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  1. Well it looks like I'm going to be able to attend this year, fingers crossed.
  2. Well I will say RMAH has made me some money.. I feel like it's paid for my time invested into game and thus I am probably quitting D3 soon. I just checked my auctions and saw that I had sold all 4 of my RMAH items. Apparently some people are crazy enough to spend real money on items. I think once I liquidate all of my gear I've farmed up and such and sell gold from it I'll clear 1,000$. Yet that is about a month of my gaming/painting/etc time wasted on that game alone. Meh.
  3. I can say that it's a fun game until you reach Inferno mode at 60. I got suckered into playing along with friends, and it was all fun until this point. I have a very nicely geared character that gets 1-2 shotted by anything, and I'm playing the tank role (tanking gear, life on hit weapons, tanking skills etc.). We've cleared up to Act IV inferno and it's just silly at this point. Oh and you can farm for 4-5 hours and sometimes not find anything worth selling on AH. It's way too RNG (random number generator) for me to want to continue playing. If I farm for 4-5 hours I want something to show for it besides bags of gear I vendor or salvage for crafting materials. Oh and people are smoking crack for what they want to sell items for on the real money auction house (granted it was just implemented in last few days). I'll spend 250$ on tactile miniatures and paints, but 250$ for an item for my video game character... no thanks! Overall 8/10. Great game, just once you get to a point it becomes way too tedious. You'll never farm the gear you need so you have to buy it from Auction House.
  4. Tengu is a Pathfinder race of bird-men like the Kenku from D&D.
  5. I'm actually tickled pink right now, earlier today I was looking for tengu sculpts online and sighing because I couldn't find any that looked great. Vyctor, gonna PM you :)
  6. Gene, You really have a gift for explaining your techniques in sculpting. Thank you for posting this. I am working on doing another mousling for my collection, Sir Chubby Cheeks is going to sire a brood of little mouslings to share in his love of cheese. (That is the plan at least. We'll see how it goes, lol)
  7. Shooter, Just understand that Derrik is a master painter. He is incredibly gifted and talented at painting. The rest of us work towards achieving the level of Derrik and the rest of Reaper Painters, but most people are not Michelangelo. Don't be intimidated with miniature painting at all. I started with a basic understanding of color theory, aka I had seen a color wheel in grade school. Now I understand warm/cool and complimentary colors etc. You'll start off with base coating, washes, dry brushing, and metallic paints before transitioning to wet blending and non metal metallics. My goal is that each piece I paint looks a little better than the last, and slowly incorporating new techniques to expand my skill set. I would suggest starting by getting a few minis from Reaper and a few of the basic paints. Order a flesh triad, a few various color triads, and some metallic colors. Oh and grab two of the Reaper Kolinsky brushes, #1 and #0 probably. Search the forums for advice on priming (very important) and base coating. After that just go have fun and practice! There are tons of great posts on forums for new painters, and great people here that can answer any and all questions. You've found an amazing home for miniature painting.
  8. Duliniel, I really like the flowers on dress to right. How did you go about free handing that design? Also could you take a picture focusing on freehand of that section? It looks great! The sheer fabric also lays very well on first miniature. Great job with I guess the changes in opacity of cloth as it lays on skin. Fantastic job.
  9. Well if that is look you were going for then kudos! You nailed it! :) I think it's a beautiful paint job.
  10. Want. Want now! *pouts* I really love this sculpt and your painting is top notch. The eye in particular both warm and cool look amazing. I look forward to seeing more updates.
  11. They eyes while facing same direction are staring out with a "what the @#(*& do I care" look... perhaps have them looking down towards hand... She just looks like she could care less about what is going on right now from facial expression. Perhaps give her smile a little more animation also, quirk up one side in a smirk? The paint job overall looks great! I just think the face needs some more expression. I really like the shade of pink contrasting with black on wing. Did you mix that yourself or is it a reaper pink.
  12. I have their email and phone numbers if anyone wants to get a hold of them.
  13. I'm just glad no one was back making buttons with Jen and I. Makin buttons leads to waAay too many innuendoes.
  14. Checked into Best Western! Already seen a few ReaperCon folks! Whooo hoooo!
  15. Well I've decided to drive halfway to Dallas tonight and then finish the rest of the drive on Wednesday. Buckle up, it's road trip time! What's the worst that could happen? My favorite traveling quote to start the trip... Make your choice, adventurous stranger. Strike the bell and bide the danger. Or wonder 'til it drives you mad, What would have followed, if you had. - C.S. Lewis See you guys at ReaperCon, Dodson
  16. Beautiful freehand. I love the paisley pattern.
  17. Sounds good Haldir, Looking forward to a chance to play in We Be Goblins!
  18. Hollywood Squares... Well... it involves alcohol and is not necessarily "kid friendly". At least that is what I remember from last year. Veeeeerrrry funny stuff though :)
  19. Raat - Someone else can probably verify this, but I do believe they sell a single day pass. Regardless, I would tell you that it is worth the time and money to come up. Gig'em - Dodson
  20. Now, let's be honest. We're not sayin' we're gonna save you a plate of the delicious BBQ... but you should still come by when you can.
  21. But... so many awesome people at Reaper, I can't limit this to a top 5....
  22. Best Western should be taking notes. That would be amazing.
  23. That's right Stub, and lava for the most part is always cooling. Lava itself is just magma that has reached the surface of the planet. As such, upon erupting the lava (formerly magma) begins to cool as it is exposed to air/water/etc and deprived of it's original heat source (the mantle). The black your seeing is the lava cooling. When lava cools fully it hardens into a rock, basalt. Found this on usgs.gov website. If you want to nerd it up and see how hot lava is at certain colors.
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