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  1. yes/yes/yes but keep in mind layers may separate depending on how you applied it or mixed it.
  2. got a reaper order, 3 bottles of wash medium, bronze flesh, bronze flash shadow, dark shadow, dark highlight, robot kobolds, poppy cloverlocks, mwangi brown, hanei the freebie warrior. really wish wash medium was available in much bigger bottles.
  3. mine arrived. looks good. weapon lockers are a bit taller than I expected.
  4. don't know, mine was out of the US site
  5. yeah I did none of that. stuff I really did: reaper: bones umber hulk, 2 bones demons, 2 bulldog 1 armors, 1 pig cart, 1 wraith, 1 brigand, 1 bones person in a hat with a cane?, 1 bones priestess, 1 modified space cowboy, 1 lizard wizard. games workshop: 10 grots, 1 inquisitorial accolyte, 1 skitarrii, 1 creepy flying robot baby other stuff: dark age bounty hunter, 1 mantic/gw/warlord conversion space soldier guy not pictured: one cow that I can't find! 29 minis
  6. Mine appears to have shipped
  7. That's neat, but it's 2-3 times too big to be of use to me. If they'd like to do one that's scaled down to large dog - small horse size when compared to a 28mm mini I'd be up for it.
  8. I can't go anywhere without seeing at least 3 people doing top left there
  9. Apparently I had 4 empty bottles of wash medium. This kind of screws up my plans.
  10. If they're both good at what they do then yeah. I mean they likely take similar amounts of time and effort.
  11. failure to design for replacement of parts that are on a ticking clock the second they're manufactured. hard disks, and batteries should always be user replaceable with no more than 1 screw driver. in most cases batteries ought to be on a quick release for devices smaller than a lawn mower, why?
  12. Well given that cashing in one year would not cover my living expenses for one year, 0.
  13. I had thought she was a civilian when I stated painting due to the lack of any weapon
  14. anyone know what the thing on the back of #77441's dress is? I assume it's supposed to be some sort of a devotional item, but it kind of looks like a license plate
  15. due to bad information about the orbital mechanics of the target, I missed it
  16. I have decided to headbutt a planet destroying star ship.
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