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  1. Mine has gaps between the two halves and the lower section is a poor fit all around. I'm thinking of just keeping the pieces separate to make "engulfing" a PC miniature a little easier. :)
  2. Here's a couple of shots of the first miniature I've painted in awhile. (Shoulder and arm injury – long story.) Still learning how to get good results painting on Reaper's Bones material. Decided to try FolkArt's Tile and Glass Medium as a brush on primer. Details on the process are here.
  3. I can't take credit for the idea, only the execution. Others paved the way for me.
  4. Anybody who is interested in trying this out can find a step by step article on my blog.
  5. After seeing a picture of illuminated transparent Bones figures that Reaper did awhile back and reading Chris Palmer's project on his blog All Bones About It, I decided to have a go at something similar. The idea is to use a LED tea light to provide internal illumination for the figure. The advantage of the tea light is that the light it generates is not constant, it flickers like a real flame. The challenge is that the tea light is rather conspicuous compared to the figure. My approach was to hide it under a base.
  6. A male and a female space elf. And by "space elf" I mean a figure with the physical features of a fantasy elf, but IN SPACE! I don't mean a product made by a company across the pond from a dark and grouchy future setting where there are only out-of-control police actions. This came up when looking for miniatures for Ashen Stars, which features a race modeled on fantasy elves - slender build, pointy ears, flowing hair. Unfortunately, some time with Google revealed little beyond armored dudes with fancy guns and jet bikes. Not what I was looking for. What I'd love to see is an elf-li
  7. The Kickstarter Bones? No, I was waiting until I finished experimenting with Rolf first. I have started on a Bones Great Worm with better results so far, but I've been using different methods on it. Hmmm... maybe I can field a stripped and unpainted Rolf as a timber werewolf? :)
  8. I did use a handle during the second attempt, not sure about the first. More to the point, I did not encounter the issue during or immediately after painting. I encountered it after giving the paint a day to cure. The paint did not flake off as much as it "pulled" or "peeled" off. I've seen something close to it before, when I clean dried paint off the dish I use as a palate. Some paints flake off the palate, others peel off the glazed ceramic surface intact. What I suspect is that the paint did cure, but that it did not adhere to the surface. I've actually been toying with the idea of
  9. Thanks to everybody for the responses! Now to respond to some specific points: Your theory fits what I've read: not every Bones miniature reacts the same to a given method. My first attempt was with either Citadel or Model Color, I don't recall which. I'm inclined to believe it was Model Color, given that it is a Vallejo paint. The switch to craft paint was an experiment - I just wanted to see what happened. I had to turn Rolf away from the screen - you know how some dogs feel about baths.
  10. I've been having an interesting time learning how to work with Bones. Fortunately, there is plenty of information available online. Unfortunately, sorting out that information is little tricky. Different people report different results when using the same materials and methods. So I decided to do a little experimentation before tackling that big pile of miniatures that showed up at my door early this month. My first attempt was awhile back and used a Reaper Bones Werewolf that I brought for that purpose (this was months before my Kickstarter package showed up). I applied the paint directly
  11. Outstanding work! The demi-metallics give the armor a good "painted metal" appearance. I'll have to quietly borrow the idea when I get to painting my own Bones IMEF squad.
  12. A male and a female space fighter or mecha pilot. Wearing some kind of jumpsuit or light pressure suit. Maybe done in the same style as the IMEF?
  13. The Bone I purchased for testing failed the fingernail test on the first go. Did everything recommended: washed it with soap and water, used paint straight from the bottle, and let it sit for a couple of days. The paint came right off after some light rubbing with a fingernail. It's going for a swim in Simple Green and I'm going to be priming my Bones from here on out. The issue is clearly with the paint not bonding properly to the surface. A varnish might help with protecting the paint job, but won't fix the fundamental issue.
  14. Tough Cook: a balding, overweight man wearing an apron over a t-shirt and work pants. He has the stub of a cigar clinched in his teeth and is holding a wooden spoon in one hand and a chef's knife in the other. Don't bother with ordering, he'll let you know what's for dinner. Just don't ask what's in it. Mecha/Sci-fi Pilot (Posed): a fit young woman in a futuristic flight suit holding her helmet under her arm. She's got short hair and a cocky smirk. Mecha/Sci-fi Pilot (Action): the same young woman from above after getting shot down in hostile territory. She clearly on the move, with he
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