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  1. Is [email protected] still the correct e-mail for bones kickstarter issues? No rush, but I didn't get an auto-reply and haven't received a response, so I'm not sure if anyone has received it. Is it typical to get no response until someone is ready to deal with it? Cheers.
  2. Could any Canadians** recommend their favourite masking fluid for miniatures? **Or, anyone who can point to a Canadian site/store that sells of their favourite masking fluid Cheers.
  3. Locked in through KS, or through the Pledge Manager? Unfortunately, I would prefer to not mention my pledge manager date because of personally ingrained internet security .
  4. The tracking number for my Wave 2 order in the low 400s just arrived
  5. Ran out of time yesterday, but no physically noticeable change in the sprues when I zapped . That being said, I just super-glued all of my multi-part models because it is likely that the UV wouldn't penetrate deep enough for models like the Force of Nature set or the Clockwork Dragon. Reaper did a great job on with the joining points on all these models. The only problems that I've seen are with the joints that they got the manufacturer to assemble, eg. The Bugbear which everyone seems to be mentioning. Enough typing, back to indexing!
  6. HA! I should have known. If there's one thing that schooling teaches you, it's to always ask Wikipedia first :P http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UV_degradation It would probably be fine for the 5 seconds that it would take to cure, but potentially embrittling the joints sounds like a recipe for bad times. I'll still zap a few sprues tomorrow (because, hey, lazors! :P) and tell you guys what happens
  7. I have access to UV cure CA glue (and an UV curing station) which would make much nicer bonds. How do the Bones respond to UV? I will try it on some sprue first, but has Reaper looked into this at all?
  8. :P That's why I said after. Maybe just collect enough smart phone video for a little 10 minute of clip show of sculptors going crazy, molding a sprue of something, the big shipments arriving, counting said shipments. Hell, I'd just be interested in seeing a picture of what 17,000+ Vampire levels worth of minis looks like.
  9. I'm an engineer and I've been filling my co-workers in on the awesomeness of this Kickstarter. None of them are gamers, but an injection molding company suddenly getting $3mil in capital and outputting many times their normal production in several months is pretty damn fascinating. When this is all over, is there any chance that you guys could put together a little video of some of the interesting ups and downs (Paint bottle shortage, dealing with massive shipping logistics, etc.)? Something between "How It's Made" and a business reality show. If nothing else it would be great marketing material for you guys. I hope I'm not the only one who would find it fascinating.
  10. Awesome, it sounds like you've already thought of this so I have no concerns. Now to get my shelves prep-ed for minis.
  11. Thanks for doing the math on that GregR. It is enough of a risk that someone at Reaper should just be aware of the possible hole. If it's easy enough to plug, or easy enough to deal with the results of it, then there's no problem.
  12. Is there a way to add a password to the Bone Pledge Manager? My concern is that over the next 5-6 months, someone (more likely a script that they write) can find and catalogue every active combination of "https://www.reapermini.com/ks/manage/bones/xxxxx". Then, 2 weeks before you ship to us, they (again a script) can change every shipping address and e-mail. If these pages only allow you to change your information for 10 days, then this is obviously less of an issue. However, someone could still get 10 days worth of combinations and change those addresses, forcing everyone to have to double check that their addresses. I hate to sound all conspiracy theorist here, but I was just wondering if anyone at Reaper thought of this and planned for it.
  13. 02780: Water Elemental <- In translucent blue or blue/green 03456: Animal Companions I 14041: Familiars I
  14. Hey, I will be attending PAX at the end of the month and was wondering if Reaper will have a booth?
  15. Hey everyone, I recently purchased several models and found a nice and easy mod. Halbarand, Cleric comes with a weapon sprue (P03427B: Sprue). This will leave two weapons unused. The hand from Sir Titus, Guardian Knight can be removed at the wrist and replaced with one of the spare weapon hands. The gauntlet on the shield hand is hidden, so matching is not a problem. The last time I touched a mini was 12-13 years ago, so I will just include a picture of the primed models rather than one of them poorly painted
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