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  1. You would have to pledge at "Nasty" ($45) and would have to pledge a total of $56 to get all 8 crew members at $7 a pop... i think, shipping should be free iin USA
  2. With 21 hours left on this KS, I'm in it for the android Lawmen. Imperfect gameplay or not, I'll be looking forward to building the terrain and buildings for this setting. If you could bring the crew of Serenity back to life in an alternate world, wouldn't it be wrong not to?
  3. Thanks for the advice all! DixonGrfx, thanks for pointing me to that great resource! This is the idea i have so far: Bahamut (Platinum?): (2x) 03600: Praying Paladin, 65025: Praying Paladin(or large Dragon) Erathis(Honey Marble): 50001: Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser Pelor(Gold): 02803: Brother Vincent Avandra(???): 60059: Harrower Corellon(Rainbow Gems?): 14450: Larnach, Grey Elf Mage Lolth(Black Marble): 02990:Vampiress - with 2 or so large spiders in the back ground or 03465: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness Sehanine(Glow in the darkwould be cool?): 03352: Children of the Zodiac: Virgo
  4. In my opinion, these guys are the quintesential disgruntled guardsmen/soldier, faithfully manning their posts in the worst of weather. Your progress is truly enhancing this, I dont think they suffer without Disney eyes. Drybrushing from black is the what i did with these gents and you've already surpassed what mine look like finished. Keep it up!
  5. Hey folks, sometime in the near future i plan to make a series of shrines for the major gods in the D&D universe(my experience is limited to 4th ed lore). Each shrine will be around 2*2 to 4*4 squares large and primarily feature a statue in the likeness of said god. By divine guidance, I have already selected and aquired most of the miniatures from Reaper and I have msot of the building blocks I think i need from Hirst Arts. My question to the Council of Brushlords and Brushladies would be regarding the look of these statues. Im looking to get a reasonable variety in the look of the sculpt
  6. Yes. Any idea how soon we can see this implemented in the shopping cart?
  7. Thanks for the lightbox, Kit! Were there plans to restore the ability to shuffle left or right within the lightbox mode(specifically within the shopping cart list)?
  8. I am liking the new layout, and eagerly await it's maturation into a beautiful butterfly...or horned skull butterfly? So i think i've read this entire thread(like a ninja at work) but i didn't notice anyone mention the feature i miss most from the previous version! When surverying the next sucker punch to my wallet in the the shopping cart, i do enjoy clicking on the mini image and browing through images of my soon-to-be-aquired loots. As of the site upgrade, this doesn't seem to be a feature, though i do like the larger images. I have used ie, firefox and chrome with the same results. Hittin
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