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  1. April 20 do you paint or collect any minis in scales other that 25-28mm, if so, what?
  2. a common trope of kungfu movies where the master holds back one particularly deadly technique from their students in the event one of the students turns out eeeeeevil
  3. April 19 What is the secret technique master failed to teach you in case they have to kill you?
  4. April 18 how do you like your coffee or tea?
  5. yeah the line at shoprite was absurd yesterday, so I gave up and went to lidl instead. It had just opened before this whole thing started so no one seems to realize it exists. the selection isn't as good, but being able to walk in get stuff and leave in under a half hour is worth it.
  6. "chromacam" a bunch of the people at work have been using it to do that I'd rather see them use tabletop simulator. it has a flip table button
  7. April 17 what's the best nonstandard day job for a super robot (so no police, military, superhero etc..)
  8. April 16 what paint do you use up the fastest?
  9. April 15 We're half way through the month. what's the best thing that's happened to you so far?
  10. that one horse seems a bit confused by things
  11. April 14. What is the largest non-human animal you've ever found in your house?
  12. the reverse for me. I prefer the small size
  13. yeah that was even part of the emergency training at work
  14. April 13 what is the silliest piece of improvised equipment you've seen or used
  15. April 12 what is the best bad kungfu movie?
  16. sumo elf would be hilarious just to get a very fat elf. my current pathfinder game has a lucha half-orc!
  17. what like a black hole with a bow and arms?
  18. April 11 What is something you want a mini of that you can't currently find?
  19. couldn't get ricotta so I won't be trying to make rice pie this weekend.
  20. neat! did you sculpt on top of it or print texture on it?
  21. April 10. What's the most unusual thing you've built terrain out of?
  22. That was one of the things I would read in the basement of the town library back when I worked there during high school. they had decades of them just sitting there. Don't think it ever occurred to anyone that they kept the back issues after they took them off the magazine rack. And since the basement was closed to the public, the only way to get them was to ask. that was easily the best part of that job.
  23. APRIL 9 With the monster cat defeated or distracted and the curse removed there's time to stop for a snack, what are you having? and how much will the cat steal?
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