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  1. bleh. My parents are sick. Not sure yet if corona or just cold/flu.
  2. I joined a group that was playing arcanus because the person I was waiting for at the game shop did not show. I had apparently showed up in the session where they were walking into a boss battle. I was given a generic thief two levels below the party. the idea was I could just scout and open doors. I do just that as we make our way through the dungeon. the boss room is a big room. circle in the middle with a demon lord trapped in the middle. around it are a pair of summoners, and some kind of evil priest, backed up by weird super heavy armor guards. I knew I couldn't hit anything in that room without getting at least an 18. So I figured I'd just do something to annoy the enemy maybe get them out of position. I threw a qualls feather token "tree" between the priest and summoner. since I needed only a 10 to hit an empty square it was an easy shot. Tree lands where I wanted it. I hadn't really thought about the fact that the circle runs through the square I just hucked a tree into. the circle breaks. The demon lord gives a thumbs up, and then eats the evil priest whole. he spends the next two turns pulping the summoners, then disappears back to where ever he came from. "that was supposed to be a much longer fight"
  3. a party with both Christopher Lee and Julia Child would be kind of great
  4. all I know is she was a woman who was both a chef and a spy, and who made her own shark replant.
  5. correct. but mixing everclear plus aloe vera is 70%+ if you mix correctly
  6. Well, work just got ordered closed for the next 2 weeks. We're supposed to work from home, though I'm not entirely clear on what part of my job they think I can do from home since I mostly do events and repairs. But atleast I'm still getting paid.
  7. I don't keep it in the house unless I have a specific use in mind. so it doesn't come up. like I only buy it if I plan to bake with it.
  8. generally the teachers unions have been more than willing to trade "ok we'll do online teaching during the emergency" for "if we have to miss 2 weeks after the general closure ends due to being individually quarantined for this virus it doesn't get taken out of our sick days or put on short term disability"
  9. Can be useful for tracking spread and change of the disease over time. Gives you information on what to look for to try and interrupt transmission earlier in an outbreak if something similar happens again. also helps you find out if it really did come from bat, and then check to see if there's similar diseases in the same animal that are likely to hit humans, so you can start working on the virus before it hits us.
  10. We don't know what happens on April 1. You can just kind of expect a wave of cancellations that moves outward from here until this thing gets under control. Some groups will cancel early hoping to avoid costs, some will wait until fairly close to their scheduled date in hopes that something will happen to end the pandemic. (weather, sufficient people having had it to break transmission, successful containment, vaccine, or what ever)
  11. The college I work at is in a similar situation, they extended spring break by one week to give the professors and staff time to get things ready so classes can resume online the week after. I don't think we've made a decision on summer term, but our registration doesn't open of that for a little while.
  12. It's the right move. If an event is in the next month and big enough to draw travelers who are taking a plane it should cancel or post pone. If it's anywhere near a place that has active infections and bigger than 250 people it should cancel. Either way they did the right thing.
  13. that is also how they rolled out the pathfinder iconics when they first got the license
  14. my wrath of kings stuff showed up, and wow is the nasir brute sergeant ever chunky. I kind of wish I had ordered a couple extra copies of her just to use as a conversion base.
  15. would you really want that? I mean it didn't end well for pancho villa and he was a really good warlord.
  16. I do not suppose we have hit the part of the current emergency where pants are optional have we.
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