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  1. Yeah, so far since we're both playing pretty casual there's not the arms race to make teh br0k3n lists and more of a focus on painting up figures I think are cool. As far as Kurand's spells go, I think I need to sit down and read just what each status effect does, since he doesn't seem to be a blaster mage and Toxic Cloud doesn't seem to work well against anything except damaged peons.
  2. I've got my little 500ish point team of ankle-biting gnomes painted up and looking passable, and I've gotten a pair of games in against my opponent, playing Crusaders. We're still sort of testing the waters so there's nothing too elaborate in our lists. I bring Kurand with Familiar 2x Tunnel Knights 2x Pinners 1x Pulger and Bata, Lancer Captain Bloodstone Champion 2x Beetle Riders against her Duke Gerrard 4x Unforgiven (I think that's what they are) Lord Ironraven 3x Unforgiven (Again, I think that's what they are...whatever came in the old Crusader/Undead starter) Game 1 ended with just 2 Crusaders left standing and the gnomes completely tabled after Gerrard came and beat up Kurand over his lunch money. I managed to keep away from him for a few turns and poisoned most of his troops off, but it didn't work very well against the Duke himself. We didn't use any Warlord benefits or faction doctrines since it was our first game, which probably helped make things a little easier. I don't think I put a single wound on Gerard this game, but Kurand made 3 tough rolls before dying, so that was pretty cool. We added the Warlord benefits for game 2, and instead of just spamming Toxic Cloud every turn I tried to use some of those Earth Tome walls to block off areas and tried to do some nifty maneuvers with Kurand's Beckoning Call, but it didn't work out quite as well as I'd have liked, and the Crusaders had probably 40 percent of their forces still ready to slice and dice at the end. I damn near took out Gerard with a blitz from the beetle cavalry, but all in all a much greater defeat than game 1 for my guys. I think next time we're going to add Faction Doctrines to the game, and maybe step the points up a little. Both games have been quite a bit of fun, and a welcome change of pace from the cutthroat world of Warhammer and HordesMachine. The whole card drawing mechanic for initiative is interesting and makes it much more difficult to predict how the next turn will play out. I'm still trying to get the hang of when to cast which spell, since I don't want to just use Kurand to spend the entire game casting Toxic Cloud, so I'm looking forward to the next game, and trying out some new spells.
  3. I'm starting to plan the trip. What airport do people usually show up at? My knowledge of places other than California is very limited.
  4. I'm giving serious thought to going to ReaperCon this year. I've gone to GenCons and KublaCons in the past, but this would be my first ReaperCon and the first gaming Con I've been to in several years. I read up on the Warlord and Frozen North books and my evil ankle-biting gnomes are coming along rather nicely (by my standards)in the painting department. How is the Warlord event atmosphere? I've played in competitive Warhammer events and Hardcore HordesMachine events, and I'm looking for something a little more casual and fun-related than I've experienced in GW and PP events. At best I'm going to have less than a dozen games under my belt, and possibly none at all, so I'm not sure it's even worth it to show up if the Warlord scene is anything like the events for other miniature games I've played in the past.
  5. Okay. How do people keep track of what model belongs to which troop? My first impression was to paint a stripe or something on their bases, but then with the amount of customization in army construction that seems like it'd only work if I had a static list.
  6. Hello, A friend and I were looking at getting into Warlord since we both do a lot of painting Reaper models. I'm a veteran of HordesMachine, 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, and some of the GW skirmish games, so I'm not new to wargaming. The rules look pretty simple, which is a nice change of pace from other games. I was looking at the Overlords to start with, since I really like General Matisse and the Onyx Phalanx figures, though the Bloodstone Gnomes are also tempting since I enjoy playing gnomes in D&D. The only real question I had was concerning unit positioning. Is there any form of unit coherency in Warlord? Do your troops have to move in big blocks like Warhammer fantasy, or do they move like skirmishers, staying within an inch or so of each other?
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