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  1. The wait is over gents! Here is the official announcement for the Cav-Con2019 Warmaster Tournament! Prize pictures and details below. Rules and Guidelines: - A force for the Warmaster tournament will be composed of a single ‘Honor Squad’ with 4-6 models. Honor Squads, like specialist squads, may be composed of any mixture of units (CAV’s, Tanks, Aircraft). *Please note that this is a fan run tournament unrelated to the official Cav-Con 2019 tournament. - Points spent on models shall not exceed 2500 TV however you will receive a bonus of 500 TV points for upgrades. Using the most recent CAV: FM program is highly recommended and can be found here. http://talon-games.com/downloads/CP/CAVFMv1728b - Your force may be composed of any mixture of units from any faction except where listed below. However, a bonus of 1 CP per game will be awarded to a force composed of units from a single faction. This represents an ‘honor guard’ unit being sent to represent their regiment/planet/etc...that is accustomed to training and fighting together. - This force will follow Gold Tier: Level III Tournament rules found here. https://www.talon-games.com/firststrike/ - Battles will be fought in a one on one style with victory points being calculated at the end of each game and totaled after all pairings have been played through to determine a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. (see first strike tournament rules link above for a list of victory points). Battlefields and deployment sides will be determined at random via dice roll. - Initiative will be determined via dice roll at the beginning of each turn. Units with the task ‘recon’ will allow a +1 to this roll (non-stacking). - Each game will have a time limit of 60 minutes so be aggressive! - Each side will activate their entire squad at a time (No I go, you go). Restrictions: - No more than 2 of the same model may be fielded. This includes variants; i.e. Dictator A and Dictator B would count as 2 Dictators and thus reach the limit. - No more than 1 model with the SA ‘Bulky’ may be fielded. - No ODST Upgrade may be taken - No artillery may be taken (either by task designation or weapon type) - No infantry may be taken (this tourney is for pilots only, no ground pounders allowed!) - No battlefield upgrades (revetments, minefields, etc… this is a stand-up fight!) What Time? The CavCon 2019 Tournament will take place Friday, August 30th, 9am to 5pm. What do you win?! What’s up for grabs!? Winners will receive a painted miniature of their choice to be placed on a custom Warmaster 2019 trophy plinth designed, printed, and painted by Christopher Wailes. Painted Miniatures provided by Todd Farnholtz, Ross Hines, and Christopher Wailes. Additional Prize Support to be provided by Talon Games (TBD). So that’s it. Strap in, fire up your Breeders, warm up those particle guns and arm those warheads; lets rock! CAVCON 2019 Warmaster Rules.docx
  2. Damn that is a lot of throw weight on both sides of that board. 0-o -Gunz
  3. Dont even get me started about a big starhawk 6. :D'....... I'm desperately trying to convince jon to do a 15mm scale starhawk 6 and market it to that group. It would sell like crazy! ;D -Gunz
  4. hey all, am I tripping out or did someone make a 'Keep Calm and Play CAV' banner here somewhere. :/ -Gunz
  5. Hey Jon, any plans for trench worx to do additional large scale designs? -Gunz
  6. Hey Jon, any chance of acrylic tokens with this one? -Gunz
  7. You are correct, it's sweet and oblivion. they are decals. :) -Gunz
  8. Pre shading done. Thinking maybe a new merc unit? Fire/phoenix Hawks? I guess it's all up to whomever receives it. :) -Gunz
  9. I used one at CAVCON and have wanted to paint one since. :) -Gunz
  10. cleaned, assembled, and premiered. Sorry it's not more exciting. ;p -Gunz
  11. Hi all, I was at Reapercon this weekend but could not locate the #343 Iron Golem from Bones 3. Any idea if/when it will be made available as it is not on the store site yet either. Thanks, Gunz
  12. Welcome Salem! Vytau hit the nail on the head. Get what you like aesthetically right now and build a mish mashed merc unit to start. Once you get a few games under your belt the strengths and weakness of each unit will become more apparent. As was mentioned earlier, there are no 'bad' units in CAV, each unit just is designed for a specific role. I.E. Don't take a Cougar (recon) and expect it to act as an attack cav, it'll only die quickly that way, lol. In my experience with the game so far its about the composition of your forces as a whole rather than any one individual unit. Sure an Emperor will go toe to toe with just about any other heavy CAV but will still fall to concentrated long range gun and missile fire. Having recently attended CAV Con I can share a few bits of advice that Ross Hines (Savage Coyote here) and myself learned the hard way. -Never underestimate recon and fast attack sections no matter how weak the units appear individually. -Always protect your fire support sections with a dedicated body guard unit or 2 (see above, lol) -Become familiar with the various electronic warfare systems your units have (i.e. active phased array, ecm, chain pods, fcs, etc...) these can be game changers even if the unit itself doesn't have much fight in it. -Often times a battery of smaller guns is more effective than a couple of big guns This game is all about getting that Margin of Success combat role as high as possible so the more bonuses you can add to that role via SA's and Upgrades the better. Its truly a game about tactical maneuvering and unit cohesion than just a stand up fight. And finally, dont be afraid to play a few games against yourself. Get a feel for the way the models you like play and then go from there. The quick start rules are available for free download at Talon-Games.com as are all the unit data cards so print a few out and roll some dice. You'll be glad you did. :) Hope that helps. :D -Gunz
  13. I posed this question to Jon as well when I first read the rules. He since explained it to me and IIRC it works as a special action to acquire a target lock for guided missiles that other members of the section can use (Similar to EST). The main difference is that it does not need to be required each turn. It remains in effect as long as their is line of site between the tag unit and the target. Of course it does have its draw back in that smoke and other obsticles can block it and cause you to spend another point to require it if lost. If this is incorrect then anyone please fell free to correct me if I am wrong. -Gunz
  14. as before Bakersfield, CA here but I get down to LA pretty regularly to game. mostly the Chatsworth and Tarzana areas but occasionally Torrance and San Dimas. -Gunz
  15. it was a definentro blast and we'll worth the airfare. I'm planning on reaper con for sure now if only to come back for more CAV! :D. hope to see you all there! good to finally meet you weirdo and good to meet all the new faces as well!
  16. that is certainly a core beat stick army. remember the Rach are no nonsense straight up warriors. they don't rely on advanced technology like other races but instEads lean towards extreme ruggedness and survivability. for fire support you have the reaper and conqueror currently plus the Voodoo for close in bodyguard duty. the armor side of things you have the Despot for attack and the warden for anti air duties. I'm probably missing a bunch but basically play then like you would play with a hammer. ;) -Gunz
  17. I'll see your 5k Templars and raise you a 5k Steel Dragons Merc force ready to go. ;) -Gunz
  18. Put me down for the Steel Dragons please. :) -Gunz
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