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  1. I got back to this guy tonight. I attempted the additional highlighting on the underbelly scales, though I don't think I really got the effect we were looking for. And I tried a new technique with the sword, which I'm not so sure worked out. I'm having a hard time figuring out how light would fall on this flat, divoted sword. Alas. Final feedback is welcome, though I think I need to seal and be done with him for now. The other bad guys need painting, but I really like these Lizardmen, so I intend to buy more for myself and try them again. Here's the progress from tonight. (Looks like I smacked him in the face with some stone grey, I'll fix that up before I seal him.) Again thanks for the feedback!! Next up, the green guy with the mace.
  2. heehee! I love the Mouslings with the steins! I've got a friend who home brews beer (quite elaborate setup in the garage) who would be perfect for those. :)
  3. I agree, I really love the way the cloak turned out. It may not have been exactly what you were going for, but it does look like a really cool effect. I might borrow the pic for reference myself for a future cloak. :) Good job reaching those eyes, too!
  4. Ok, I fixed up a couple of things, but especially the sword. Any better?
  5. Here's my progress from yesterday. I'd like to finish him up today and I already see a few things I want to touch up and work on. I'd like to hear what you guys think/see, though. :) The lighting may be a bit much on him, it was late last night. Thanks!!
  6. oh wow, VERY nice! Hard to pick out just one thing, he's got so much going on, but for some reason I love the beard. :) Would you mind sharing a little about how you did the base? I'm intrigued with basing techniques, currently, as I try to find a few different looks for simple bases, and that looks like a great way to add some height.
  7. I love him! I can't wait to see your progress. Where's he from?
  8. That was my first thought as well... alrighty, I'll see what I can do with that. Thanks for the reference pic!
  9. Any suggestions on what colors or 'look' to paint the shield? I'm not sure what it's supposed to be made of. One of the other Lizards has an actual tortoise shell shield, but this one looks like scales...?
  10. I really like the basing! I'm glad you added more highlights to it, I think it looks great. The cloak too, definitely nice.
  11. I agree with Stern, that robe looks edible! I love the colors you chose for the flasks and his gem, adds some nice color to the figure. I'd love to see what some new blending skills or other suggestions can do to add more to that magic effect. But I think that was great for a first attempt! As always, can't wait to see more!
  12. Hi all! ok, so I'm super new to this, but I've got a couple of really rough mini's under my belt. Now I'm helping a friend paint up the table top gaming bad guys. The zombies I didn't spend much time on, but I'd like to do these Lizardmen some justice. I have to paint all three, but I'm tackling them one at a time, in different color schemes, so I'll put them all in here as I go. First up, the Lizardman with the Sword and Shield. I'm going for a brown color scheme for him. Snagged a pic from Marike as a reference photo (see the crocodile). And here's the Lizardman 1 with his first basecoat. His back is 09030: Leather Brown. His front is 09032: Amber Gold. I'm going to work on the new blending techniques I've been watching on my DVDs, and see how they work out. Any suggestions are Welcome! Stay tuned for more progress. Thanks for looking!! ~
  13. I just wanted to put in my two cents on Natalya's DVDs, as the beginner that I am. I was watching them yesterday and I made it through the first 2 DVDs. I'm looking forward to watching the next two, but I think I can say a few things about what I've seen so far. Natalya paints, to me, like an artist on a canvas with a hand held palette does. She puts drops down straight out of her bottles of paint, dips her brush in water on occasion, and mixes constantly as she goes. She is blending starting with the base coloring and just continues to add darks and lights and blending all the way through to her highlighting. All of the color on the mini is precisely placed from her brush strokes. I say this because the impression I get from watching her paint is very different than watching Hot Leaded use dry brush techniques and blending. She spent an hour painting (not counting some video edits of time) an arm and a torso, but it was so precise the whole time. It was really amazing to watch, for me. Yes, the non-commentary and music gets old, and watching her paint the same thing over and over without seeing much color change caused me to fast forward at 2 or 4x every once in a while until she finally started doing more highlighting, but it was still a WONDERFUL thing to see someone actually painting the mini. I would definitely consider this a more advanced technique, perhaps even just a very different technique overall, from my perspective, because I'm am very new to this and certainly not very in tune with my artistic side. But I'm also very intrigued by the technique, and even if I don't use it from beginning to end as she does, (she states very clearly that 'someone could probably do this faster, this is just the way she does it. she's not expecting you to walk away having learned how to paint like her'), I do still think I can use some of her techniques like highlighting or painting the hair (which was definitely worth watching). I still think I need to find more videos for uber-beginners to teach how to choose colors and other very basic 'painting terms' and techniques just to get me going. The links above to the other review describes the video well, noting again that it's not very instructional overall. You're watching her paint with VERY little commentary. For now, on to Disks 3 and 4! I hope that helped a little, though. ~
  14. Hey! I took that picture! When I finally start painting at home, I'll let you know how it goes with the cat hair. ;) Mine's awfully curious, so it could be interesting.
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