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  1. There are a lot of excuses why a project is put on hold for 8 years, but this time it's because I was intimidated and uncertain of my abilities to do justice to this dream. Also, video games exist. I picked this project back up in November with the unrealistic goal of completing it for the Miniature Monthly Masters competition. Now it might make it to next year's competition. Regardless, I am continuing to make progress. This includes a few big changes and some work from my 3d printer. For those who may not remember (and don't want to scroll up), my goal was to create a diorama of Khanjura rampaging through a city. Part of this will be visualized by his raised leg smashing through the wall of a store. This store is going to be a magic item/adventurer store filled with details and nods to my D&D group's adventures. The shop is built on the edge of a river running through the city. A bridge spans the water. This also gives great sight lines for Khanjira. The interior is a 2 story building with a basement. To get myself back into the project, I decided to start painting 2 of the sales tables: a defunct evil altar brought back by an adventurer, and a simple table with magic weapons on display. This is a WIP shot that gives an idea of how they'll look and their placement in the 2nd story. I also started painting the basement. It still needs a lot of dirtying up, especially where the rats are hiding, but the intention is clear. Water will be spilling from the opening in the wall into the room. I wasn't happy with the bridge and river bed. I've learned a lot since the last time I worked on this, and decided some improvements were needed. I removed all the clay that made up the river bed. In truth, sculpey was a terrible material to use for this. I ran into multiple areas that hadn't cured from being baked all those years ago, and other areas were in bad condition from absoribing moisture from the air. The bridge was also cut off and the rubble pile which was part of Khanjira's original base was cut down. The bridge was inspired by the ones found in Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I was playing at the time. However, I now dislike the blocky design. A new bridge was modeled in TinkerCad, which will be shown in later images. The riverbed terrain was redone with plaster rocks from molds I made, and the ground from celluclay- it's a paper fiber and plaster mixture, like sculpt-a-mold. It has a much more natural appearance and isn't as thick, meaning there's more room for the water when I do a resin pour at the end of the entire project. I scratch-built a roof and did a lot of seam cleanup on the buildings. The column next to the broken walls actually got removed- my measurements were wrong. It was blocking the placement of Khanjira's leg. Wooden slats encase the roof, but are obviously broken. The 2 missing boards will be featured later in the diorama with a magic user casting a shield spell to protect themselves from the falling debris. The entire building is still modular- I can take the stories apart for easier painting. The basement section is also still removable. I also designed some parquet flooring in tinkercad and printed it out. The bottom floor will have other broken sections added later. Khanjira proved uncooperative as a subject. He didn't want to stand on his base for painting. His stance also widened over time, so I had to heat up his legs with a hair dryer to get them into position. In an effort to prevent further issues, I'm keeping him on the base most of the time with the help of a leash. This provides just enough stability to keep him from falling over backwards. Also, you can see part of the new bridge. This is my current progress as of a couple days ago. I've begun painting different sections to block out the colors and make sure the composition works well together. I had an idea to paint the triangular plates on Khanjira like table coral, to add pops and flairs of color. This is an early color test on the leg. The upward arch of the new bridge is much more appealing than the old blocky one. Getting things painted is also helping project to feel more alive. Khanjira himself has a lot of work to be done. I want to add a lot of color and visual interest to this beast. Overall, I'd say the project is going forward nicely. There's been a lot of progress made, and a lot more to come!
  2. What about including an empty bag marked as items for review? Anything like low-quality 3d prints or severely broken items could be placed in this bag. When the box gets back to the start, the recipient can review the bag and trash items that don't meet standards. This gives people the option of still looking through these items if they wish. Some people may feel items within are good quality and return them to the general box, and some may not put anything inside. It does allow some level of quality control.
  3. The new sticker looks great on my mobile painting station.
  4. Here's what I took from the box. Love the CAV 'mech and the '86 Ral Partha knights on horseback! Also, Bones 6 promo adventure FTW. Really great stuff- hope someone likes what I added.
  5. Tracking shows arrival on Thursday the 12th. I will try my best to get it out Friday, but if I can't it will go out Monday. I'm out of town over the weekend.
  6. I'm excited to add my stuff to the box. Cast up a few special things to put in. Suspense seems to be the byword here, so I'm not going to give any details.
  7. Holy crap, I just discovered my Sansa Stark is on Dark Sword's official site! https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/sansa-stark/
  8. Looking forward to this. I've actually got a big box of stuff in my closet I've been trying to give away/sell for a while. Most is product from when I did miniature reviews year ago; product I never got around to painting for myself after I wrote the article.
  9. I'm so sorry I didn't respond before now. Kids got sick last week and it threw everything out of whack. I'm still available to do this. Interested in sci-fi, can start a box. What other info do you need from me?
  10. I just found out about this. If it's not too late I'd like to sign up. Can start, interested in Sci-Fi.
  11. I've never completed a Chibi miniature, despite owning both Super Dungeon Explore and Arcadia Quest, and taking a couple Chibi painting classes at past Cons. However, the Golden Kobold competition has given me a reason to finish one of these cute monstrosities as I'm pushing myself to enter more contests. My skintone color selections created a happy accident. The purple was very striking, so I decided to continue with this. From the beginning I knew I wanted a strong OSL from the wand, so I began working up my highlights to be strongest in that direction. I also decided to make the hair blue after the original brown color I tried looked like crap. Thinking about the composition I decided to work with blues, prurples, and reds, trying to keep my light source in mind. When it was time to add the OSL I ran into some unexpected complications. The bright green paint I have is brand new, but the coverage is terrible. Worse than any yellow I've worked with. I ended up mixing in some other greens to get the paint to cover better, which gave a pretty good effect. For the final touches I'm working on a spell effect, but I'm kinda doubting my vision currently. This is about half completed. I need to add a silk bookmark to the center of the open book, as well as some rolled scrolls that I want to have also swirling around in the magic. I've also got to finish painting the green.
  12. This project is now complete- very proud of what I've been able to do.
  13. This is a very well-executed idea so far. Last year I was working on some resin tests and discovered a technique for getting a decent base shape for coral. Fill a cup with chipped ice- there needs to be some space between the ice chips for the resin. Because of the temperature difference it's not going to make it very far down inside the cup, so you'll need to do a few test runs to get good results. The resin comes out with a naturally twisting shape that can easily be worked into some coral.
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