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  1. As someone who has just created a dwarven druid for a Pathfinder game....I want :)
  2. I'll also take a look...though if there is no females, no money from me.
  3. *closes her eyes and crosses her fingers* " please let there be meerkats."
  4. As an Australian, is there any way to get the orders bundled together? I want two of the days, and probably have $100 order to get them, but not $200 to push me over into getting two days of orders at $100 free shipping.
  5. I am also interested in the answer to this.
  6. At this point I have absolutely no expections of receiving my minis....
  7. Do we know when they will be up for sale. Being in oz I only can only afford one parcel and I want the Sophie and one of the faction figures
  8. If Bones 2 was a guide it took a few months for them to go up on the store as they are delivered to Reaper un-blistered so they all have to go into blister packs for retail before they are up on the store.
  9. I ended up pulling out because of the silence around Australian shipping....
  10. I went for the 6 mini pledge...though I wish they were sculpting something between the full pin up with bikini and the winter one that is full clothed and very winter themed. I am an adult, you think I would have learnt that you don't always get what you want by now :)
  11. I just hope they have the pledge manager so it works out Aussie postage correctly before the end so I can put the right pledge in.
  12. I must admit to being confused by some of the pricing on the pledge manager, I am looking at 25mm square bases, no slot. It looks like 8 bases for $3, but then there is 22 x 20mm bases for $2, that is a substantial price difference. Am I reading the figures right? As an aside, it is fine if I am, but if I am getting confused, it may need to be clearer....I am just trying to help out one of my favourite companies before the hoards of complainers get hold of it
  13. Some of those figures are very nice. Might have to keep an eye on this one.
  14. I have just discovered this. It is wonderful. I love the painting, but the stories have me completely captivated. More, more!!! Just as an aside, you may want to look at Antimatter Games as they have Aztec type warriors and great Lizard and frog people of different types with a very lost World vibe. Also, The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company do a great Dinosaur range. I think I may have to get out all my lizardy creatures and paint along...
  15. Not buying anything from Monte Cook til they deliver me the last books for The Strange KS.
  16. Mine is just two figures....personally I would have been happy to wait til everything was ready.
  17. I have to go with Goremaw...I even got three. One for the husband...and two are mine, all mine.
  18. I just threw a little bit of money at this as i really want to see it succeed. It looks like it could be really interesting. I wonder if it will get into some of the more odd humanoids, like kitsune. I play Pathfinder Society and some of the odd races, like kitsune, wayangs and the elemental races are hard to find figures for
  19. I was going to ask the same question...he is rather cool
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