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  1. Oh.. here is one with 5 (+familiar/totem) = roughly 7 --- Still very sporty :) Elves - 799 points Troop 1 Argyrian, Silver Dragon Selwyn x 2 Elven Cloak x 3 Book of Tactics Arrows of Seeking x 2 Armor of Courage x 3 Ring of the Unicorn Magic Weapon x 3 Magic Ranged Weapon x 2 Centaur Warrior Musician Familiar Troop 2 Mossbeard the Treeman Battle totem
  2. Just had to try this.. These elves have so much bling bling they cant even walk Troop 1 Argyrian, Silver Dragon Caerwynn x 3 Magic Weapon x 4 Magic Ranged Weapon x 3 Armor of Courage x 4 Arrows of Seeking x 3 Elven Cloak x 3 Book of tactics Troop 2 Mossbeard the Treeman Battle totem 5 models+1 totem :) I think this is more a kind of list for people who needs a challenge.
  3. I was just wondering about supporting swiftattackers from above. These flyers are not placed in b2b. examples.. 1. 3 flying swiftattackers zapps the same dude .. support? 2. A single flying swiftattacker vs a completely surrounded dude? Support all over or what?
  4. Tested the last list I made today against Overlords. It was totally brutal. Completely wiped the overlord player. Only thing that was a bit disapointing was the kagunks mediocre morale. I even forgot a lot of things, but the kagunk, giant and harpies completely made up for it. Enrage and the warlord abillity was so awesome. I may look into some armour of courage for kagunks or perhaps musicians/familiar..but its really small stuff..these boys are nasty and much easier to use than mercs.
  5. I didn't mean they were exactly alike. Just noticed rush attack axemen, no cavalry or flyers(except for a dragon). My thought was if you could make something work for the mercs, then you could perhaps copy/paste to these guys. Ed: Okay, perhaps not so similar after a second look ;)
  6. Sounds good that I'm on the right track. Always had a softspot for greenskins. I probably move Gonada (and maybe find points for 1 more) to the kagunk(s). Just looked at the bless spell (havent used the tome before), and it looks like you also have +1 to your tough rolls :) awesome :) Now it just needs testing. Hopefully it will spread terror in our gaminggroup :)
  7. How about this one.. (I bought the kagunk t-shirt - I just cant help it) Reven - 800 points Troop 1 Kiakara, Queen of Khans, Bull Orc Gonda, Goblin Bull Orc Archer Gnoll Archer Harpy x 4 Bull Orc Berserker Orc Spearman Bonesplitter Luck Stone Troop 2 Kagunk, Ogre Goblin Warrior x 3 Harpy Troop 3 Kagunk, Ogre Goblin Warrior x 3 Harpy Troop 4 Hill Giant
  8. While finally starting to get my mercenaries in tip top shape, I decided it was time to switch to greenskins. Mainly because I miss my Kagunks. I have been shopping a bit of everything to support them. Kagunks & the giant looks really awesome. This is the first list i've come up with. 2 troops with kagunks+some shooty/close support- A damage reduction solo & his giantfriend. 6 flying witchhunters(who I know is troublesome) and some speedbumb goblins. I am considering putting goblins with one of the kagunks instead, as a cheap meatshield. While I almost ended up with the army I started out with(mercs), I would like some sneaky input on greenskins that doesn't require too much shopping. I found out that moving a bit around on existing soldiers can do wonders. The secret to mercs seemed to be the smitespell, I don't know what the greenskins have to offer except totally awesome bigguys... A thing I noticed was that harpies have 3attacks, so if they were mixed in with the regulars, they could be enraged having 3 mav6 attacks (excluding spells). Rerolling Tough on DS also seems cool with bigguys. ----800PTS Troop 1 Luck Stone Troop 2 Kagunk, Ogre Gonda, Goblin Orc Warrior Orc Spearman Goblin Skeeter Bull Orc Archer Troop 3 Kagunk, Ogre Gnoll Archer Orc Warrior x 2 Goblin Skeeter Troop 4 Greka, Shaman Troop 5 Hill Giant Troop 6 Harpy x 6 Troop 7 Kak'Urg, Orc Goblin Warrior x 6 --- Army 2: Magic heavier - less troops Troop 1 Hill Giant Troop 2 Greka, Shaman Troop 3 Gnoll Archer Kiakara, Queen of Khans, Bull Orc Harpy x 3 Orc Warrior Orc Spearman Gonda, Goblin Bull Orc Archer Troop 4 Kagunk, Ogre Goblin Warrior x 2 Orc Warrior Harpy Troop 5 Kagunk, Ogre Goblin Warrior x 3 Harpy Troop 6 Luck Stone Suggestions for newbie greenskin
  9. Ive come up some new list.. Troop 1 - This one has Boris for close - Elandaria can cast smite/okay combat close stats/range attack spells + a crossbow for range defence Troop 2 - Much like above, but with a rushattack minotaur Troop 3 - Cleave aholics - with a caster that can switch between incite/smite Troop 4 - Dendris .. have proved to be plain annoing 7 cards - 2 spy Mercs - 800 points Troop 1 Boris Mingla Mercenary Crossbowman Mercenary Spearman Mercenary Axeman x 2 Assassin's Blade Elandaria Troop 2 Deckard Nightveil, Death Priest Mercenary Crossbowman Minotaur Mercenary Axeman x 2 Mercenary Spearman Book of Tactics Troop 3 Haranobu Okuran x 3 Mercenary Spearman Theda, Priestess of Thezrael Troop 4 Dendris, Assassin Troop 5 Luck Stone Army (2) Mercs - 800 points Troop 1 Boris Mingla Mercenary Axeman x 2 Mercenary Crossbowman Mercenary Spearman Assassin's Blade Troop 2 Deckard Nightveil, Death Priest Mercenary Axeman x 2 Mercenary Crossbowman Mercenary Spearman Minotaur Troop 3 Haranobu Theda, Priestess of Thezrael Mercenary Spearman Okuran x 3 Mika, Samurai Heroine Troop 4 Dendris, Assassin Troop 5 Luck Stone 6 cards 2 spies - Not so much range and initiative, but a completely badass troop 3
  10. 1. Walls - I noticed that it is possible to block walls with models standing just a cm from them. They can now not be attacked in close combat, from enemy models who need to cross the wall. Viable tactic or what? 2. When during deployment is a totem placed?
