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  1. ON SALE NOW: £1.30 Welcome to issue 27 of Figure Painter Magazine. We have a pretty cool issue for you this month, which kicks off with a fantastic Insight interview with Italian painter Francesco ‘Franciuus’ Farabi who, I’m sure you’ll all agree, is a true master of his art. We also have interviews with Marrow Production, the guys behind the new Journey, Wrath of Demons board game and someone whom I consider a really top bloke. Tommie Soule is this month’s focus in our Best of British series. We take a look at a new range of Mr. Color Metallic paints from GSO Creos and an in-depth look at some crackle mediums. Then we take a close look at products from DarkStar Miniatures, Pegaso Models, Marrow Production, Tiny Leads and the books by Laslo Adoba, as well as all of our other regular features. FPM Facebook Page
  2. ON SALE NOW: £1.30 Issue 25 — our 2nd Birthday issue! We would like you to help us celebrate this milestone by entering our Birthday giveaway contest. more details of how to do this is in the magazine. Also in there, you’ll find some fantastic tutorials, great reviews, show reports and market comparisons of some of the newest products available. We also introduce you to new companies and miniatures of all types. What more could you ask for? We also have a Best of British interview with Peter Bell and kick the issue off with something pretty special. an insight interview with none other than Pegaso Model’s Pietro Balloni. Lastly, It’s finally here. Bundle 2! FPM Facebook Page
  3. ON SALE NOW: £1.30 In this issue we have something for everyone. Barry Ford returns to our pages with a fantastic tutorial on how he painted his James Bond garage kit (and quite a nice cheesecake recipe :)). Regular contributors Marko Paunovic, continues his Malifaux,gaming table Odyssey; Marta Ślusarska explains how she created a base for her Demonic Puppy (don’t ask!) and Luke Wilson show us how he painted his award winning bust, Wasteland Warrior! We also have a pretty cool explanation from Javier Molina on how he created his Guther 1947 diorama and Jason Martin also continues his series about Exploiting light and colour. We also have reviews from Scale75, Figopedia, Galapagos Miniatures, Gamers Grass and Dark World Creations. Martyn Dorey explains about all the Mr. Surfacer range of products and we also have a closer look at a Rototool and part 2 of the Plastcraft Games, made for Malifaux gaming scenery. We kick the this issue off be a very cool insight interview from one of Europe's best painters and one of my personal favourites, Anna Machowska. Lastly, It’s finally here. Bundle 2! FPM Facebook Page
  4. ON SALE NOW: £1.30 In our biggest issue yet, we have something for every level of painter. For beginners (or more advance modellers wanting to improve), Marta Ślusarska begins a new series of tutorials detailing the basics of miniature painting. We also have chat to Scale75 about their new Smog Riders intro models. For the intermediate and advanced painters we also have the second part of Ian Succamor’s Puritan Preacher and Damon Drescher tells us about his fabulous Hannya Knight while Jason Martin begins a new series showing us how light to exploit light and colour. We also have a details of the best new miniatures on the market as well as a close look at gaming and modelling accessories with our market place and unboxing reviews Plus loads more packed into 126 pages. Getting us started, we have a brilliant insight interview with non-other than Kirill ‘Yellow one’ Kanaev. Don't forget you can also win a free display plinth every month by posting pictures of your painted miniatures on our facebook page and getting the most likes in a month. FPM Facebook Page
  5. ON SALE NOW: £1 Welcome to Figure Painter Magazine issue 17. In this issue we have some great articles for modelers, painters and gamers alike. We have a special article where Marko, our terrain guru, shows you have to make a hilltop gaming table. Justin McCoy brings us the second part of his superbly modelled and painted Oldsmobile 442. Martyn Dorey also begins a painting challenge with your truly where we both have to paint the 54mm display base we built in a previous issue. Also in this issue we have some brilliant product reviews, excellent showcases including our readers and social media followers exhibition. All the lasted news and new releases as well as a very informative look at some of the brushes that are available, plus lots more; but we kick off with a brilliant Insight Interview with American painter Meg Maples. Don't forget you can also win a free display plinth every month by posting pictures of your painted miniatures on our facebook page and getting the most likes in a month. FPM Facebook Page
