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  1. yep I used this recipe last week, just make sure you watch the times.
  2. good news! decent bagels are really really easy to make! I've had good luck with this recipe https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/220619/real-homemade-bagels/ with the modification that I boil them about an extra 30 seconds on each side. just make sure you time the boiling because they're hard as rocks if you under boil and try to make up for it in the oven.
  3. has to be some sort of record, not one of those things seem like something that goes on a pizza
  4. Usually biscotti or oatmeal cookies, since I'm more likely to have all the ingredients for those than most other stuff.
  5. many dire crabs, a bones raft, and 04019
  6. trying to work bubblegum crisis into the conversation any time someone mentions "boomers" building robots turning out convoluted rpg plots just so I can end on a terrible pun brush, knife, and paper towel all got used about the same amount.
  7. happy new year. remember to avoid pod 6 this year
  8. LAST DAY OF THE YEAR!!! Answer a question you missed from earlier in the year, or suggest a question we should have asked this year, but didn't.
  9. RBJ games has a kickstarter going currently with pig goblins vs doggy kobolds that might be along the lines of what you're looking for
  10. December 30: what/who is the worst robot? Interpret worst anyway you'd like.
  11. I was referencing bad slasher/monster movies of the 80s and 90s where they would do an "in space" sequel after the series has long run out of good ideas. so basically a played out kind of monster that you would like to see menacing astronauts.
  12. December 29: What is the best monster to send to space for the sequel?
  13. December 28: How did you spend new years last year? What are your plans for this year, if any?
  14. December 27: What was your favorite piece of media that premiered this year?
  15. he kind of looks like Sean Connery in highlander
  16. I punched a vampire in the kidney. it did 1 damage. I won
  17. December 26: I am told today is "boxing day" so who or what are you going to box? Are you going to win? where do you find a referee for all this boxing?
  18. Ring fit is pretty good if you need a little exercise, though it uses a hardware peripheral so you would need to find it in a store.
  19. Tree missed my car by about 2 car lengths. But the recycling bin has been crushed, along with all the cans inside.
  20. cats always count unless the question is "can owls be lawyers"
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