightly longer but argent has a much greater volume. So here's the fighter perched on argent's head.
  13. today is going interesting. A man in a miner's hat just forced his way out of the elevator and crawled out onto the second floor.
  14. They also have the full version of the rules on drive thru rpg for like $5. They're like 40k if it were written by people who knew how to write rules well. Now if only I hadn't already been building gnolls and lizards for their rebel guerillas list.
  15. Surprisingly, the answer to both is likely "a spaceship" The biggest is either and imperial guard Valkyrie, or an enforcer fighter. I can't remember which is bigger. Now the smallest is definitely a single vesk fighter I made for starfinder. I'll try and get a picture of them together when I get home.
  16. I got my base boss 2 pledge manager email today. Ended up doing 1 lowlands 25 mm 1 sci-fi 25mm 1 sci-fi 32mm.
  17. That rhino/elephant thing is not going to be happy if they fire those missiles with their engines pointed directly into its tail...
  18. No, grandpa arrived in France a week or two later.
  19. how big do you want them? there's warzone/siege of the citidel techrons, but they're a bit mutated and also big boys, then there's warhammer 40k battle servators who are treaded armored cyborgs that are once again, big. there's also a heroclix ravager who has treads, but he's a prepaint and a little blobby. now if you want to make your own, you could use a reaper bones cyborg and cav poltergeist
  20. Did the starfinder humble bundle. It was basically buy a copy of armory in print get the large majority of all previous starfinder books in pdf for free.
  21. That's also good, but I meant more along the lines of, it keeps bosses, landlords, "repentant" highschool bullies, class mates I don't want to see again, angry exes, and stalkers from easily getting every detail of my life. Because it's none of their business, and are all likely to be looking for it.
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