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  1. I am missing about half my pledge. The box weighed 8 kgs, but was quite full. I have sent an email to Reaper concerning the missing pieces, it includes some quite big figures, like two Dance of Deaths, which is why I think there might be a second box. But if there isn't a second box, they now have the details.
  2. I just got a box, but was missing a heap of stuff, does anyone know if there were orders packed in 2 boxes?
  3. I just got a message that mine is due tomorrow. Thank goodness my husband will be home for collection, though he has threaten to have a sneak peek before I get home from work, grrr...
  4. This is now live. I went to pledge, but international postage seemed a bit off...I have queried it
  5. We got the dwarves...very nice. The quality was definitely there.
  6. I love the look of these...they have a wildness to them.
  7. Definitely going to pledge, though will pick and choose....don't play Bloodbowl, so no interest in a whole team. Thanks all for the information re quality
  8. I am looking at some of these models to convert to sci fi Vesk for Starfinder...they have the perfect look. Anyone had experience with these guys...do the figures keep the detail?
  9. My husband went in this and is currently printing out the scout ship. It is impressive...
  10. On Ninja Division and Prodos. I think the big difference between them is that Prodos/Archon used the Load funds to deliver Load, and then any extra money to continue to deliver AVP. From the outside, ND seems to use the funds from their successful KS, like Starfinder, to prop up their failed KSes, and thereby adding one more KS to the list of failures.
  11. No word on my add-on only pledge either
  12. So I am looking through the project page for the answer to this question...and cannot find it, but maybe someone here has seen it. I am planning on pledging for a bust (first ever), and maybe a stand to go with it. The stands in the add-on section look very plain, but the stands with the busts have a badge on them. Can anyone tell me if the badges come with the stands?
  13. They look like it is just a preorder for existing pads...I cant see any new ones
  14. There is a FAQ up on youtube. Looks like it will be three separate KSers. One for the physical buildings, one for the 3D files, then a seprate one for the trees and forest. I would link, but on my phone
  15. My darling husband stayed up til 2am Australian time to get one for me....I love that man...
  16. I am also really hoping they rethink the stl file concept...postage could be an absolute killer on this one.
  17. Yeh, the estimated shipping to Australia is more than the bust itself. Reaaly puts a damper on the excitement.
  18. It is absolutely stunning...I will be having a peek when it goes live. Somehow, I don't think it is going to be cheap.
  19. We went in their Dwarves KS. They are very nice minis, and were delivered on time.
  20. Living in Australia means that going to Reapercon is something that is like a dream...but at least the Reapercon Swag bag gives me a feeling of being there. I try to get it every year. I was trying to work out if the swag bag comes out after Reapercon *crosses fingers*, and others in my gaming group want the Sophie and the Witch, are all three of those items available at the same time on the website. It sounds like Sophie and the Swag Bag (if available) would cross over, and Sophie and the Witch would cross over, but not necessarily all three, unless the witch gets released in metal fairly cose to Reapercon's end, when any Swag Bags are up. I can manage others' expectations that way.
  21. So dumb question time, is the Dreadmere witch a metal release or a resin one?? And Swag bag??
  22. Looking at the lovely Sophie and the Dreadmere witch, if you are not going to Reapercon, are they available for purchase sometime. If so, is it a limited time? And, second query, are they both in the Swag bag, and will the bags be available for non-con goers?
  23. Don't feel bad. Their first kickstarter was good. The minis are great and they were delivered on time. Still very challenging to put together, but otherwise nice. As for this one....
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