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  1. May 16, Do you have a mailbox? Do packages fit in it or is it just for letters? (totally inspired by my new stargrave book waiting outside for 5 hours during expected tornadoes)
  2. May 15, What's something about painting, building, or sculpting miniatures that you wish you knew when you were getting started?
  3. May 14, Do you prime all your minis? do you use the same primer for all materials? what color or colors do you like to use?
  4. Now work has parking lot snapping turtles. So that's kind of cool and annoying at the same time. There's a doughnut shop near here called glaze that has a really great toasted coconut doughnut. Unfortunately it doesn't open till after I need to leave for work, and is in the wrong direction.
  5. investigate all the noises, bring a sword. Get XP, maybe some gold, maybe gems, maybe some motes, either way chop chop all the way to the bank.
  6. May 12, Tell us about your local nuisance animals, have you seen them cause any interesting trouble recently? (This question brought to you by the squirrel that managed to knock over a saw horse)
  7. I promise I did not just shoot a hole into the surface of mars https://youtu.be/-u1H0gltsbw
  8. May 11, You need to get rid of a pile of money by making a game show. You can't keep any of the cash for yourself. what sort of game show do you make?
  9. May 10, Do you like driving? Is it necessary where you live?
  10. May 9, Have you ever gotten a "sample" bottle in a reaper order? what color was it and what did you use it for?
  11. I had asked mostly because this season of MST3k has robot wars. which is both a terrible movie, and one I wore out the VHS of at the video rental place when I was a kid.
  12. May 8, Is there a terrible movie you still like to watch?
  13. May 7, What's the most interesting competition you've ever been to? Were you a participant or a spectator?
  14. This month I'm mostly working on stuff to use for various one page rules armies. For right now I think the lizards are first so they can be the cheep troops for the list with the gnolls. But my plans may change if the new star grave minis arrive soon.
  15. had one of those yesterday except in reverse "so does it have internet?" well I'm screen sharing it with you over webex, so yes.
  16. May 6: What are you working on building or painting this month? have any pictures?
  17. May 5: TACOS! What's your favorite kind? What sides do you like with them?
  18. Ah yes euchre, that game everyone in college expected me to know how to play but could never be bothered to teach.
  19. The ewoks just like big (relative to an ewok) women and hung out with imperial defectors?
  20. By the way, if anyone needs toys to modify to use as landed space ships, the buzz lightyear ones have cockpits that are made for about 30mm pilots.
  21. I recommend looking it up. Not because it is good, but because it is such a lousy game that frequently both dealer and players would be cheating.
  22. May 4: What do you know about card games? Know any unusual ones? have you ever won at faro? Did you cheat?
  23. Last night I kind of got talked into helping someone try and find recordings of a show they had seen a long time ago that is now mostly unavailable, so... May 3: Is there any sort of lost media you're still looking for? Old TV shows? Songs you can't find recordings of? Missing books? That one issue of a magazine that was the only source for rules for a really cool out of print mini? Tell us about it.
  24. I usually listen to podcasts, recently the best is "true tales of the illuminati"
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