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  1. Protectorate of Menoth Archon by Privateer Press Nightmare Thing for Massive Darkness by CMON.
  2. A whole bunch of stuff from Warhammer Underworlds, Mice & Mystics, and the Maniac Family for Monster Slaughter.
  3. Commission for a Patron. Apparently, it's the main villainess for his DnD campaign. I just hope his players don't do what mine did every time I painted up a nice model for a villain - score crits galore and off them after a single session. Quite happy with the results....even the little plant 'whorl' experiment.
  4. The painterly quality results from painting fast! These were all speed paints with the terrain taking a little over a week, and the ogre mage took 2 days. When I take my time, the transitions are much smoother, and there's much less visible brush strokes. With these particular pieces, it was clever use of washes and directional brush work that makes the process fast and easy, and the end product look great. I managed to figure out a nice compromise in speed and quality. I'm currently collecting process and results to share this on video in the future. I just need to add some air brushing components to the process, and how to fit them in, and I'll be able to share some speed painting that looks great and takes less time than it looks like! Thanks for the comments so far folks!
  5. Just finished up the terrain for Nightvault, and now just to help my kid finish his Mollog so we can play! I also completed another roaming monster for Massive Darkness, the Ogre Mage. Comments, critique and discussion are welcomed!
  6. Drop by my YT channel. It's all on film. :)
  7. Thanks for the comments so far! And so, Abaddon won me Store Champion. Which was surprising because there were some nice entries! In so winning, I was provided with a super new light box that has allowed me to take better photos! .
  8. I've recently finished a bunch of GW models, with Abaddon the Despoiler here being my first ever 40k model I have painted. The Eyes of Nine below that are my warband for Shadespire, and I'll be painting more of those. Comments, critique and all that jazz is encouraged and welcomed. Enjoy!
  9. I haven't painted a Reaper model in a while, nor have I taken any commissions. This was both! It'll feature in an upcoming video on how turn a lazy and dirty dry brushed paint job into a display piece with some easy glazing. Comments and all that junk is always encouraged. ;)
  10. There will be a couple videos releasing covering the flesh, face, and hair in a few weeks. Thanks for the comments folks!
  11. Nice catch. I painted them separately, so it's not really that surprising. It's one of those things you don't notice until some one mentions it.
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