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  1. I've never completed a Chibi miniature, despite owning both Super Dungeon Explore and Arcadia Quest, and taking a couple Chibi painting classes at past Cons. However, the Golden Kobold competition has given me a reason to finish one of these cute monstrosities as I'm pushing myself to enter more contests. My skintone color selections created a happy accident. The purple was very striking, so I decided to continue with this. From the beginning I knew I wanted a strong OSL from the wand, so I began working up my highlights to be strongest in that direction. I
  2. This project is now complete- very proud of what I've been able to do.
  3. This is a very well-executed idea so far. Last year I was working on some resin tests and discovered a technique for getting a decent base shape for coral. Fill a cup with chipped ice- there needs to be some space between the ice chips for the resin. Because of the temperature difference it's not going to make it very far down inside the cup, so you'll need to do a few test runs to get good results. The resin comes out with a naturally twisting shape that can easily be worked into some coral.
  4. The rust effect started by doing all the rust over the entire figure, then applying a masking agent- you can use salt masking (which is great but can be hard to control) or by sponge stippling on some silicon mold making compound. After all of the main yellow was painted on I removed the masking to reveal the rust. Next was a lot of brush work to enhance the rust effect.
  5. Had a couple of really good painting sessions over the weekend. Completed Mary: I spent a lot of time debating adding the white tip to her tail, but it makes such a big difference that I'm really happy I did. Also worked on GRITT's backpack. I stippled a couple different browns over the area, which made a really nice effect, then started on some highlights: This is what I've worked up to at this time. Some of the higlights seem too extreme and it seems like I've lost some midtones. Also I want to keep working on the little freehand to
  6. I just use my fingernails to gently remove the built up paint. Been making progress, but not enough that I've wanted to post another picture. Probably tomorrow.
  7. The 2 biggest airbrush tips were: Don't worry about trying to prevent dry-tipping. Just regularly clean off the needle tip as you're working If you think you're starting to clog loosen and pull the needle back a little before reseating it. Then blow it out to get rid of what was starting the clog.
  8. This past weekend I attended a Masterclass by Miniature Monthly. We painted the bust "Mary Fixit and G.R.I.T.T." which consists of 2 characters. Elizabeth Beckley taught traditional painting on the Mary figure, the little fox girl. Contrast is an area where I struggle and I was glad that was a big focus of the 1st day's class. By following along I noticed a big difference in contrast during the first few color transitions on the face: While we weren't able to completely finish the figure I believe I'll be able to take what I've learned and complete her over
  9. The CMON Expo was a great event, but the best part was the speed painting event. All of the instructors decided to get together and do the speed painting on Sunday just for fun (we didn't enter ours into the competition). It's Robb Stark from Song of Ice and Fire, painted in 90 minutes using battered craft brushes. Left to right (IIRC), they were painted by me, Clay Williams, Elizabeth Beckley-Bradford, Rhonda Bender, and Jen Haley.
  10. I'm getting really close to finishing this project, and it feels great. While I've made a few blunders while trying to use 2 brush blending and loaded brush techniques, which are both relatively new to me, I'm learning and improving. Still left to paint: The pipe The eyes Complete the silver stripes on the head scarf Button holes Final touchups
  11. Chris Clayton sculpted and painted the original Hush. He did an extensive project log that details the entire process, including painting. Can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2dneepqu4kgnq16/hush_cc modelworks bust.pdf?dl=0
  12. A nasty sinus infection knocked me out from painting for a while. Thankfully I'm feeling better now and have made progress on the Pirate bust again. The stripes on the kerchief are just the beginning of a simple silver stripe pattern, based on a historical example I found of a scarf from the 17th century. The hat is nearly done. Now I need to add some glazes of color for the staining and weathering it's endured out on the high seas. I also need to at least base coat the hair before I finish the skin. I know myself and if I complete the skin before doing anything on the hair I'm
  13. Got about halfway finished on the shadows of the vest this weekend when I decided to start playing around on the other parts of the bust. I feel like I've got a good start on the skin. For the hat I think where it's at now will be a great highlight color, so I'll be slowly deepening the shadows.
  14. I've always wanted to paint a bust and recently got a very nice pirate from Pegaso. Because he's a large project I kept him modular. The hat, head, and body are not glued together yet so that I can easily work on them without the risk of getting paint on a related section. Plus, I want to try and do a hint of a tattoo on the exposed chest and don't want an errant hand movement to get that color on the shirt. Started with the belt, as I had a solid idea of what I wanted to try for the leather. So far I'm pleased with how it's progressing. My next big step wit
  15. Continuing my work on a friend's collection of Pulp themed miniatures has led me into his Oriental area. I decided to start off with the big bad himself, the wise old mastermind. From the very start I knew he'd have to be wearing golden robes. I'll be freehanding an oriental dragon on the chest, as well as doing something with the scroll... I just don't know what at this point.
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