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  1. Yes. It takes the form of not signing up for any social media that requires you to be discoverable by the name on your driver's license. Persistent pseudonymous is the only reasonable way to run a website.
  2. well of the ones I like, I've never actually used a dragon that was fightable. admittedly I've also never run D&D, but starfinder is close, as is gamaworld, and shadow run has some monster overlap
  3. May 31, what is the next question I will ask you?
  4. May 30, For games, do you prefer flat maps, a mix of map and sculpted terrain, or only sculpted terrain? What's the best map or terrain you've seen?
  5. that is exactly the reason I was still awake in the middle of the night was watching the black and white, no dialogue version of fury road, with a bunch of people.
  6. May 29, Stick at least 3 different vehicles together to make a land vehicle. Tell us about it. Posted waaaay early cause there is no way I'm waking up on time tomorrow.
  7. May 28, Badly describe something technical, or technically describe something badly.
  8. it is a series of cats passing messages in groups of 6 while yelling EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeEEEeeeeE
  9. May 27, How old were you when you first used the internet? What is the first thing you remember doing on there?
  10. May 26, There is a lizard in a clear plastic cup with a lid on it. The cup has a label "no ice, no milk, lizard, for lizard" what do you do with the cup and lizard. also are there lizards where you live? which kind?
  11. May 25, What is the biggest thing you have thrown? What is the heaviest thing you have thrown?
  12. May 24, You walk without rhythm to not attract the sand worm, but how do you avoid attracting a space worm?
  13. May 23, What animal would you most want to see at a petting zoo?
  14. May 22, So about that heist, how'd you and the crew screw it up?
  15. May 21, You need to get a crew together for a heist. Who are you bringing and what is the score. There will be a follow up question tomorrow.
  16. .... They had the best dragon already sculpted, and they waited for the back end of the campaign and never get to it... arrrrrgggghhh.
  17. May 20, Have you ever heard a graduation speech that was good? What did they talk about.
  18. So has anyone seen the current wave of magic minis? How's the mold line situation on them?
  19. May 19, Well now that I have threatened your cities with a kitten, what sort of giant monster would you like to see go on a rampage? (posting this early because work starts at an unreasonable hour tomorrow)
  20. There is a non zero chance your bus is early because the kitten chased it out of the area
  21. May 18, There is a giant rambunctious kitten causing havoc down town, chasing cars, batting at things, scratching buildings, and meowing loudly. How do you make it stop?
  22. Crew 2 arrived. I really like it. the heads are so much better than the ones on the frostgrave women.
  23. May 17, How do you prefer your space aliens? Monstery? big eyes and tiny grey bodies? dude wearing a space suit and a weird forehead? something else?
  24. I really like crew box 2.
  25. yes. at this point I go with stynlerenz either white, grey, red/brown, or silver for everything 600 grit sand paper is what you want to finish prepping any bones variant before priming there's one of those slits in the door, but it's small enough that anything thicker than the smallest padded envelope gets left on the porch.
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