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  1. woo! cowboys to keep the KS1 cowgirl company!
  2. Is that a samurai mouseling!? Well that's getting bought.
  3. I like it, unfortunately I can't go pledge for another two hours. The multiple shipping waves seem brilliant.
  4. I started by giving the elemental two coats of army painter antishine so I could use water washes over the translucent material then I mixed up a glaze of liqitex soft body cadmium yellow deep hue and put it on the bottom third of the wings and body. then I mixed a little army painter white with liquitex soft body cadmium yellow medium and put thin layers on the bottom of the wings and legs, and a little on the eyes. then I brushed a very thin layer of army painter red on the top of the wings and body. then I painted the face some kind of vallejo dark grey, not sure which one because the label wore off.
  5. yeaaah, the varnish doesn't look nearly as shiny in person, but I'm working with kind of a lousy camera that either needs a bright flash or a super long exposure.
  6. I finally found where I put my camera, and took some pictures of my finished bones. hellborn rogue dwarf woman black smith bonnie nick stone sarah well of chaos medium fire elemental
  7. If it has, no hands, is undead, is larger than 40mm, or smaller than 15 mm then I call it a monster. Anything else is a potential player character. This has lead to some odd games.
  8. Both of mine seemed fine, although I don't have the metal to compare them to. Certainly no glaring problems like noseless cowgirl.
  9. Yes, I've discovered that pretty quickly. Of my various acrylic paints, some of them are fairly thick and opaque (my white, grey, brown, black, and an oddball selection of certain fairly solid "cool" colors), while others are relatively translucent and watery (any of my "bright" colors -- yellow, red, orange, vibrant purple, certain of my blues, certain of my greens). Even without dealing with Bones, if I were painting a figure in any of those more "watery" colors, if the area I wanted to paint were dark (or if there were bits of "splash" from painting other areas), I'd need to lay down some solid white first, or else the end result just wouldn't look right (more paint would tend to pool in lower areas, leaving high areas thin, and if the high areas are dark or spattered, that's going to show through). I'm running into a similar dynamic here: If I want to use one of my "bright," more translucent colors, then I need to lay down some solid white first -- or one of the lighter of my more opaque paints. (I have a light blue that's fairly opaque that I often use as a base before applying one of my more watery blues, for a pretty nice effect.) Unless I have something put down first to "anchor" my paint to, "washes" don't play nice with bare Bones. A quick coating of Army painter Anti-shine (the dropper bottle kind) worked really well on my translucent "fire" minis. I just gave the full mini a coat of it, and then I was able to use washes normally.
  10. Mine are on their way. Klocke Classics x1 Bedevilled x1 C'thulhu x1 Spider Centaurs x1 vampire x1
  11. oh man, nova 3 packs! these'll be great for hired goons in space!
  12. Because sometimes the mountain needs to be punched?
  13. What would that be? I'm not familiar with lost girls.
  14. Wouldn't a real Venus fly trap be about the right size to be man size to a 28mm mini?
  15. hmmm monster is pretty interesting, I'm still not quite sold, but moving in that direction.
  16. Well it is interesting looking, but they haven't posted any of the stuff I'd really jump at yet. No mac 2, no zentradi power armors. Guess I'll check again closer to the end.
  17. oops, I put it in the big kickstarter list but forgot to make a seperate topic.
  18. Not sure, probably one of the smaller spider people, as a warm up to painting the big spider!
  19. I'd like to see a few Chronoscope minis in the translucent plastic to represent characters with cloaking devices/invisibility powers maria either in white or clear. the alien with the big axe thing in clear a clear megamutant or just some mega mutants in general Xair Bots in white invisable nightslip in clear green or maybe blue and ALF 24 in any style, because mass production bone bots are great
  20. Looks like we're talking about scouts and zouaves that get them? well, scouts and zouaves are good, but you will likely get more bang for your buck on any other load out for the same troop. At the same time there is no zouave or scout who has been sculpted specifically as holding an E mauler so you can just try it out for yourself, you'd just be using the figure for the basic load out.
  21. If you are looking for EM weapons, EM light grenade launchers, E Mitters, Blitzens, and E-marat are all pretty great. E/mauler is kind of the odd man out in that respect.
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