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    There were some really fun costumes this year! :)
  2. Well I called back and I got a rate of $71.99 (after updating my previous reservation), so I'm not sure why the price difference, but still... not too bad.
  3. Hi, ReaperRon, can you confirm something for me? Is the rate at the Best Western supposed to be $69.99? I've been quoted two other prices, both higher than that, so I'm going to have to call back during the day when the manager is there to get a final answer. Just wanted to ask you as well.
  4. Adorable!! Nicely done! I love the lil' guy in purple. And the freehand, great choice. :)
  5. And if you forget anything, or don't want to risk glue on the plane or something like that, most folks there will be happy to share if you need something.
  6. I think this was a fantastic experiment, thank you so much for sharing!! Wonderful paint jobs on both and I think it really shows how awesome the Bones stands up to even 'zoomed in' scrutiny. I agree there are tell tales when you look closely at a Bones figure compared to metal, but standalone, it certainly stands up on it's own. Shoot, side by side, it obviously holds it's own too! Fantastic job both by manufacturer and painter. * an aside, didn't someone post something about using hot water to warm the mini in order to repose a bendy figure? And then cold water to lock it in or something like that? worth a try to get those staffs and swords as straight as possible.
  7. I do really like the lizardmen, I'm not sure what my strange infatuation is supposed to infer.... but I like what you've done with them. :) I need to buy some more for myself to have a complete set. I might need to try out that brown stripe pattern next. Also nice on the tortoiseshell shield.
  8. I couldn't resist the boxed set for this one... and I got the autographs from all but one of the sculptors, so I was kinda tickled. :) Can't wait to paint some of them up, but I have a few others to get through first. Can't wait to see what you've done with them, Doc!
  9. the Reaper paints are really pretty simple. Keep them upright like you said, and we usually keep a safety pin or T-pin in our kit to poke through a clogged tip on occasion. I'd say 8 out of 10 times, the paint comes out just fine for me without having to unclog. Enjoy painting the Troll!
  10. 1) I'm on Windows7 and using IE9 Here's a sample... I see the main pic, but the other urls don't change the pic. http://www.reapermin...ds/latest/03613 2) I'm also not seeing the dropdowns anymore on the headers, I thought maybe those had been turned off but I noticed orcsoul said it's working on his Chrome. 3) I was looking for the paint palette, darn, I forget what you called it. So we can load a pic and see what colors were used. I thought Resources might take me there... ? 4) I was looking for The Craft as well. :(
  11. Sorry if this has been brought up on another thread that I might have missed. This was happening yesterday though too and I figured I'd mention it here. when I go to the Online store, a few things are not working as expected. The Resources link isn't taking me to anything, it doesn't do anything at all. And also when I look at a particular minii, and I click on the additional pictures, the url changes, but the picture doesn't change. I think I heard Kit was playing with the site again (I notice the hover over the header topics isn't turned on anymore... :) ), but wasn't sure if something broke? If you need any more info let me know!
  12. Love the pic with the pilsner! :)
  13. Kuro, I know it's not the same, but there's always Artist Con too, that you can try for. Not sure if that'll be rough with classes this fall or next, but it's an option. :)
  14. This was my first ReaperCon as well, and this experience was just amazing. I haven't had such a great time in ages. Thank you to EVERYONE who was there, because you and your laughter and openness really made the whole experience. And the awards ceremoney has inspired me to really get cracking so that I can enter a few pieces next year with the hope of some cool rewards! I can't wait to take some more classes that I didn't get to take this year! Reaper folks, I hope you know that your efforts and hard worked are GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for putting on an amazing Con!!!
  15. I'm hoping to get more info on the theme sooner rather than later... I'm not sure what all 'Dark Carnival' might entail, but if I can work on it for a Halloween costume I'll be ready for April!!
  16. Wren, I don't think that's entirely true.... I seem to remember at the first paint that there were some store patrons who where looky loos and took a peek over our shoulders. Of course, how could they not, we were right in front of the door! <laugh> And I know at the local gaming con before that, there were a lot of folks crusing by. Not sure how local they were, but they at least showed interest. As for not liking the location or type of the store you're at... foo-y. We go there to paint, how much can the store really affect that? If they want to have painting company and tutorials they'll come. Besides, it's a nice enough place, and nice owner. Plus a beautiful patio area!! Either way, you know Ana and I will be there to support! ~Gwen
  17. ok, so just to be clear... for those of us that missed out on the online signup for some of our classes, are the tickets for all days available first thing Thursday during registration? Or are the tickets for the classes on certain days only available the morning of those classes? I'm wondering because there's a class Sat that I really wanted, but I might be a little late getting in on Thursday, and I wasn't sure if I'd miss out on the available tickets onsite. :)
  18. Can anyone give a little more info on the "How Not to Suck" class with John Bonnot (Basic/Intermediate)? :)
  19. I like it, very nicely done. Would you mind a little C&C? The one thing that really caught my eye was the blade... it looks like there are too many reflection points on it. Unless there's an effect I just can't see well, which I wouldn't doubt. But my mind seems to think that on a blade that large and flat, you'd have one or two really wide reflection 'stripes' across it rather than the multiple lines I see here. Does that make sense? I like the shading in her outfit, and I thnk the two tone hair worked out well. Great job on their faces! :)
  20. I agree with Jen. I like the stripes, but some highlights would help to give them more depth. I really like the base, can you tell us a little about how you did that? I'm about ready to just sit down and work on scupting and painting up some bases to practice and prep for some minis. ;) I'm just so intrigued by them for some reason.
  21. Count me for grilled veggies as well! or whatever Vegetarian/Vegan choices you've got. :) I know Ana is all about cheese as well! <laugh>
  22. Now how did I miss this one when I was combing the site looking for minis? She's stunning, I love the attitude. :) What color is that for her top/tunic? Is that blacks/greys? or is there some other color in there?
  23. I see we have a similar taste in minis! <laugh> I LOVE, truly love, what you did with her hair. I'm obviously judging this just on the picture, and I didn't see the subtle strawberry hints, but a medium dark blonde, very nice. A very detailed sculpt and I really like what you did with her. Even if I do try to stay away from pinks.
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