  6. ON SALE NOW: £1 In this issue, we bring you reviews of products from Scale75, Ax Faction, Fantasy Realms Models, Painting Buddha and Sergeant BlackArt. We also have some brilliant tutorials including Sean Fulton painting the model he converted in last month’s issue and Justin McCoy from Secret Weapon Miniatures shows us how to paint a rusted Oldsmobile. Terry Cowell gives us his report from the latest Weekend Workshop that featured Alfonse Giraldes, but to get us started this month we have an Insight interview with one of the finest painters and modellers there is and someone who I’ve found to be a very helpful and cool guy all around Roman ‘Jarhead’ Lappat. Don't forget you can also win a free display plinth every month by posting pictures of your painted miniatures on our facebook page and getting the most likes in a month. FPM Facebook Page
  7. ON SALE NOW: £1 Welcome to issue 15 of Figure Painter Magazine and we have a tutorial bonanza for you! Five great tutorials including how Sean Fulton converted his Venomthrope, Thor Intararangson painted his Ultramarine’s Space Marine Banner and Martyn Dorey and Shane Rozzell show us how to use model board for making architectural models for our diorama’s. We also have lots of great reviews of products from Pegaso Models, Scale75, BrokenToad and Another World and kicking off the magazine we have a brilliant Insight interview with Jen Haley! Remember, if you post photo's of your painted miniatures onto the FPM facebook page and get the most likes in a month you can win a free display plinth courtesy of Model Display Products and please pop over to the facebook page and vote for the reader submitted images by liking them :) www.facebook.com/FigurePainterMagazine Please visit our facebook page for a link to the FPM website :)
  8. I already had First Edition and a couple of expansions :)
  9. I got the second edition last week and we had our first gaming session on Thursday night. It was brilliant so I have ordered the conversion kit and I'll definitely invest more into this game :)
  10. ON SALE NOW: £1 In this issue we have some brilliant articles for miniature painters of all types and levels. Starting us off is a fantastic Insight interview with the daddy of the hobby; none other than Sheperd Paine! We also have lots of excellent product reviews and a closer look at some of the Chipping Medium that’s on the market. Three massive tutorials which include another step-by-step from Sergey “WE7†Chasnyk and something pretty special from Isaac Jaramillo Sama who show us how to paint Pegaso’s Vlad Dracul! This, on top of all the other stuff makes for one big issue...116 pages in all! https://www.facebook.com/FigurePainterMagazine http://www.figurepaintermagazine.co.uk
  11. ON SALE NOW: £1 Figure Painter Magazine issue 7. In this issue we have a brilliant insight interview with Spanish painter Pepa Saavedra. We also have tutorials from Sergey "We7" Chasnyk and Alex "Warploque" Huntley as well as chapter 7 of our regular gaming table build. We have lots of reviews plus all of our usual features that keep you in touch with all the latest products, news and new releases the hobby has to offer. Don't forget to post pictures of your painted miniatures on our facebook wall and be in with a chance to win a free display plinth courtesy of Model Display Products. Even if you haven't got a picture to post you can go online and vote for the miniatures you like best. The miniature that receives the most likes each month will win the prize display plinth. https://www.facebook.com/FigurePainterMagazine http://www.figurepaintermagazine.co.uk
  12. Remember you crits and comments are always welcome. it's how we get better.
  13. Figure Painter Magazine Issue 3 and our biggest issue to date. Inside you'll find our insight interview with sculptor Roberto Chaudon. Reviews of Ammon's Ana Bot Hunter and Spellcrow's Plagure Prince. We also have the second part of Barry Fords Tale of Two Kitties, how to paint TMM, a homage to JMD Miniatures and part 3 of our Malifaux Gaming Table Build Plus all our regular features and lots more! ON SALE NOW: £1 https://www.facebook.com/FigurePainterMagazine http://www.figurepaintermagazine.co.uk
  14. Is now designing Figure Painter Magazine :D

  15. Hi all, I finished this bust last year but didn't take any decent pictures until yesterday. Anyway It's the old gnome bust by War Griffon Miniatures (Model Display Products). There is a slight conversion as on the original he's holding the pipe in his hand but when I attended my dads wedding last year he had some of these plastic jewels as part of the table display so I employed several small children and got them to nab them all in the hope of finding one that would fit correctly. Crits and comments welcome :)
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