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  1. I also built a similar batch of necrons this weekend. as far as I can tell this means I never need to build warriors again. since I have 20 of the old kind with the guass flayer and 20 of the new kind with whatever the short gun is.
  2. oh this would be a looooong list thanks to work and their ineffective procurement procedures... there'd be a whole page of "products that included garbage capacitors in power supplies which then explode" oh and the projector bulbs that die immediately on being brought up to operating temperature! and the batteries that leaked before their marked expiration date! But more recently at home I replaced the external battery/keyboard on my surface pro 2. it worked just long enough to get through the return period, then the battery stopped charging.
  3. The correct answer is probably the death dumpster, but I've showed that a bunch of times, so instead here's a few mutants of varying degrees of weirdness. Also an angry robot kobold.
  4. today was exciting. Was back on campus for the first time since march, did some video stuff and then got sidetracked by needing to deal with flooding that maintenance failed to notice.
  5. Blue crab, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callinectes_sapidus didn't quite nail it but I had the picture open while I was painting these four.
  6. Here you go, grot rebellion, grot Stalin, and a space goblin made out of a bones goblin.
  7. A bunch. I've successfully made 4 with 7 failed attempts. I'm gonna keep making them until this ends or I make the exotic masterwork mask. (Worst seasonal event loot rng) Don't know, I prefer space goblins. I made one for a friend's starfinder character that was pretty good, but I also like the little mek for the grot rebellion I did last month.
  8. important things I learned today: Do not iron spandex. I definitely wrecked the material, possibly also the iron.
  9. bleh, the first convention I was expecting to go to in 2021 just canceled.
  10. yes/yes/yes but keep in mind layers may separate depending on how you applied it or mixed it.
  11. got a reaper order, 3 bottles of wash medium, bronze flesh, bronze flash shadow, dark shadow, dark highlight, robot kobolds, poppy cloverlocks, mwangi brown, hanei the freebie warrior. really wish wash medium was available in much bigger bottles.
  12. mine arrived. looks good. weapon lockers are a bit taller than I expected.
  13. don't know, mine was out of the US site
  14. yeah I did none of that. stuff I really did: reaper: bones umber hulk, 2 bones demons, 2 bulldog 1 armors, 1 pig cart, 1 wraith, 1 brigand, 1 bones person in a hat with a cane?, 1 bones priestess, 1 modified space cowboy, 1 lizard wizard. games workshop: 10 grots, 1 inquisitorial accolyte, 1 skitarrii, 1 creepy flying robot baby other stuff: dark age bounty hunter, 1 mantic/gw/warlord conversion space soldier guy not pictured: one cow that I can't find! 29 minis
  15. Mine appears to have shipped
  16. That's neat, but it's 2-3 times too big to be of use to me. If they'd like to do one that's scaled down to large dog - small horse size when compared to a 28mm mini I'd be up for it.
  17. I can't go anywhere without seeing at least 3 people doing top left there
  18. Apparently I had 4 empty bottles of wash medium. This kind of screws up my plans.
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