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  1. Oh.. here is one with 5 (+familiar/totem) = roughly 7 --- Still very sporty :) Elves - 799 points Troop 1 Argyrian, Silver Dragon Selwyn x 2 Elven Cloak x 3 Book of Tactics Arrows of Seeking x 2 Armor of Courage x 3 Ring of the Unicorn Magic Weapon x 3 Magic Ranged Weapon x 2 Centaur Warrior Musician Familiar Troop 2 Mossbeard the Treeman Battle totem
  2. Just had to try this.. These elves have so much bling bling they cant even walk Troop 1 Argyrian, Silver Dragon Caerwynn x 3 Magic Weapon x 4 Magic Ranged Weapon x 3 Armor of Courage x 4 Arrows of Seeking x 3 Elven Cloak x 3 Book of tactics Troop 2 Mossbeard the Treeman Battle totem 5 models+1 totem :) I think this is more a kind of list for people who needs a challenge.
  3. I was just wondering about supporting swiftattackers from above. These flyers are not placed in b2b. examples.. 1. 3 flying swiftattackers zapps the same dude .. support? 2. A single flying swiftattacker vs a completely surrounded dude? Support all over or what?
  4. Tested the last list I made today against Overlords. It was totally brutal. Completely wiped the overlord player. Only thing that was a bit disapointing was the kagunks mediocre morale. I even forgot a lot of things, but the kagunk, giant and harpies completely made up for it. Enrage and the warlord abillity was so awesome. I may look into some armour of courage for kagunks or perhaps musicians/familiar..but its really small stuff..these boys are nasty and much easier to use than mercs.
  5. I didn't mean they were exactly alike. Just noticed rush attack axemen, no cavalry or flyers(except for a dragon). My thought was if you could make something work for the mercs, then you could perhaps copy/paste to these guys. Ed: Okay, perhaps not so similar after a second look ;)
  6. Sounds good that I'm on the right track. Always had a softspot for greenskins. I probably move Gonada (and maybe find points for 1 more) to the kagunk(s). Just looked at the bless spell (havent used the tome before), and it looks like you also have +1 to your tough rolls :) awesome :) Now it just needs testing. Hopefully it will spread terror in our gaminggroup :)
  7. How about this one.. (I bought the kagunk t-shirt - I just cant help it) Reven - 800 points Troop 1 Kiakara, Queen of Khans, Bull Orc Gonda, Goblin Bull Orc Archer Gnoll Archer Harpy x 4 Bull Orc Berserker Orc Spearman Bonesplitter Luck Stone Troop 2 Kagunk, Ogre Goblin Warrior x 3 Harpy Troop 3 Kagunk, Ogre Goblin Warrior x 3 Harpy Troop 4 Hill Giant
  8. While finally starting to get my mercenaries in tip top shape, I decided it was time to switch to greenskins. Mainly because I miss my Kagunks. I have been shopping a bit of everything to support them. Kagunks & the giant looks really awesome. This is the first list i've come up with. 2 troops with kagunks+some shooty/close support- A damage reduction solo & his giantfriend. 6 flying witchhunters(who I know is troublesome) and some speedbumb goblins. I am considering putting goblins with one of the kagunks instead, as a cheap meatshield. While I almost ended up with the ar
  9. Ive come up some new list.. Troop 1 - This one has Boris for close - Elandaria can cast smite/okay combat close stats/range attack spells + a crossbow for range defence Troop 2 - Much like above, but with a rushattack minotaur Troop 3 - Cleave aholics - with a caster that can switch between incite/smite Troop 4 - Dendris .. have proved to be plain annoing 7 cards - 2 spy Mercs - 800 points Troop 1 Boris Mingla Mercenary Crossbowman Mercenary Spearman Mercenary Axeman x 2 Assassin's Blade Elandaria Troop 2 Deckard Nightveil, Death Priest Mercenary Crossbowman Minot
  10. 1. Walls - I noticed that it is possible to block walls with models standing just a cm from them. They can now not be attacked in close combat, from enemy models who need to cross the wall. Viable tactic or what? 2. When during deployment is a totem placed?
  11. Appart from doing a few stupid things, I think my list need a little more tweaking. Im probably going to drop the small guy, who never hit anything despite firing a lot of rapidfire. Im probably going to move a bit around and find points for okurans and an Incite-caster for cleaving.
  12. If you take a wound from poison(who is affected by Tough) do you still get to make a toughroll if you die by poison?
  13. Demon hunt for money - Grudge match - Crispy Mercs Vs Azazel Scenario: 100 pts treasure in center(within 2" to contest). Random game ending: after turn 5 game ends on 6+, turn 6 on 5+ and so on... Point-match Opposing forces... Mercs.. Troop 1 Boris Mingla Mercenary Crossbowman Mercenary Axeman x 2 Mercenary Spearman Assassin's Blade Troop 2 Deckard Nightveil, Death Priest + book of tactics Okuran x 2 Minotaur Mercenary Spearman Mercenary Axeman Troop 3 Haranobu Mercenary Axeman x 2 Mercenary Spearman Mercenary Crossbowman Olivia, Priestess of Shadarzaddi T
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