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  1. I'm not sure I follow: why would it hurt Reaper if they shared their point calculator, if one exists? Wouldn't it be to their benefit to make it easier for players to create their own characters, or magic items, for non-official games? -Zug Trust me, one exists. I wrote it. It's over 1000 lines of PHP code. Nearly every SA point cost is calculated based on everything about the model. It is the main proprietary thing about RAGE, and will not be shared, sorry. Aahhh..I've been away from the boards for a few years; This was probably addressed during my absence... I wasn't aware it was proprietary. You guys are always so nice I forget sometimes that you have a company to run :)
  2. I know for me it would be the customization table, although seeing a "stripped down" version of the stat line you wanted to create was useful to gauge how over/underpowered you built your custom card. I'm not sure I follow: why would it hurt Reaper if they shared their point calculator, if one exists? Wouldn't it be to their benefit to make it easier for players to create their own characters, or magic items, for non-official games? -Zug
  3. Progress remains constant. Still on target for next weekend release. Great! I just started getting into Warlord, and the customization is what got me interested in it. Thanks for all of your hard work! -Zug
  4. It worked on me! :laugh: -Zug (who fails his Will saves all the time!)
  5. Wow! The website's lookin' good, the dungeon looked awesome, and that town table!!!! Wow! Something that I noticed: In your pictures, the dungeon looks like its floating about a half an inch above the table...Am I crazy or are the dungeon pieces sitting on something? Anyways, like I said, the site looks great. Keep up the good work! -zug
  6. Q: What do you call a dead blonde in the closet? A: Hide and seek champion of 1986
  7. I think they tried to make the halflings more like Dragonlance's kender race, and the gnomes more like hobbits. I think they're asking too much from a fantasy lovers sensibilities. When I see the word "Halfling", I think what you think: Hobbit. -zug
  8. OK, I've got the PHB in front of me: Gnomes are 3-3.5" high Halflings are 3" high. I've always thought gnomes were bigger than halflings. Or maybe it was just those big pointy red hats? :laugh: -zug P.S: I've got a Dwarven Wizard character on the the backburner purely based on that mini! If he really comes with the pug familiar, that little hunk of lead is mine!
  9. I might just be blind, but I can't find anything in the beta rules that constitutes an concrete measurement of the "Elevation level"... Can someone point it out to me in the rules or just tell me how many inches it is? -zug
  10. Kneadatite is *way* better than the stuff at Wal-Mart, In my opinion. Kneadatite is not as sticky and isn't as grainy as the plumbing stuff. But Wal-Mart stuff it is cheaper, and if you're just filling gaps it does just fine and will last ya forever. -zug
  11. You could also use it as the classic "dimensional gate", like Mengu said, or you can use it to represent a door that's been opened already... -zug P.S: It looks so nice painted!
  12. It would be a nice addition to a piece of wargaming terrain...I'd probably use it to the enterance of a Mordheim Building... -zug
  13. There's a long-standing gamer's joke that unscrupulous game store owners would take 2 small $2 figures that don't sell, melt them, and try and resell them at as one large $6 "Green Slime" mini. :) That dungeon traps thing would be pretty cool. -zug P.S: Does Reaper sell a "mimic"? that would be neat.
  14. *faints* Blasphemy!!, that's a Dark Tower dragon! *points to avatar* LOL. Someone out there is one dragon piece shy of a $200 Ebay score :laugh: -zug
  15. CripDyke I believe the Brothers Chaps are located down south somewhere...Georgia, maybe? And they could probably sell them, but the key would be to market them on the Homestar Runner website, not the Reaper site. You know, a pewter Trogdor keychain would probably sell great...hmmm... -zug.
  16. I'd buy a Trogdor Mini! I don't know if I'd buy a full size 50 dollar Trogdor mini, but I might buy a smaller one. But, if you got the time, a Dremel, and some green stuff, hows about this: Start off with a Nachtluft mini (#02069), cut off his arms, and put Blorg Mudstump's (#2579) arm in the middle of his back. Burninatin' through the NIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! :laugh: -zug *Note: This was a dramatization. No Reaper miniatures were harmed in this post.
  17. In the past 6-10 months, Reaper has been coming out with a lot of minis on my wish list. Like the Townsfolk 4 pack, which has 3 bandits and a few sacks of loot. I mean, can you remember the last time you were playing a fantasy RPG campaign and weren't attacked by bandits? It drove me nuts trying to find something like that. I think the only thing I can think of on my wish list is a Kyton mini. A picture of the Kyton They have complete control over those chains, and I think it could make for a really cool and dynamic mini. -zug
  18. "Getting an inch of snow is like winning ten cents in the lottery" - A disgusted Calvin, getting onto the school bus while it's snowing. "You seem a decent fellow, I hate to kill you..." "You seem a decent fellow, I hate to die." - The Princess Bride.
  19. You guys are killin' me! I was standing *right there* and didn't play, thinking I'd download the rules when I got home. *flops around in a tizzy* When's the site opening again :oo: -zug
  20. I think I speak for everyone when I say: Awwwwwwwww..... -zug the baby-liker. (and no, that's not a misspell, you pervs :) )
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