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  1. Very nice! I agree, no one should have to pay for a dice bag when they're so cheap and easy to make!
  2. Thanks! I did use a flat gray primer I picked up from the gaming store where I bought my first mini, so all that shiny is the overabundance of metallic paint.
  3. Nope! I swatched the pattern before I started actually knitting the dice bag to make sure the little dice wouldn't escape through the holes in the lace pattern. :)
  4. I knit myself this dicebag on 2mm KnitPicks sock needles with about 5 yards of Malabrigo sock yarn in the color Velvet Grapes using the "Spiral Drawstring Bag" pattern by DragonWing Arts. I call it my +5 bag of dice. :) If any of you are Knitters, Crocheters, or Spinners, I'm BlueNite on Ravelry.com.
  5. LOL I just checked where Reapercon is being held- Texas? I live in Iowa and I don't have a enough vacation time to take off on a 13 1/2hr ONE WAY car trip!! Maybe next year, but that's in big competition with the Renaissance Festivals my fiance and friends and I all love going to every year.... We'll have to see. :)
  6. Wow, thank you so much everyone! I really didn't expect such a positive critique! Going to an art school is really challenging and competitive so I was bracing myself for a complete rip-apart of my work! Man, I really don't miss critique days! You guys are awesome. :) I'm amazed that my acrylics from 2001-2004 are still as fluid and smooth now as they were back then! I am using a clear, matte finish spray for the protective finish, so the shine you're seeing is from the metallic paint. MamaGeek: I totally did a *facepalm* when dirty water was mentioned. DUH painting 101! Oy vey. That's my first problem right there!!! Shows how rusty I am at this whole painting thing! LadyArgent: Thank you for the suggestion of doing everything with the matte colors, spray-varnishing, then putting the metallics where I want and brushing on a glossy varnish in those ares. Brilliant! Ghool: I'll definitely check into the flow release agent. I'm too cheap to buy more acrylic paint when I haven't used up the paint I already have! sgtoku: Thank you! I haven't heard of Dramatic Layering, I'll definitely check into it more. I'm always up for learning new techniques. Thinking about the larger minis I painted v/s this one, I remember that I used a lot of dry-brushing. With the coarser pigments in the paint, dry brushing might not be the best idea for such a tiny mini- that's probably why my paint looks all globby and icky. twjolson: I got the smaller minis because I wanted something even more challenging than the regular sized ones. Its on now baby! ;) Ferox: Thank you! The freehand didn't quite drive me insane, but it did drive me to the chiropractor afterwords- MAJOR cramps in the shoulders when I was done! Shakandara and Jay: I'm totally interested in Reapercon, I still need to investigate and see if its something I can swing. Mercius: Thank you very much, I'm definitely going to be sticking around. This has been a VERY pleasant experience!
  7. So I painted this mini once and submitted it to the Inspiration gallery, then re-painted it when it was denied and submitted it again. Unfortunately it's been denied again. I'm at a loss on what I can do with Sprite here- she's so freakin' tiny its hard to get any really good detail done, but maybe its just my inexperience talking (I only just started painting minis about 2 weeks ago). Do any of you pros have any suggestions on how I can improve? I did just recently get 5 other minis accepted into the gallery, and comparing my work to some of the other folks on here I can definitely see there's TONS of room for me to improve- I just really don't know how without simply 'practice makes perfect'. FYI- I'm using mainly Liquitex medium-body artist acrylics since I have so much of it left over from my college days. They're all still perfectly good to use for paintings and such, but I do realize they're not the ideal consistency for such detailed work. Plus I don't have a lot of cash to go spending on a whole new collection of paints. :) Also FYI- photos were taken with my Cannon PowerShot SD750 Digital Elph, lit with an OttLite, and the background is simply a sheet of printer paper. Thanks for lookin'! ~BND
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