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  1. May 2: What if anything do you listen to while painting? have any recommendations for the rest of us?
  2. Welcome to MAY! Am I your actual questor or have I just usurped the the thread again? Who knows? THE RULES 1. Every day a question will be posted. 2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer the question of the day before the next question is posted. (It's more of a guideline really but tradition demands we pretend it's a rule.) 3. Questions show up sometime before 10am eastern time. 4. For other quisitors: Should I fail to post a question please wait until after the 10 am window to post a backstop question. 5. Anyone is encouraged to suggest future questions. Please send a PM to the current or any previous Quisitor. 6. You do not have to answer every question to play. If a question feels like TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question or give a terse, concise mysterious answer. There we go, I'll be back in the morning with the first question.
  3. Played some more one page rules. This time I was rebel guerillas. Mostly I brought cars, a tank, and these gnolls. The gnolls did a ton of work. I managed to win both games
  4. I'm definitely in for tomb of hakir, and briarwood vale, bee lancers, and hell born. phoenix egg is a maybe, ants and newts are maybes.
  5. Absolutely a thing. There've been a few dwarfs of late that are nearly as tall as older human.
  6. I really do not get what people have been on about with light houses.
  7. Honestly I love the haunt as the basis for a bunch of robot/drone conversions. I've made one to basically ape an infinity zond, and this, and I have two more planned. The only hard part is filing down the front missiles.
  8. I've been building a monster. I started with a haunt CAV 72291, Android 49011, the arm guard of a mantic strider, torso armor from 2 dreadball robots, a forge father heavy rifle, and a vansaar flame thrower Then I primed her and began painting. She's mostly drow silver for a base, highlighted with scalecolor speed metal, and reaper pearl white then washed with a mix of gloss medium, sample green black, and turbo dork wavelength. The yellow bits are lemon. She still needs more work on the yellow and the guns, and treads.
  9. but they're fun to hunt -Wei-Ning, whose cause of death was not dragon
  10. naginata 49 mm from front bumper to back. barrels don't extend past the bumper. 28ish mm at widest point. it's not exactly squared off so +- 1 mm looks like 10mm to top of hull, 12ish to turret top oh while not as useful, the base under the charger in the store photo would be 31mm from flat side to flat side and 20mm corner to corner so charger is about 20mm wide and between 40-50mm long going by the store photo
  11. I can measure a naginata when I get home. Unfortunately I have no chargers.
  12. turns out they just didn't run the battery check at all last time. even though it is supposed to be standard. even though they were specifically asked to do it. think I need to go to a different mechanic from now on.
  13. The week is off to a rough start. I need to take half a day off to bring the car back to the dealer because it seems they screwed up something last time I was there, and now the battery is not charging.
  14. Depends what they do. If an animal is big enough to attack things on its own it gets its own base so it can move around the map. If it's something very tiny or that can't function on its own it stays on the base.
  15. It looks good and I hope they keep the 3 inch
  16. You're kind of stuck with the greenstuff. Remember to wear gloves and keep your tools lubricated to keep a smooth surface as you sculpt. I undertook a similar project a long while ago, it was time consuming.
  17. Honestly. I kind of want some kind of stupid villain car/chariot thing for the murder hornet.
  18. Ok twaret is an excellent choice. I hope the other 2 parts are as interesting as part 1
  19. Assuming they don't have any horrible casting issues, I'm up for the pile of samurai they showed off in the magic set.
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