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  1. Hey guys, thought you'd like to see this... The black bags will be for sale at the show. There will be two red ones, one Ranger and one Recon. Still deciding how to get those out however...
  2. I was hoping to have a look as well. But the best part is that my manufacturer is REALLY good. I got embroidery done on my bags for the BattleTech versions that I have a license for, and on that one we went over the embroidery and the colors pretty thoroughly. He didn't call me this time about it, but since the colors are Red, Black, and White, I don't think it will be an issue.
  3. Ranger: 15"x13" foot print. Holds about 18" total of foam. Two book pockets, two accessory pockets (one small, one large). $160 with foam. $90 without. Recon: 7.5"x13" footprint. Holds about 9" total of foam. One book pocket, one accessory pocket. $110 with foam. $65 without. This doesn't have the embroidery on it, but I haven't seen it yet either. The Reaper logo will be on the long edge pocket, instead of the pocket flap like I did on the BattleTech bags. White skull, red letters. (I hope it came out right...) (There may also be another color...) Now, one thing to keep in mind with the cost. These bags are made in Phoenix. I came up with the bag design, but the manufacturer actually made it work. I actually bring home very little on the empty bag, but I'm really proud of them, so if you want them with or without foam, I'll just be pleased that you're getting one.
  4. Cutting foam and MDF today. Going to try and get the website updated, but I may not be able to. If there is anything from the list you may be interested in picking up, please email me at outriderhobbies [at] gmail [dot] com. So I make sure to bring it with.
  5. @Maxstyles - The plan is for around $40-50 per basic set. Basically it's all based on the time it takes the laser to cut it out. And they aren't coated, but it's easy enough to paint them and coat them. I've been working with MDF for 15mm terrain, and the paint jobs that we've done on MDF at that scale really look great. Shouldn't be hard to do for tiles like this.
  6. @Heisler - The pattern is in how I do the grid. I'll get those images uploaded soon, just have to run a couple errands. I'm not putting a ton of details on them like the Wizards tiles as that will increase the laser time and increase the cost. The beauty of MDF is that it paints up really well, so it really can become the set you want it to be, not the set you are told it is. And I'll keep adding styles as I go, but these are the initial selection.
  7. OK, one more picture of upcoming products. This time, it's the set layout for DUNGEON GRIDS! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=593583000652401&set=a.219138088096896.65671.182320435111995 I know it's no Dwarven Forge, but it's a lot of dungeon for a gamer on a budget. What do you guys think?
  8. @psyberwolfe1 - Two reasons - 1) They come loaded with foam. 2) The Reaper logo is embroidered on the bag. so that will add to the cost. As for empty bags, that will all depend on how much foam I can get cut.
  9. @Sanael - I think we can work something out. I might end up doing tiles as one set, and legs as another. This is still a work in progress. I have had the idea for a while, just forcing myself to get it ready for ReaperCon.
  10. Yes, I will have these at ReaperCon. And if I run out of anything listed, I will still be taking orders, and ship for free after I get home and make some more. Bryan
  11. @Pole - Working on it! I promise. In the mean time, check this out... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=593518503992184&set=pb.182320435111995.-2207520000.1365609995
  12. @Qwyksilver - The Bones case paint tray will hold 90 paints and has two slots for brushes. The tray is 1.5" thick and you put the paint in standing up like in the MSP kit. This configuraiton does not have any room for figures. The tray fills the bottom of the case, and since the paint is standing up, you can't put any other trays in. @Everyone - I will bring a good number of top sheets. Not sure how many as I'm trying to get some foam from my suppliers, and apparently it's not that easy this time. @Argentee - See above to answer your questions, but I am considering a couple of different options. 1) Half trays that you put paint in one side, and then other trays for figures, tools, etc, on the other. 2) A "lay down" option so that you can put other trays on top of the paint.
  13. @haldir - Yes, we will have paint foam. ;) No worries about asking. That's what I want people to do. @Rastl - I will make it a point to have some with me. Not sure how many, but I'll add that to the pre-order list so that we can get a better idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Hey everyone. Sorry I've been quiet around here for a while. Last year was rather rough for me and my family so we've been working on stuff and getting things back on track. Needless to say, while it didn't "sneak up" on us, we weren't quite ready for ReaperCon this year, so this is going out rather late. Anyways, me and Mrs Outrider will be at ReaperCon. with some stuff that I'm rather excited about. Most of it has been under wraps, but we're going to have it at the show. We will have pre-orders setup in a couple of days so that you can place orders online and pickup at the show. And of course we'll have stuff available at the show if you want to wait and check it out there. So what will we have you ask? Bags with foam Foam for the Reaper "Gun" Case Foam for the Reaper "Bones" Case Dungeon Grids MDF Gaming Tiles Battle Grids Gaming Tiles Also, Custom Work available So what does each one include? Bags with Foam - Two sizes of bags available, Ranger and Recon - Reaper Logo embroidered on the bag. Not just the Reaper name, but the skull as well. - Two foam options available. The Recon lets you pick one option, the Ranger lets you pick two. - Cost - $160 Ranger, $110 Recon Foam for the Reaper "Gun" Case - Variety of designs. Foam for paint, hobby tools, miniatures. - Custom foam available. I won't be able to cut it at the show, but FREE shipping if you order it at the show. - Cost - $10/tray Foam for the Reaper "Bones" Case - Variety of designs. Foam for paint, hobby tools, miniatures. - Custom foam available. I won't be able to cut it at the show, but FREE shipping if you order it at the show. - Cost - $10/tray, trays that fill the case in one piece count as two trays. Dungeon Grids MDF Gaming Tiles - NEW Product! - 1/8" MDF Game tiles with 1" grid - Three patterns available at ReaperCon, Plain Grid, Castle, and Cavern - Tiles interlock so that your dungeon stays together - MDF paints VERY easily so that each set is as you want it. - Basic sets big enough to make 4 square feet of dungeon. - Cost - $50/set Battle Grids Gaming Tiles - NEW Product! - 1/8" acrylic tiles with 1" grid - Clear acrylic so that you can give any map a gaming grid. - 8"x10" tiles with interlocking tabs to make larger play areas - Acrylic surface allows you to use wet/dry erase markers to customize as needed - Elevation legs. Want your players to fly? Use the elevation legs to make an elevated transparent gaming grid. Custom Work - Want some custom game tokens? - Need a specially designed foam tray? - Have an idea for something you've always wanted, but never had a laser available? - Basically, we are willing to make it for you. Our laer is available to help you get what you want made. - There is no cost for the design service at ReaperCon. We can not however give you a price quote until we get back home and run some tests to determine speed and material costs. - Lots of acrylic colors available. MDF, plywood, etc. - LET'S SEE WHAT WE CAN MAKE! So, any questions?
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