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  1. Looks great! Those heraldic knight figures are really cool
  2. I love the fantasy dinos from Bones V. I’d like to see some pirate dinosaurs to go with the Brinewind expansion!
  3. Yeah, it definitely looks machined. Since this figure seems to be a bit of an explosives enthusiast I’ll just assume it’s some kind of arcane black powder device or something and paint it like brass or steel or something.
  4. Not sure if this is the right place for this… So I’m painting the Powder Monkey from the Brinewind expansion and I’m trying to figure out what the long low-hanging thing on her belt is. Anyone know? I have no idea how to paint it!
  5. Oho! These things already exist! I had no idea. Thanks for the quick and very helpful replies! The game store near me isn’t as big on mini painting so they don’t have a huge selection of paints. I’ll have to take a trip out to the bigger but further away one to see if they carry any.
  6. Is there a way to dilute acrylic miniatures paint to make it translucent? There are a lot of very cool clear minis in Bones V and I’d like to paint them with translucent paint to keep the effect. Someone suggested purchasing acrylic paint medium with no pigment to dilute regular paint. Would this work? Has anyone tried it?
  7. Hi, I just wanted to ask for some advice on how to make a saddle with greenstuff. I've never used it before, and I have no idea how difficult this will be. I don't necessarily want to make a hugely complicated saddle, just one to put on a spare miniature of a pegasus that I have lying around. Any advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. That would be really cool. Maybe even a few different people dressed for a masquerade ball.
  9. The eyes really stand out, very cool.
  10. Those are really cool! I wish that my non-quickies looked as good as those quickies do.
  11. The color you used for the skin of the frost giants is perfect. I really like them.
  12. That's neat stuff. I really like the runes on the sword.
  13. Ha, you barely even need guidelines for colors for Napoleonic War uniforms. You really could basically paint them any way you wanted, and there'd probably be some uniform out there that vaguely resembled what you'd done. The made up colors explain why I got a kind of a Latin American Wars of Independence vibe off of a lot of the figures. Stuff from South America always kind of looked like bizarro Napoleonic Europe to me. I also wanted to compliment you particularly on the Unicorn-crested Knight you painted, and on your Lady Macbeth. Those two in particular really stood out for me.
  14. Those are really excellent. They remind me of Britains toy soldiers because of their nice bright colors. I'm working on running a Napoleonic Fantasy D&D campaign, and your paint jobs have given me a lot of ideas.
  15. I'd like to see more mounted figures in general. I like the ones that Reaper has already released, and it would be cool to have more variety in mounts. I've seen requests for figures mounted on bears and griffins, and that's the kind of stuff I'd like to see as well. It would be kind of cool if you could buy the mount and the rider separately. Then you could mix and match to make the perfect combination for your character. There are a few specific mounts I'd like to see that haven't been mentioned (at least in the last few pages): Elk/Deer, boar, wolf, eagle, hippogriff, lion, etc. Any of these would be really cool.
  16. Where did the World War I hobbits come from? I like the concept. And those Hussar women are pretty cool too. But then again, I'm a sucker for hussars.
  17. Eh, I had two options last night: I could either work on my thesis, or I could think about miniatures. I have no regrets. Also, I'm genetically predisposed to list-making.
  18. Those are all really cool. I like the deep ones and the dryad in particular.
  19. Ha, those are really cool. They look like an exhibit from a World's Fair.
  20. I'm deeply jealous. That is an excellent looking dragon.
  21. That's true, fantasy is flexible that way, and those gnomes have a certain feel to them that I really like. So, I've been poking around on the Reaper site and I found a lot models that would fit with this setting. I thought I'd post what I've found in case anyone else has similar interests. I didn't include most of the Pirates because they're easy to find in the figure finder, and I tried to stick to things that could be pre-Victorian. 60033: Skinsaw Man 60036: Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa 50207: Krampus--This one doesn't really have a period "look" per say, but it's such a nice traditional European folktale monster that I thought it fit in spirit. Plus it's a pretty sweet mini. 02310: St Tarkus, Dire-dead 02391: Kimberlee the Fair 03342: Borley, Male Ghost 03211: Goblin Pirate and Powder Monkey 02861: Abram Duskwalker 02845: Townsfolk VI: Gravedigger & Henchman, not to mention a number of other Townsfolk sets that would work. 03241: Aroudj Firebeard
  22. @ MamaGeek: Thanks! @ Derek: It's more differentiated in real life, but I see what you mean. Do you think that a lighter drybrush on the dragon might help bring them out? I'd like to keep the red pants if possible.
  23. Thanks for the suggestions, there's a lot of cool stuff out there. @ Inarah: Do you know how large the Gnomes are? They look pretty big, but that might just be the way they're photographed. If they would look gnome-sized compared to 28mm figures I might have to get a few. I'm looking for figures to run a fantasy Napoleonic RPG, so I'd like them all to fit with each other on the table. The Seven Years' Picnic was pretty cool as well, though I wish they had actual guns/horses etc. It's a neat concept, but it wouldn't work for what I'm trying to do. Though I did look through Eureka's other stuff, and I fell in love with their 18th century musicians, which are on their way now. @joshuaslater: I also checked out the Foundry Mercenary Orcs, and they're wonderful. They have a sort of a Condittieri/Landsknecht feel to them that I really like. Not quite the right period, but hey, it's fantasy, I can stretch things a bit.
  24. Thanks for the link! That is indeed what I saw. It's a pretty weird concept, but definitely a cool one.
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