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  1. My question is are all of the Warlord minis cast in Bones now? And why are there no starters listed in the shop anymore? Also, I've awoken from my slumber.
  2. Why are some Unique whereas others aren't? And why are the non-Unique Elites named? (e.g. Ymrilix the False & Moraia, Warbride) ~ Kel
  3. Overlords (Lich's Bidding Doctrine) - 1,000 points Troop 1: Ashkrypt, Lichlord of Craclaw + Familiar Kevis, Vizier Lola Darkslip, Assassin Ymrilix the False 4 Bondslaves 2 Overlord Crossbowmen 4 Overlord Warriors Troop 2: Iks, Wight Taskmaster Arik Gix, Inquisitor 3 Bondslaves 2 Overlord Spearmen 3 Overlord Warriors Troop 3: Onyx Golem Total: 999 points Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the advice Stubbdog, though I noticed in the list you posted you included 1 more Warrior and 2 Spearmen, not that there's anything wrong with that, though I'm in need of explanation as to why you did so, though I like Arik Gix over Balthon, just because he has a big sword and is a very menacing figure, although I'm going to be using the Lich's Bidding Doctrine, thus why there's a great deal of Bondslaves. Currently I own the following: Ashkrypt Balthon 8 Warriors Familiar I'm on a pretty tight budget, so I'm try to get the most bang for my buck per se.
  5. So, I decided to play around with Darkreach on the Army Creator as I'm a big fan of Dark Elves. This is what I've got, and it even fits my budget. Troop 1: Majestrix Latissula, High Priestess (122) + Abyssal Weapon (15) + Doomshade Boots (10) Erdolliel Saerwen (39) Liela Mordollwen, Sorceress (46) Zalash, Assassin (65) 6 Shadowstep Warriors (132) 4 Shiver Spike Crossbowmen (128) Troop 2: Tierdeleira, Priestess (44) Avrix Dirthe, Champion (91) 6 Nightshade Warriors (156) 2 Shiver Spike Crossbowmen (64) Troop 3: Phase Cat (
  6. Taking a crack at my first 1,000 point list. TROOP 1: Ashkrypt, Lichlord of Craclaw (192) + Familiar (15) Balthon, Priest of Khardullis (97) Moraia, Warbride (58) Ymrilix the False (109) 4 Bondslaves (20) 3 Crossbowmen (114) 4 Warriors (100) TROOP 2: Iks, Wight Taskmaster (56) 3 Bondslaves (15) 3 Warriors (75) Kevis, Vizier (47) TROOP 3: Onyx Golem TROOP 4: Luck Stone TOTAL: 999 points
  7. Hey everyone here's what I'm planning for my 600 point army, any advice is welcome. TROOP 1: Ashkrypt, Lichlord of Craclaw (192) + Familiar (15) Balthon, Priest of Khardullis (97) 4 Bondslaves (20) 4 Warriors (100) TROOP 2: Iks, Wight Taskmaster (56) 4 Bondslaves (20) 4 Warriors (100) Now only 400 points to go until I've got my first 1,000 point army. Advice and suggestions are appreciated.
  8. I came across Reaper miniatures years back when I was in Phoenix (Arizona) at my LGS, didn't really pay them much mind as I was a 40k player at the time and not really interested in fantasy games, though this past Friday I went to my FLGS here in Dubuque (Iowa) with a friend, and we were looking at GW's and PP's products but had always been intrigued by the section in the back of the store after GW and PP, the corner where Reaper reigns, and whilst looking for a distraction from the other companies' expensive products, we stumbled across 7 Warlord army boxes (Crusaders, Darkspawn, Dwarves, Nec
  9. As a newcomer to the world of Reaper miniatures, I'd love to attend, but unfortunately that doesn't look like it'll be happening, though if all goes well this year, I'll definitely be making an appearance in 2012 with probably about 2,000+ points worth of Overlords, and I'd love to try my hand at winning a painting competition (speaking of which be on the lookout in the coming weeks for pics of my 1,000 points of Overlords goodness when I get them all purchased and painted.) Anyways, to all who are going, I hope you have a great time at ReaperCon!
  10. Hey there everyone, I'm fairly new to Warlord, but not new to miniature war games, I've played Warhammer 40k, Warmachine & Hordes, and a few others in the past. I picked up the Overlords Starting Army Box yesterday from my FLGS thanks to a good friend of mine who's also interested in starting Warlord. So, what I'm wondering is what I should pick up next. I currently have: Ashkrypt, Lichlord of Craclaw Balthon, Priest of Khardullis 8 Overlord Warriors 1 Familiar All of this comes to just over 500 points, and so I'm wondering what else I should pick up to get my army up t
  11. is new to Warlord and looking forward to playing.

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