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  1. looking at the video he seems to have left out 2 or 3 steps in the written recipe. make a ball, let it rise, make a disk, let it rise, roll it out to almost tortilla thinness, let it rise, then pan then oven
  2. April 29 Space monsters demand a big cereal! What cereal is it? (can be a fictional cereal)
  3. I screwed up the rest of dinner tonight, but I managed to make pita breads correctly.
  4. hopefully it'll stop them from taking returns on stuff they shouldn't have been taking anyway (found USED razors on the shelf at my local walmart in the past)
  5. Not really just a big crow flapping around the roof yelling at the neighbor's cat.
  6. April 28 What are your local birds doing?
  7. Is there anyone who would like to ask the questions for May?
  8. April 27 what do you do when you can't sleep?
  9. April 26 We have tracked the kobolds from the moon to an art show. So we will need to go under cover. What is the best thing you have painted, drawn, or sculpted this month?
  10. April 25 What is the worst dungeon trap?
  11. either 09461 vampiric mist or 09604 snow drift white base, with a 29832 concrete grey wash. I switched part way through because the snow drift coats better. the red is 09687 holly berry, and the gold is 09450. treds are 23833 ash grey with 09255 black wash.
  12. I had painted a flail as a test model, and then decided to do a group since it was an easy color scheme. had too many tags, but it's a pillager, wolverine, flail, outlaw, and poltergeist
  13. don't know. I keep finding infested with wizards ogres goblins and minotaurs
  14. April 24 that carbon rod came from the moon! How did the kobolds get there?
  15. Does it need to be a man? Because bombshell makes a a woman who comes with a very nice forge.
  16. April 23 we found an inanimate carbon rod with looking for question 21, What is the best use for it?
  17. I did an experiment. Left is pure white with a misty grey wash 1 drop paint to 2 drop wash medium. Right is vampiric mist with ash grey wash 1 drop paint 2 drop wash medium 2 drop water
  18. if you're planning to just wash over, you probably don't want to wash with anything dark, because they're gonna end up blue/grey. maybe try some wash medium and a grey that's only a bit darker to wash with and then do a bit of lining in the darkest spots using a blue liner.
  19. April 22 we will need to use baked goods to lure a kobold into a box so we can learn the location of yesterday's question. what baked good should we use?
  20. I finally finished the admech army I've been putting off since last year.
  21. April 21 kobolds stole today's question, where did they take it and how do we get it back?
  22. well, today's runequest game was a blood bath. 2 dead party members, 2 incapacitated for a month, and one unharmed. and we got loot that would only be useful to the two who died.
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