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  1. Thank you for the information, the mini is supplied (do all competitors paint the same model?) but do we or can we bring own paints/burshes?
  2. Hello, Looking at the schedule, I saw Speed Painting Contests, could anyone give me more information on these? Do people just come at each time or do they paint by elimination rounds?
  3. Although I can make ReaperCon this year, still can't do the Warlord. I did get a Razig Army painted though and if someone wants to borrow it, be my guest
  4. Hm, with the close-ups, I see that the chest shadows need work... The model looks so much better actual size ;)
  5. More WiP: Sorry for the night time photos...
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for the advice. Here was my recipe for the hair: Reaper Pheonix Red GW Baal Red Reaper Pheonix Red I don't remember the other colors name, but they are in the same triad as the Pheonix Red (which is more orange), last color is 1:1 mix of the lightest highlight color and Pure Bone. The breasts... The main thing is that on the model, they are not symmetrical, the left one is large than the right and comes down out of the shell, the right one doesn't. I will try to fix the blending, should have pictures tomorrow. @Heisler: What color could be better for the shells?
  7. Hmm, it didn't upload. Got a little further, I'll load both:
  8. Hi everyone, Please critique this models for me. This model is a 54mm Aria from Morland Studios. I just bought the entire Reaper line and this is my first time using the paints. So far I have spent avout 6 hours to do the skin and the hair. This is my entry for ReaperCon and IPMS Nationals - Junior Level so please critque it. I do not like the eyes much, it's really small and hard to paint correctly....
  9. Another non-Reaper models, these are 1:35 Dust Raketentruppe. I will be bringing this one to ReaperCon
  10. The freehand is amazing on your models, can't believe you did two!
  11. Thank you and whoops, sorry fixed that. I found a nice little base and glued on the worm and Garrick on (edited first post) to make a diorama of sorts.
  12. Hi everyone, Have not posted for a while on here, but I had the pleasure of meeting Anne and Ed from Reaper yesterday at the Lone Star Figures Show. Thank you Ed for giving me these three figures. I didn't have much time so I had to speed paint these, I gave myself an hour to do each and ended up with an average of 45 minutes a model. Here are the results: Garrick the Bold: Giant Worm: Ghost: Here is a picture of me with Anne Foerester from Reaper Miniatures at the Lone Star Figures Show with my award. This was one of the Reaper models in my display: An
  13. I can only be Saturday, school on Friday T_T
  14. Here's the start of my Razig: http://i931.photobucket.com/albums/ad155/AZNLazuli/RazigPirates.jpg I will upoad clearer pictures with the bases done when the rain stops. It's not actually snow flock anymore
  15. Hey all, Need help again with my Warlord models. I've ordered a few Razig models and didn't like the modes orginally in my list. So I need help making a new list. What I have: -I would like to keep most of my models except the Salty Sabers, I'd rather replace them with Bone Marines. The theme of the army is Napoloenic French which Razig, Crow's Nest Willy, and Black Knife Tom are painted as. Dark Maiden (Half-Painted, Not sure if I want to keep) Captain Razig (Painted, Must keep) Black Knife Tom (Painted, Must keep) Crow's Nest Willy (Painted, Must keep) 5 Salty Sabers (Paint
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