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  1. Is there anyone anywhere selling some of the kickstarter exclusives? I have the first two sets of the doggies... but no Collie. JUST found out that it looks like one was in Gullet Cove kickstarter... but not seeing anything for sale anywhere... Anyone able to help out? Seriously could not figure out WHY there was no Collie in 3 boxes. Lassie is like the #1 greatest adventuring dog of all time... and my all time favorite Breed. Actually a little ticked that a Collie was exclusive... but then so was the other dogs we used to raise... Bulldogs. >.<
  2. Exactly! I didn't really want the cat dragon... but I thought it would be cool idea for all those mousling adventurers to fight one... and the reapercon little cat with wings... was not what I was thinking people wanted... THIS is a CAT-DRAGON!
  3. As much fun as I'm having working with Chicken hut... I know what I'd like to see next. GINGERBREAD HOUSE!! Good for setting out during Christmas wonderland... and for creep old witches who want to eat children.
  4. Something I just can't seem to find anywhere.... is Grippli. Little Kermit the Frog looking people that are a playable race in Pathfinder. NOT just in savage jungle setting... but an actual Adventurer Frog guy. I had to do some crazy customizing to make my grippli swashbuckler. Now, I don' think there's enough demand to go full mooseling line or anything... but just a frog guy in street clothes that we can glue any different weapon to should be fine. Just something to work with as a base would be awesome.
  5. Which is a crying shame. It may have been an error... but it was a GLORIOUS Error. I love my giant Kaladrax :)
  6. I'll post it here too, but I'd love to see a Bones giant Oriental Dragon. Definitely a lack of them floating around the Reaper catalogue. I'll also add with the success of Stranger Things and recent(ish) Drizzt novels... I'd like to see an updated Demogorgon... or an upscaled Demonic Lasher if you will :)
  7. I'm always in the market for some really sweet Oriental Dragons. The behirr was the closest I've seen, but there are so many regular dragons I'd love to see the same sculpting magic on a large or Huge Oriental one.
  8. Wow!! Time really flies doesn't it! Can't believe it's been a year already... Looking forward to the results!
  9. Awesome!!! Always wanted to be one of the Cool Kids!! HEY!!! I figured out how to get the badge working!! Extra Awesome! :) Well... I'm sure there are few more than I'm remembering right now.... I was on a such a mad rush to finish this thing, with my vacation 6 vacation days and the occasional distraction, that there were a couple days that just seemed to be paint/sleep/paint/sleep... next thing I know it's 4am and I've been sitting there since 8pm kind of days... and now that's it's done, I kind of miss it. Freedom is a bit scary.... I'm already looking at my row of Dragons and trying to decide who's up next!! Challenges? First of all I'm colorblind on the red/green spectrum so anytime I delve into those colors I'm always a bit concerned. I pretty much only see the bright solid core colors there, and any of the gradations get muddy REAL fast. For home games with close friends who feels they can't paint at all... I roll with it. Posting pictures online in a community like this? Yeah, that was an added level of stress I don't care for. But yes, that's the reason for the bright colored dragon heads. I really don't care much for the muted more realistic colors... I like my colors BRIGHT and POWERFUL! Still even with that issue, I have painted a LOT of figures over the last decade I'd say... and it was still fun to actually enter this kind of challenge and see how I stack up in the big time ;) Horror Stories? Probably Mold lines. I have issues with them hiding on my ANYWAY... but with this timeline I tried scraping them off as I went, but every time I got a 3rd layer or something done on a part BAM! There was another one. Some I could fix up, but I left a lot more than I would have liked. Drybrushing was the big one. My preferred Dry brush is rather large... and trying to get the same kind of effect with these tiny brushes was frustrating to the say the least. Especially with all those spurs and claws and teeth that had actually rather nice sculpting, but I don't think I got nearly the details picked out that I would have normally. All in all, It was a lot of fun and I enjoy completing a challenge.
  10. Obviously I need a bigger light box too :D
  11. I watched as it crawled from the ruins of it's ancient temple. In it's scales I could see eternity and it's wings were the fury of the storms itself. It's spine glowed brightly with and when it opened it's mouths death came as it spewed forth the power of the elements itself. Regardless of the name you knew it by.. Tiamat, Takhisis, Ma'al Drakar... This was the god of the dragons... Ma'al Drakar My intentions were pretty ambitious with this one, not sure how well I hit them... I loved the idea of this being a god with a body like Marvel's eternity and I also liked the idea of just seeing lighting and fury inside of the wings. I also tried for a godzilla spine effect that travels up it's body and out through the mouths... I put a bit of breath weapon color in the mouths, but i don't think that showed up to well. All in all, I think it went pretty well for a first 7-day challenge....and with my work schedule i'm used to horrendous sleep schedules... but even that was pushing it this time! Next week.... SLEEP!!!
  12. Ok... if I had planned ahead better... I would be 100% done right now. As it is, I'm about 98%. Technically everything is painted, soooooo SUCCESS!!! But I still want to dry brush the wing spurs a bit more... and I used so much retarder medium that it will take some time to dry. Should have done the spurs first. So tomorrow or maybe tonight all I have left are the touch ups and gluing the wings on and I'll clock this finished!! Can't wait to hear feedback with the finished pictures.... I worried I may have gone overboard on the body, but the wings are just how I'd pictured them for my dragon god :D
  13. Yeah, it's tricky to see with the smartphone camera. It was base painted with palmer prisms 'snow', washed/glazed with craftsman 'gray', then highlighted again with the 'snow' Then the blue ridge, and the ivory/brown/ivory/white on all the bone/horn spikes
  14. Slow day today, but got the wings base coated. May stay up and finish the bone spurs.... which would get me a technical complete... but getting sleepy. The wing pattern is going to be ambitious with a lot of retarder so I expect to get that done all at once during the slow dry. Definitely seeing a finish line here!!
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