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  1. December 14: It's time for questions about snow: Have you had any yet this year? how do you paint snow on a mini? If you live somewhere that never gets snow, what is the weather like in the winter.
  2. Opposite, it's the big bad boss of the combined army itself, the evolved intelligence puppeteering powerful robot bodies. Anathematic, Skiavoros, Charontid, and Avatar are just different sizes of robot.
  3. December 13: What's the best software bug you've ever seen? This question brought to you by cars in cyberpunk driving through walls to hogwarts, and swords that achieve warp 9.5 in destiny 2.
  4. I found this guy sitting unassembled in a box while I was cleaning. So I built and painted him even though I stopped playing infinity years ago. And a shot of him next to my old skiavoros
  5. December 12: On the weekend do you wake up at the same time as during the week?
  6. As with most of the off black colors I use them in washes and glazes. I've used coal in for outlining eyes, soot on a gun barrel, a shadow on a mini that has pink highlights, shadows on the translucent green ghost minis.
  7. I have built many dubious klingon warriors in roll 20 and made chili. this is an OK day
  8. December 11: Are there any of the special paints that you use a lot of? (I mean the limited time ones with numbers starting with 09, like coal black ) alternatively have you ever gotten a really good sample bottle?
  9. the fluffiest kenku with a little cowboy hat and a pair of 6 shooters would be kind of a great mini...
  10. December 10: Genies! Lamp, bottle, or something else?
  11. if you do that the post office will tell you that is not a service they offer and you can gamble on normal handling or walk away. ups and fedex will demand a level of packaging that will make the cost prohibitively absurd for anything less than the one of everything paint kit, or tell you they refuse to take the package.
  12. just to be clear on this, does this mean someone in the army was given orders to go paint their army before the game?
  13. December 9: it is well known that [magical creature] handing out [weapon] = [job] what magical creature and weapon are required for your job? or any job you want to talk about example: lady of the lake handing out Excalibur = king of England
  14. I'm surprised the cat isn't trying to eat the fish
  15. you've likely already thought of this, but if you've never used the physical key have you tried putting a little bit of wd40 in the lock incase it is just stuck from disuse?
  16. well if you have constructed a death bed does that shoot rockets?
  17. probably they meant the destiny 2 weapon. it's quest just got added to the game today
  18. mine was ordered the 27th and it's due this friday. but I took cheapest shipping option
  19. December 8: A green and grey starship swoops out of the sky the door pops open and red light pours out. Several long haired warriors with funny foreheads and nonsensical swords step out and demand you show them the most glorious artefacts of your house! it's klingon antiques roadshow try and impress them with the story of an object. Bluff at your own peril.
  20. well tonight's game didn't happen, but I managed to paint 3 minis today
  21. the purple is reaper drow silver, with a wash of clear purple and a little bit of valejo silver in the highlights, the pink is turbo dork "bubble gum crisis"
  22. Here is the extent of my Christmas decoration for this year. One festive dragon.
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