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  1. Played some "this is not a test" this afternoon. Got seven people playing. We were playing the quantum wanderer mission out of the robot book.
  2. "destroy the robot repair bay" human mechanic with tools terrain piece a robot like 30029 partially disassembled and hooked up to a hoist terrain piece robot arms with a small conveyer belt robot with tools same chassis as 30029 with different arms, and maybe some stowage armed robot with it's armor removed human saboteur setting a bomb and a small drone
  3. Self destruct device powerful enough to destroy the thing as soon as it hits the heliopause. Attracting other life to earth is a bad idea until we can travel between stars ourselves.
  4. That is the first time I've heard of horseshoe crabs as the subject of nightmares. I mean they barely do anything. just kind of walk around looking like a chitin shovel.
  5. Clearly the rabbit ENRIETH. Just so there will be a rabbit on the moon
  6. if you have the option to wear a cat head helmet when defeating a boss monster, you should always take that option
  7. good news! the core book scenarios don't take place on a ship! you park the ship and then get into a fight in the dirt!
  8. Question 1 Going to start with an easy one. Do you have any interesting plans for March? Doing anything for Mardi gras?
  9. Welcome to March! I have Great Khan Artist has questions for you! THE RULES 1. Every day a question will be posted. 2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer the question of the day before the next question is posted. (It's more of a guideline really but tradition demands we pretend it's a rule.) 3. Questions show up sometime before 10am eastern time. 4. For other quisitors: Should I she fail to post a question please wait until after the 10 am window to post a backstop question. She'll let you know what time works for her 5. Anyone is encouraged to suggest future questions. Please send a PM to the current or any previous Quisitor. 6. You do not have to answer every question to play. If a question feels like TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question or give a terse, concise mysterious answer. There we go, I'll be back in a little while with the first question so it doesn't auto merge this, then Great Khan Artist will pick up tomorrow!
  10. what are those little guys gnome power armors?
  11. Bunch of folks were in town for the 40th birthday of a guy in my gaming group. We had two tables of Mario cart gaslands last night. I lost but caused the most collisions. I was playing toad, wario won.
  12. I probably wouldn't. Most of the things I could change with a 20 second call are far enough back that I would not recognize my current voice, and short of threatening myself I wouldn't convince me in 20 seconds.
  13. and the yellow gloves look too much like a flag being thrown when they put a hand to the ground
  14. agreed, also cuts down on the risk that your whole army gets invalidated by an edition change, since they tend to do full edition changes far more slowly.
  15. on the language thing, did you know Melvil Dewey intentionally spelled everything like he was an ork? He is almost unreadable in places.
  16. nicest: Cambria in center city philly. it's not amazing, just nice furniture, slightly cleaner than the average hotel I go to. worst: it's a tie, both were from my first trip to gencon. one was near the airport in indy, and was notable for having had it's smoke alarm punched in, smelling of smoke, and having only methed out truckers as guests. It also had a waffle house in the parking lot which is a negative. The other was somewhere near the west end of PA and had no name. It also had half height showers, doors that didn't lock right but had chains, a roof that screeched like a banshee, and a pool completely filled with wood chips. Really thought I was gonna get murdered by redcaps at that one. wnyc, and some top 100 station I can't remember the name of. 3rd place is 1010 wins which I listen to only when the roads are terrible, to try and find out if it is possible to detour around.
  17. youtube Sonic sledgehammer studios good camera work, nice voice, understands what to cut out of videos. mostly concentrates on army painting.
  18. I've played it. I like the modelling possibilities. making weird cars is a lot of fun, but the rules have some problems. Just know that it's better if you play it infrequently enough that there isn't time for people to fall into a rut of using the broken stuff. as a aside, there's folks at my local store who've been using a modified version of this to do mario cart. it works really well for that.
  19. Well I spend the first month not existing, the next 9 or so not having been born yet, and the last two being a baby.
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