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  1. For a service that supposedly has as much info on me as Google does, they almost never serve up ads for things that I would even consider buying. The closest they've gotten is doom, and anthem. I had already decided to buy the former by that point, and the latter took them dropping the price to less than a sandwich.
  2. "if the emperor had a text to speech device" by bruya alfabusa "tex talks battletech" by black pants legion assorted destiny stuff by my name is byf wib does stuff the starwars bad lip reading videos Ghost music videos "what happened" by matt mcmuscles unraveled videos by polygon young scrolls miike snow music videos what ever other song I can't stop thinking about
  3. at least they are being clear about what is or isn't happening. on my side of the river they're giving confusing mixed answers about what events are still on for the next week or two
  4. I have netflix, I used to have hulu, and crunchy roll. I should probably just cancel netflix.
  5. stonehaven has crows reaper says the birds in familiar packs 8 and 10 are ravens
  6. I have by lucky accident arranged to have 3 days off after it.
  7. it uses similar dice, and spawning mechanics. it's not a 1 to 1 match for monsterpocalypse. they posted a video of an example game a week before launch
  8. Ionizing would be extreme UV through Gamma. It's a joke. It would kill the virus, and me.
  9. what if I just bathe all exposed surfaces in ionizing radiation? will that kill the virus or just make like Biollante or something?
  10. this is entirely anecdotal, but I have seen riot quest minis in 4 stores, but I have never seen the base game.
  11. I'm pretty concerned at this point. The one case was near home, and work is starting on contingency planning in the event we need to close for a few weeks. So who knows maybe I'll have a few weeks with nothing better to do than paint.
  12. Answer appears to be alternate distant future of warmachine. With rules closer to monsterpocalypse
  13. It's pretty. But it feels like they picked minis that are too big to be practical for the rule set they made.
  14. miniature market had a crazy sale. got a wrath of kings nasier starter wrath of kings nasier bruits a box of mulfins and dark age ranged combat bounty hunters. I have trouble saying no when the price per mini drops to about 33 cents
  15. I was at gencon talking loudly to a friend about problems with golem arcana while in a line. Turned out the person in front of me was Jordan Weisman. He was very nice about it. I wasn't trying to be a jerk about it, I really can't recognize faces, and we had just demoed it. I've met others, but most were not interesting stories, because most of them were when I was working at a PBS station during pledge drive season.
  16. my work schedule is unusually bad this month so I am not planning on getting much minis stuff done
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