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  1. Hi Guys, I see the classes and schedules are up for ReaperCon 2015. Can you please Tell us precisely when they will be on sale for purchase please?? If your still not sure, could you please at least give us a 2-3 day lead time so we can all have a fair shot at getting the classes we want?? I await patiently as I am a long time and exclusive Reaper fan.
  2. Hey guys. Would you please post what date and time classes will go on sale at multiple locations like also under the ReaperCon classes registration tab, Facebook and Reaper message boards/ReaperCon? Please do this at least a few days before they actually do so go on sale so we can all have an equal shot at getting some of the classes we want? I would really appreciate it because not all of us have Facebook accounts. That would be great! ReaperCon 2015!!! Can't wait!!!
  3. Hi there. What NMM colors do you guys use to make a metal object look like gold, silver, and copper?? I would really appreciate some combinations to go from a dark area(under the elbow facing down, to slowly changing to the bright effect where the light reflects from. Say start with a dark brown to light brown to tan to blonde to blonde + white for highlight. But what are your colors from Reaper preferably? Please list color number ie..09028 muddy brown then 09030 leather brown. Next 09032 amber gold, next, 09033 golden brown. I would really appreciate any help you masters could give me. Best regards, Hugdctr
  4. Thanks you guys!! Great advice!! I just need to keep practicing and Trying different formulas then wick off enough to do what I want. Any other advice I stay open and eagerly awaiting.
  5. Thanks for all the advice but I mean I need sug in paint consistency like 1 drop (dr) paint to 1 dr of h20 (or jen's formula) or 2 drops of paint to 1 or 3 dr h20. Or do you have your own formula to put in with 1 dr of paint? I use wells for painting, not a wet palette. Many thanks for any suggestions or shared recipes!!
  6. Hi there. Thanks for all the advice for painting eyes which is my nemesis right now. One thing that is sorely missing is what paint consistency or formula do you guys recommend to mix with a drop of paint when painting the eyes please. My paint either dries too fast or when I touch, it runs into all the cracks. What size brush? Too big of a belly and the paintbrush is loaded too much. Ok.... so I get some black paint to make a black dot, gently touch some of the excess on the back of my hand to decrease the paint load then I go for it and have the trouble noted above. I know I need practice but I would appreciate any input into getting the perfect paint consistency. Thanks so much for any suggestions.
  7. Hey y'all, I am painting some leather and wanted to give the highlights a gloss sheen to them. Is the brush on sealer a good gloss for this or is there another Reaper paint that fills this spot? I don't want to go the Vallejo gloss as my Reaper paints would all gang up on the single Vallejo bottle and beat him to a pulp the first night in the paint sets. Lol Oh, for the matte, I was going to try the #215 matte additive in the folds. Any suggestions?? /
  8. Hi guys, Well crud! I pulled out a figure I traded for at the boneyard at reapercon 2011 and I for got to get the left arm to glue in to make the figure complete. It is figure 02914, Blue orchid assassin. Could someone please put the arm in an envelope and send it to me. (I will shower you with more donuts ReaperBryan at Con 2012!) You guys can reach me if you want at,
  9. Hi there, A toothbrush case should work great. A cheap plastic tube that should hold your brushes safely unless they are long handled. I'm going for one right now.
  10. What should I bring with me? do people come with backpacks full of their paint? (Lol) Just kidding, but really, I guess I should bring my own brushes and a stand to hold the figure I am painting. What Else besides lots of chocolate to feed the teachers with? Thanks, Robert
  11. Is there a schedule of events? Opening welcome speech or something? Oh, if you aren't in a class, what is there to do? Tour the facility is 1 thing I heard. Can we watch people painting in classes or the staff at Asylum? Thanks for the info folks.
  12. Coool!! this sounds lile a blast! how many people usually show so like 100, 200?? You guys gave me some great posts. Thanks
  13. Hi there. So is there anyplace on this site where it tells us nubes all about reapercon?
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