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  1. I don't know, probably is a good year to be a blimp pilot, you get to be really far away from other people
  2. scifi expansion robots. probably # 846
  3. Differently different batches. I had some that an ultrasonic cleaner and simple green could fix and some that were unsalvageable.
  4. had the same problem. only time I've ever dumped a whole squad of minis in the trash
  5. I don't know. I managed to sew a mask, but it wasn't very good. other than that I've mostly been doing the same stuff I used to do just in different places or different ways. some drawing, some minis painting, some cooking, some baking
  6. unless it's on my list of stuff that I don't mess with because it can/will kill me, I will try to fix it.
  7. Rogue One is one of the two I will watch without being forced to.
  8. I don't know. I live alone so it is always my turn to cook. if the question is what would I make for other people, the last time I did that it was chicken tika lasagna
  9. conversion. I really like chopping up and building weird things
  10. I just got an order from world's end publishing 1 vending machine bot 1 party bot (disco ball) medical bot adepticon wasteland doc adepticon gasmask girl Free stuff: 3 rules cheet sheets 1 bunny sicker
  11. On the off chance that anyone else has been playing ring fit adventure while stuck at home, watch out for the very last boss level. It is much much longer and more difficult than anything else in the game. So don't try to do it before work.
  12. it hits them and demands their lunch money
  13. thanks, she's one of several versions of that model I've painted.
  14. I built a dispensor robot out of a reaper soda machine, a brain in a jar, a pair of goggles, a battery pack, and a pair of rat cyborg arms. It'll get used for this is not a test eventually.
  15. did the written part of my learner's permit in school during junior year, then mom did the the practical part of it. She just had me drive around a relatively empty part of town until I got used to the car, then moved on to more difficult roads. with the most difficult part being learning to pull out of our driveway, you need to pull out in reverse onto the busiest street in town. then I went to the DMV for the road test, and passed on the first try. Then it was 6 years before I could afford a car.
  16. stuff painted in april 20 CAV: haunt, pillager, 2 wolverines, 3 flail, 2 sabres, 1 lion II, 3 outlaws, 2 poultergeists, 3 banshees 1 manicore, 1 malefactor 8 admech: 6 battle servitors, 1 maniplus, 1 dominus 17 random stuff: 3 relic knights power armors, 2 mantic star saga minis, 2 wrath of kings people, 2 bones dire boars, 3 transluscent bones minis, 1 mad moz mouseling, reaper winged cat, reaper emisary, 1 jade fire orc converted to post apocalypse mutant. for a total of: 45 minis in april
  17. shorts, the land lord has the heat turned up too high.
  18. April 30. last day of April, what happened that was good this month? next month's questions will be asked by inarah. Thanks for playing.
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