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  1. Another one for my Paint Club, and the second to last for the year. Dark and Brooding was asked for here, with everything being built over a black base. Black was used as the deepest shade for everything here, as I'm practicing 'Comic Style'. I'll be making a video on the subject once I'm a bit better with it.
  2. Another quick one for my huge Myth commission. I think this was about 6ish hours maybe? The Myth figures are all right, if a little (maybe a lot) rough around the edges. It’s hard to get them to look as good as most of my other stuff as a result. The bigger models are much rougher in the finish than the man sized models. Which is kind of weird. Anyways.... This model will feature in a future video on the Mixing and Theory of Red.
  3. Whats funny is that as I get older...uh....more experienced, I’ve been finding more shortcuts for everything. It used to take me weeks to paint to this level, until I came to the conclusion that I’d never get enough done before I die. Now a single model like this takes about 5 hours. It’s really just well placed dots, lines and blobs of highlight and shade. If one looks closely it’s painterly without many smooth transitions. I’ve been taking notes from Big Child Creatives.
  4. A quick job for myself of a few hours time. Since most of my painting time is commissions of late, a quick break for myself was needed. Just two figures to go and the base box and about half of the KS extras are done. With the sequel on the way, I need to hustle my way through the rest of my pledge.
  5. The grey has a bit of blue in there. I'd say it's the colour juxtaposition that's making it look green. I was pushing the contrast with cool and warm for the most part. Just trying some stuff I see painters much better than I, using.
  6. Not much to say here, except I'm not usually one to use analagous colour schemes. But, you have to push yourself to explore new territory if one wants to grow. And this is exactly that. One more down for my Patrons.
  7. After painting this one I'm very tempted to get the 75mm one. It's a beautiful model and was a joy to paint.
  8. One for myself as I needed subject matter for a video on Distressed Leather. Since Zemo had both leather pants and jacket, he was a natural choice.
  9. Three words were used to describe what my Patron wanted for this scheme - poison dart frog.
  10. The video on painting the skin for those interested.
  11. This one took a bit longer than I had planned. She had some big gaps, and more than a few air bubbles. Some of the detail was extremely sharp, so much so, that getting paint to sit on it and look proper took some amount of effort. It's a commission for my Paint Club, and the Apprentice for a Frostgrave Warband. I painted his Wizard a couple years ago from the same line of models. Pretty happy with how it turned out.
  12. When did I get old? Thanks everyone!
  13. Superb use of colour on both of these gobbos.
  14. Widget Wonka, from Privateer Press' MiniCrate. This is another one for the Paint Club commissions. I originally had dreaded painting this model (for obvious reasons I hope), and it turned out to be a lot of fun instead. All the little details and candies were really fun, and a nice change of pace from the usual swords, guns, robes, and such.
  15. In case anyone was interested in the video: https://youtu.be/SsOMnlRMKV0 Thanks for the likes and comments!
  16. In between commissions, I needed a video for this weekend. At the suggestion from some one on my Discord server was ginger hair. At the suggestion from my wife, was Black Widow. 4 hours later and viola!
  17. An experiment in NMM in an attempt to up my game on the subject. Slowly but surely I think I'm getting the hang of this.
  18. Woops, first one was only 30mm. Here's a Sycleech Captain for Myth instead!
  19. It's just washing out. I'm guessing I probably should have pushed the shades and highlights one or two more steps.
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