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  1. How about a techniques book, and a yearly showcase calendar? (hint, hint!) :love:
  2. And whatever you do, don't drink the water. :glare:
  3. Kaladrax (box set) and the new Skeletal Dragon (blister 2705) I like my dragons dead and angry. I'm a fan of skeletal creatures. The models are fairly easy to convert if you are comfortable pinning. (If you aren't, ask! There's a bunch of really friendly skilled people on these forums!) And using undead dragons settles player questions about your gameworld ecology nicely. :)
  4. And with Halloween coming up, there's all kinds of skeleton-themed junk available in the stores...
  5. katieo

    Skoli figs

    How does one motivate a writer monkey? < makes a trail of bananas leading toward the keyboard... >
  6. Not yet. My pile of unpainted metal is sadly lacking women in tight clothes. I was going to wait until October for my next giant order ( I want a copy of the new female dwarf wizard ) but I'm getting too close to the 50/50 ratio of painted to unpainted... I also want to try painting lace...
  7. So you're looking at the difference between translucent hanging fabric and clingy spandex-like fabric? Looks like it is -where- the fleshy color is placed. This is actually rather cool, I'm going to have to find some hapless mini to try this on. :) http://www.tinywars.com/gallery....ess.htm On the tinywars vampire, the places where the strong fabric color was put is in all the crevases, look at the muscles on her stomach. Or her breasts, see how there's flesh color mixed in underneath where a clingy outfit would cling? Flesh color to the outside, fabric to the inside. http://www.reapermini.com/fantasy/albums/s...nnafront_jh.jpg For hanging fabric, most of the strong fabric color would go in areas underneath. Lots of skin color mixed in on the upper area of her stomach, and lots of fabric color on the undersides of her breasts. Flesh color to the top, fabric to the bottom. Notice how much further down past the knees before the flesh color is added compared to the other one.
  8. There's an article on cmon, try this link... http://www.coolminiornot.com/go.php?....vels=99 Basically, where skin would touch the fabric, mix in skintone. Where skin doesn't touch, use just the fabric colors. The vampire in Anne's showcase painted by Jennifer Haley is a nice example if you haven't already seen it. Look at where on the dress she mixes in the flesh color. http://www.reapermini.com/fantasy/albums/s...nnafront_jh.jpg
  9. Me! I've got some. Used them too. They give you almost a plated effect. I get better luck with ethanol (drinking grain or the kind sold in the hardware store in the furniture staining section) than with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Use that to thin the paint and rinse the brushes. Use synthetic brushes, the alcohol will dry out natural hair brushes. Use alcohol instead of water to rinse the brush. If you rinse with water, you get a nasty gooey whitish mess in your brush that takes forever to get out. Trust me. When you're done painting, rinse the brush well with alcohol, then do a rinse with water, then go ahead and do your usual cleaning routine. If you want to "blend" with them, dip your brush in alcohol and gently brush the area painted with the metallics. The paint becomes "wet" again when exposed to the alcohol fumes. Shading them is awkward. Inks and washes work best for me. Paint a test piece first. Some sealants act freaky (make the paint wet again). I can vouch that Testor's DullCote works fine with them. Here's pics of two figs I painted using them. http://geocities.com/katieo.geo/Minis/WotCDwarf.htm http://geocities.com/katieo.geo/Minis/ConfKnight1.htm I actually prefer Reaper's metallic paints, I can blend them with normal paints (I like to blend black or brown paint into the shadowed areas) and they come in more colors. That, and I prefer rum. :)
  10. Dang it, Vagabond! I'd picked up a few to use as 3rd ed gnomes and after painting them ended up liking them so much they never got to the game table. They live with the other pretty trinkets. Really nice detailing.
  11. katieo

    Skoli figs

    lol, I love the dancing icon!
  12. katieo

    Skoli figs

    Twist my arm, Lady Tam :) http://geocities.com/katieo.geo/Minis/Skoli.htm
  13. If you're looking for kobolds, 10 or 15mm lizardmen make great kobolds.
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