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  1. April 11 What is something you want a mini of that you can't currently find?
  2. couldn't get ricotta so I won't be trying to make rice pie this weekend.
  3. neat! did you sculpt on top of it or print texture on it?
  4. April 10. What's the most unusual thing you've built terrain out of?
  5. That was one of the things I would read in the basement of the town library back when I worked there during high school. they had decades of them just sitting there. Don't think it ever occurred to anyone that they kept the back issues after they took them off the magazine rack. And since the basement was closed to the public, the only way to get them was to ask. that was easily the best part of that job.
  6. APRIL 9 With the monster cat defeated or distracted and the curse removed there's time to stop for a snack, what are you having? and how much will the cat steal?
  7. APRIL 8. Good news! There's a scroll of remove curse! Bad news there's a man sized winged cat sleeping on the scroll! How are you going to get the scroll away from the cat?
  8. APRIL 7. Too bad that treasure at the end of the dungeon was CUUUUUUURRRRRRRRSSSED! What does the curse do?
  9. APRIL 6. What is the treasure at the end of the animatronic dungeon? Other than Sophie's dice we already know that part.
  10. APRIL 5 Make up a ridiculous magic item! What does it do? Where do you find it?
  11. I've been able to find flour consistently, but it took 3 weeks of looking to find yeast.
  12. that'd be nice, but I'd rather get kits for flayed ones, heavy destroyers, any of the characters.
  13. I would settle for confirming that they plan to actually make minis for some of the units already in my necron army that don't require me to hunt down metals from 2001, or garbage resins.
  14. I would expect those for 9th or whatever the next starter box is.
  15. they had an eldar and a sister of battle. Not sure what you were expecting since the only factions they have left to update are the necrons (that they've had no clear plan for this edition) sisters who just got a whole army this year. deathwatch who they don't know what to do with. and harlequins who are barely a single squad.
  16. APRIL 4 Have you done any baking recently? What did you make and how did it turn out? If not, what is your favorite baked food?
  17. it has obnoxious video transitions between questions. one of them probably doesn't want to load.
  18. APRIL 3! Have you painted any of the transparent/translucent bones minis? What worked well?
  19. APRIL 2. Audio content! Are there any new podcasts or radio shows you've been listening to that you'd like to recommend to people? If not, what's the strangest thing you heard on the radio while traveling?
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