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  1. Surprise the goblins by walking on the path? Why don't we just send a smoke signal and sing the whole way too... We should take the swamp path, and get this over with.
  2. Ayras will eventually return with some dead rabbits that Mange managed to hunt down. "I understand your loss, I would feel the same way if Mange were to perish."
  3. Ayras is going to let the halfling morn, and the rest of the group see to getting the information we need. Seeing the loss of the Halfling's animal friend, Ayras takes Mange outside to do some hunting.
  4. I will hold some of the bedding to mange for him to smell, and then ask if that smell is anywhere else close by...
  5. Ayras will run in and up the stairs to where Mange has followed the voice, i'll open doors until I see where it is coming from...
  6. ((OOC)) Do I recognize the voice at all? If I do, then I will go in and see what I can do to help. If I do not, then I will send Mange to do some investigating, and I will keep a bolt from the xbow locked on the door in case something unfavorable trys to get out.
  7. I'll do some more looking this morning and see if i come up with a character idea
  8. Ayras will withdraw and leave the house, not out of self preservation, as so much for making room for everyone else to get out. He will ready a crossbow bolt on the door in case the monster makes it out.
  9. Ayras will begin to move his hands and fingers as though preparing a spell, he will utter some gibberish in draconic and use his intimidate skill to try and demoralize our enemy. roll 17 + 2 = 19
  10. Attack Roll = 11 + 2 - 4 = 9 to hit
  11. Ayras will cast burning hands if he can catch the baddie by himself, if it would immolate his friends instead, he will fire bow.
  12. Sense Motive = 4+0 = 4 Perception = 19+3 = 22 Initiative = 10+2 = 12 Ayras will call for Mange, and wield the quarterstaff for now, hoping to have a clear shot to cast...
  13. (ooc: does my passive perception, or sense motive pick up on the warnings the party is trying to communicate?)
  14. I see... Aren't afraid of the goblins and all the noise they've been making lately?
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