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  1. I don't think it could be considered a master, so no worries. Reaper is kind enough to provide us the capability to request junk molds for bits and pieces we need for classes. You will see this pig and a couple more again. They started out as sidekicks for the disturbing new fomorian giant shown in bones, and one wound up as a wagon puller. Mission creep!
  2. Its my texture pig :). I thought it would be a good way to teach tools and textures. I don't think it will be a metal release, but there are some hafling fighting farmers missing a pig over in the bones 3 set :)
  3. I have never felt so humbled by my fellows, nor so honored to recieve an award. There's just no way to express how important this is to me, just as is difficult to state how much it means to be part of our community of friends and our chosen hobby. Reaper continues to exceed itself in its devotion to miniatures, its fans, and above all, to constant innovation and achievement. Thank you, Reaper Miniatures and Reaper Peeps. The only way to follow this is to keep sculpting! :D Jason Wiebe
  4. A war mammoth or mastadon would certainly get my vote!
  5. Good Gosh! I am hoping for the best possible outcomes for you and your family!
  6. no, he sticks his tongue out while aiming. ala Michael Jordan....
  7. Great Job on Cobb :) the big shield, of course, is intended to block almost an entire mining tunnel from hideous underground foes. When on the surface, it provides an extra measure of shade for the dark-adapted miner's eyes.
  8. I'm pretty sure he uses aves pink apoxie mixed with kneadatite. makes a harder sandable and machinable final piece. ;)
  9. looking great! and, there will be another....:)
  10. my bad. shoatima will be making an appearance very very soon, and pentimus....well, pentimus is absolutely cool....
  11. I might have some extra dremels, I'm trying to get a few old ones back in some shape. we will cover the ideas of sculpting by stock removal, aka carving. its not a long class, so my intentions are to give a brief overview, some hands on work on various materials--hard putty, soapstone etc etc, and some tips you may not have thought of. I do carve a bunch of mammoth ivory, it is a wonderful material and cannot by definition have anything to do with poaching live animals. I will bring some, but it is much like carving teeth in the smell it creates, so it might not be a demo item unless we
  12. Hey! Anyone taking my carving class at reapercon should bring (or borrow) whatever kind of handheld rotary tool they can (dremel, foredom, pfingst etc etc), whatever collets they have, specifically 1/8 and 3/32, and eye protection. A shallow cup or container for water wouldn't be a bad idea, either. We will also be creating some dust, not a lot, but if you are sensitive to dust, please bring a dustmask. I'll be supplying some carving materials and carving bits so we can talk about techniques, and the quickest way to learn is to jump right in!
  13. a little known sister of Talanka exists. not sure where she's gotten to....
  14. Add to that, the price of raw materials is jumping around, but in a decidedly upward climb. they're shooting at a rapidly moving target, especially on the larger and heavier miniatures. Its a beautiful figure, and I can't wait to own one!
  15. looks great! a bit of trivia, the cheesecake pug was based on jeff easley's drawing of his black pug, but the sculpture could not avoid some influence from my own fawn pug, Tiger Lily :) nice job, Meg, now i'll be needin one of those.....
  16. Do you have that in orange? 8-) I'm quite sure that the fine folks at Reaper could recommend a stunning shade of meticulously crafted Orange miniature paint in which to dip your limited edition Leprechaun....:)
  17. doesn't take long to get from one place to the other if you have an owl. It might be Kentucky sour mash.....
  18. available today! http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03579
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