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  1. December 25: did anyone wake you up early this morning?
  2. There is a Christmas thunderstorm going on tonight. I really wish this place had at least one room without a window.
  3. December 24: Ho ho ho. Have you ever seen a reindeer in person? If they were unavailable, what other animal should Santa use to drag a sleigh?
  4. My sister got the vaccine this morning, which is good since she works in a hospital with covid patients. Currently I expect to get it sometime between march and summer based on my job.
  5. December 23: what's the funniest wild animal you've ever met?
  6. December 22: what did you have for breakfast today?
  7. December 21: we're more than half way through december, Which things that have to be done this year have you been putting off to the last minute
  8. December 20: You're a mad scientist, what animal do you give weapons to. (examples, sharks lasers, penguins with missile launchers etc...)
  9. you say that, but I just bought a bunny wine bottle stopper to give as a present...
  10. December 18: Since tonight is the "Oops all dragons" update for bones 5, I'm going to ask you some dragon questions. What is the collective noun for a large group of dragons? What do you call someone who raises dragons? what's your favorite kind of dragon?
  11. December 17: have you painted any holiday minis this year? Doesn't have to be winter holidays, if you've got a really great easter bunny, or a halloween mini or any other holiday, I'd like to see it.
  12. least it's not the shasta deer from shadow run. They cast lightning bolt when startled.
  13. December 16: for reasons I am not happy about, I need to get cookies for a wish dragon. Choose a supernatural creature and tell me what kind of cookies do you get for them?
  14. I'm not sure if this is the current model for this guy as I stopped playing near the beginning of N3. But basically if there was a big smooth looking robot on the field for the combined army it was one of these guys. Which meant a couple of things. 1 they could not be in loss of LT unless there were only irregular orders left in the army or you EM everyone. 2 the sepsitor, and monofilament weapons were both on the field. So they may try and rush with the EI fragment to try and steal your troops, or bait you into melee. 3 it has some kind of horrible gun. The least destructive these things got was a plasma rifle which they were quite good with. 4 no sectorial army. These guys were great, but weren't available in sectorial armies.
  15. December 15: Do you have anything going in the background when you paint? music, tv, other stuff? is it related to what you're painting?
  16. yep, that's the ones I was thinking of. they do a bunch of movie, superhero and video game stuff too it is universally OK, never great.
  17. that the same series of prepaint metal guys that has the weirdly smooth dragon?
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