  11. Appart from doing a few stupid things, I think my list need a little more tweaking. Im probably going to drop the small guy, who never hit anything despite firing a lot of rapidfire. Im probably going to move a bit around and find points for okurans and an Incite-caster for cleaving.
  12. If you take a wound from poison(who is affected by Tough) do you still get to make a toughroll if you die by poison?
  13. Demon hunt for money - Grudge match - Crispy Mercs Vs Azazel Scenario: 100 pts treasure in center(within 2" to contest). Random game ending: after turn 5 game ends on 6+, turn 6 on 5+ and so on... Point-match Opposing forces... Mercs.. Troop 1 Boris Mingla Mercenary Crossbowman Mercenary Axeman x 2 Mercenary Spearman Assassin's Blade Troop 2 Deckard Nightveil, Death Priest + book of tactics Okuran x 2 Minotaur Mercenary Spearman Mercenary Axeman Troop 3 Haranobu Mercenary Axeman x 2 Mercenary Spearman Mercenary Crossbowman Olivia, Priestess of Shadarzaddi Troop 4 Dingo Appledimple Mrcenary Crossbowman Mercenary Axeman x 3 Troop 5 Dendris, Assassin Troop 6 Luck Stone ---------------- Darkspawn Mercs Troop 1 Witch Queen - Familiar D'Khul, Bathalian Maugrathoth, Demon x 2 Incubus/Succubus Warrior x 2 Demon Imp x 2 Broken Fodder x 2 Troop 2 Keradaan - Magic Ranged Weapon Incubus/Succubus Warrior x 4 Broken Fodder Troop 3 Marilith Troop 4 Aundine Battlefield After Boris Mingla had visited the wise sages, he was full of confidence that he could fight a demonic plague that had haunted a little village for some time. The money was good and Boris had a good feeling he could kill the dreaded witchqueen. It was sunny day the mercenary scouts reported the location of the witchqueen and the mercs started to get in place. Turn 1. Both sides moves slowly forward..D'khul cast a barrage and Olivia casts damage reduction Mercs Deploy Turn 2 Both sides still advances slowly. D'khul fails to mindblast a forward minotaur, that hoped it was out of magic range. A crossbowbolt also hits a succubus. Damage reduction wears off. Spawn sneaking up Turn 3. The forward minotauer charges Marilth with smite support and kill it taking only 1 wound in return and now threatening the Darkspawn flank. A crossbow hits a succubus and kills it. The witch queen cast detil. pain on boris through familiar and the demon summoning chain is unleashed. 2 great maugatoth charges boris combined with a succubus he takes enough hits to die, but though it out with reroll. 2 succubuss also attacks minotauer who also makes its tough checks. Another crossbow kills succubus and Haranobu charges to aid Boris and cleaves a Maug. The maugs in turn kill Boris. The last Maug now takes a lot of shooting damgage and is poisoned.. But thoughs it out,,, Mercs moving up Mino gets nasty Total action - Darkspawn commits his bigguys Turn 4 The game is still open... With Boris out, the dark spawn seizes the initiative and goes first. this time with terrible impact. The minotauer is turned into fodder. Haranobu is mindblasted and is charged and killed by the almost immortal Maug. Keradan barrage shoots 1 axe, 1 spear and one okuran that was too close. At the end of the turn a crossbow manages to kill the last Maug. , who unfortunatly for the mercs had managed to kill all the mercs hard hitters. The game now continues with all hard hitters splattered and dead. Dkhul in action Turn 5. An axeman breaks through the darkspawn lines and hit D'khul, some sucubus bite the dirt from xbow fire and some axemen. A sole Okuran reaches D'khul. Dendris takes a chance to hit the nasty keradaen, but by taking this chance a barrage is shot back and kills some spearmen (while all this goes on axemen and fodder fight it out around the trasure pile (objective in the center). Keradan is killed by poison after killing olivia. D'khul breaks from combat and okuran is bolted to death. At this point the game is 2 darkspawn wizards and their assassin+fodder+imps vs Deckard, Dendris, Dingo (triple D) and some xbows. Game continues... Dendris and olivia Turn 6. Deckard and Dendris goes all in. Dendris taking fight an imp and a fodder, and is bolted by D'Khul who in turn is killed Deckard, who then in turn is killed by the darkspawn assasin.. Xbow runs for objective... End game Game ends.. Alive: Mercs: Dingo and 2 xbows = 93pts Darkspawn: Witch Queen, Aurudine and Imp.=203 pts Total:110pts victory to darkspawn Merc thougts: Initiative control, rerolls and smite seemed like a good stuff. Unfortunately the Darkspawn Maug survived(a lot)when I had the chance to dominate the game. We both had luck, unluck and did a few brainfarts. For future games i will start placing my men in small template distance appart :) Barrage took a heavy toll on me. No whining from me.. I was so close.. a brainfart or diceroll was all that was between us. It is not easy to get to the witch queen who runs around behind with an irritating familiar up front. Highlight photos Treasure
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