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  1. Hey Sabith, no worries. I'm in Ontario (Kitchener, to be specific). UPS shows "Package cleared by foreign customs office" last Friday.
  2. Canadian here. My shipment arrived today (9.6 lbs). Cost on delivery was $60 - yikes.
  3. Looks like a nice set of pieces. I think I will have to back this Kickstarter... it's a lot cheaper to ship to Canada than the Dwarven Forge stuff. I also like that this set has 1" high walls. I'm not really keen on either of the standard colours, though. I would prefer a dark grey, but I guess I could just spraypaint them all when they show up.
  4. I remember that Spellfire card... ah, memories.
  5. Really well done for three hours. Really well done overall, actually.
  6. Very nice job. I like the scale colours and the blue armor! I wouldn't want to mess with him.
  7. @ObsidianCrane we have a female aasimar in the party, it should be pretty fun. Mr. Skinsaw Man is up next on the painting table! @TGP Glad I'm not alone out there!
  8. This is a very cool miniature, and your paint job suits it perfectly.
  9. Hey all, I'm running Rise of the Runelords in Pathfinder, and I'm trying to get as many of the main NPCs and villains with cool painted Reaper miniatures as possible. Hopefully posting them online will motivate me to finish all the work I have to do. I've already been at it for a while and completed a few minis. For the most part, I'm trying to match the miniatures with the art in the RotRL Anniversary Edition book. I will just be posting figure names, not giving away any details about the campaign, but if you're playing in RotRL, you'll obviously have some idea of what the enemies wil
  10. This mini is pretty cute. You did a great job with the black. It looks black (not grey), and I can make out the definition.
  11. @Kuro - Thanks! The shirt was initially purple, but I decided to make it blue to make his skin look less blue and more grey. I actually used the fancy "use contrasting colours for shadows" technique on the shirt, mixing GW Enchanted Blue with GW Blazing Orange to get that muddy grey in the shadows.
  12. Also @Metalchaos that was my thinking, he's intelligent, and likely educated. He gets to wear fancy clothes to the jungle!
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