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  1. I tried putting anchovies on a pizza tonight. they were not bad.
  2. Just going by what I'm seeing in that one picture. Also the head in the horse's mouth has a pumpkin in his mouth, presumably to complete the turducken of why that this horse is.
  3. because the horse has eaten an entire man's torso. his head is sticking out the horse's mouth, and his ribcage is stuck in it's neck. which is kind of which is... intensely meh.
  4. There were times when I had up to 4 part time jobs at the same time. But that was when I had no full time job. It was also terrible. I would lose up to 3 hours a day to commuting, only get home in time to sleep, and then still not make enough to afford living expenses. My current job has rules about reporting outside employment that pose a problem for most of the kinds of side jobs that would be worth doing right now.
  5. My friend bill wears something similar to conventions. Oh I know, a previous job I had involved taking translated scripts and preparing subtitles from them. Needing to send things back to the translator with notes like, "this does not make sense in english" was pretty common.
  6. I just built a Chinese kit last week. It had very good ikea style wordless instructions.
  7. I had started this meaning to use it for the reapercon quad color clash. But I took too long and then decided it need another 3 colors. So technically it's 7 color. Mint green vampire mist, dungeon grey, some old hd blue who's label fell off, carbon grey, shadowed stone, golden glow.
  8. 8 rail raiders, once I read through it, it turned out to be a mess zombicide invader, I bought this for the minis, undecided if I'll ever use it as a game siege of the citadel, covid happened, hope to play it in the future wander, hope to play post covid Necron army warhammer 40k 9th ed. I played 8th ed, but well "covid" assorted minis built for this is not a test, was supposed to start playing it the week after covid started. battletech kickstarter minis COOOOOOVVVVIIIIIIDDDDDD relic knights speed circuit. Game died before I finished building it not including the ones that were bought without any intent ever to play
  9. because it is being used as day time child care so the parent can go to work
  10. a friend is pushing to play gamma wolves once the quarantine ends. This has made me realize I have way way too many large mecha to choose from. also black star corsairs and bulldogs are perfect for light frames.
  11. I have successfully cooked chicken. it was just an hour late
  12. some of the round one payments came that way also. I am unclear on what determined which way you got it
  13. this is why the magic school is a burning hole in the ground so what does it mean that 02021 is a thief/assassin?
  14. hordes circle of oroboros. they'll be a bit big
  15. how does it compare to "this is not a test"?
  16. bones sir Daniel a dire crab remove Daniel from horse, glue to crab. crab knight for close quarters fighting
  17. that burning hole in the ground school for wizards who only bothered to learn fireball
  18. ha ha ha NO. With maybe a half dozen exceptions for high school and a dozen for college most of the people I graduated I never want to see again. For many of the people from high school the nicest they'd ever get from me is pretending we've never met.
  19. animatronic kobolds, future weapons pack, and hat pack. make robot kobold space pirates.
  20. Got around to painting a blackstar corsair I modified last year. I figured a pirate always could use some more guns on their suit
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