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  1. March was weird. I painted Bones goroloth Modified bones chronoscope guy 3 convergence of cyris robots who were modified for this is not a test. 3 wrath of Kings brutes Wrath of Kings warden Wrath of Kings sword guy Wrath of Kings girl with sword, shield, and mask Relic knights girl with magic sword.
  2. APRIL 1! It's April fool's day, so tell us all about your favorite fool, clown, stooge, or jester!
  3. April to Know You, April 2020 Edition. The rules as they currently stand (we all know most of you rebellious lot will ignore most of it, but one can try) 1. Every day, or so (as long as April continues to April in North America) I will post a question. 1.5. If April fails to April then the question will be replaced by HORRIBILE FORETELLING! THERE IS NO . Kobolds took it. 3. Questions will usually be posted when I wake up. 4. Everyone is encouraged to suggest future questions to be posted via PM to me... 5. You do not have to answer every question to play... 6. If a question is TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question QUESTION 1 WILL APPEAR ON THE FIRST!
  4. if you are planning any travel of any kind before June that you can get away with canceling you should cancel.
  5. Things just get worse. dad has pneumonia, and my mom and brother are also under quarantine pending dad getting tested for corona. I am not. I've been avoiding them all since this whole thing began because I was afraid I would bring it home from work with me.
  6. well at this point dad's at the hospital because he wouldn't listen to me or my sister at any point in the last week telling him "doctor! go to the doctor! call the doctor!" So I'm gonna go with no.
  7. Just for once I would like it if my parents would listen when I tell them "Go to a doctor" before things get so bad one of them ends up in the hospital.
  8. Green is the old lead version, dark with blue tentacles is bones
  9. And the power is out, because what's better than being stuck at home with no power.
  10. yes. not playing one at the minute. played a lot of the numbered fallout game + new vegas, outerworlds, morrowwind, dark souls, dragonage 2 & 3, knights of the old republic, the 3 shadowrun games, all the mass effects. of the lot, the 3 shadowruns are my favorite
  11. Got no idea what my dumpstat is. There's a bunch of them where I either have a good base stat with some weird drawback, or bad ones with some kind of feat that makes up for some of their uses.
  12. Normally running up and down stairs doing support tickets at work, and then 3 days a week of ring fit adventure. Currently 6 days a week of ring fit
  13. Not sure what the deal is in PA, but NJs stay home order does specifically exempt federal employees who are working.
  14. Tried it tonight. Map tools aren't bad. Voice kept disconnecting people. Didn't use video.
  15. my monday game is supposed to be using it tomorrow, we'll see how that goes
  16. Parents seem to be getting better, so probably not corona virus.
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