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  1. So they are not 25mm figs but the modern 28/32mm size? Too bad. As I move to 3d terrain the big modern figs with arms and weapons splayed out wide just don't work that well for me anymore. Great for display but a challenge at times for fitting into 1" squares. :(
  2. I needed to start painting western heroes for a boot hill game so getting 40 was easy. Sweet deal.
  3. Just curious. I've seen some mixes of metal and resin on larger models. As I had to transport more heavy metal models to game night I find myself wishing they were a plastic. Alas softer bendy Bones is not nearly as appealing as a better material. Sure I do buy some now and then but I'd rather a high detail resin model for things like giants and dragons.
  4. All I can add is I finally bought some Raphael 8404 series size 1 and 2 and they have pretty much killed my other brushes. Is my painting a lot better? Probably not, but my brushes require less bs and they hold a point like nobody's buisness. The super tiny brush from Army Painter almost never gets used anymore. Now if I can just get time to paint more often...
  5. I've really fallen for Dungeon Crawl Classics.
  6. I wish my painting was quite that good. That's from the mfg site.
  7. That is a nice figure, I'm in the middle of painting this figure and its got the same thing going on. I think I'm going to have to get Kurff to team up with him. Human and Elf thief team, high rise specialists.
  8. Dang, I must have misspelled something. Thanks. Edit: I misread your reply. Long day.
  9. Thanks. Not a sculptor so not going to go that route. Just looking for more "functional" type warrior, thief, magic user, etc figures. Less posing for a great camera shot and more heading into the pit laden with adventuring gear. Otherworld figures have a lot of those great details I'm looking for but they are a fair bit pricier in the US and have been stretching my miniature budget. Reaper figs are a lot cheaper and have a lot of great sculptors. I've been searcing for stuff with the fig finder but not coming up with much and figured I'd ask.
  10. Looking for figures with dungeoneering gear. Back packs, rolls of rope, and stuff like that. Not henchmen but regular figures. Thanks!
  11. I'm mostly doing Otherworld figures for characters and some monsters I think the Bones figures will be good for large monsters on the gaming table. Grabbed a little rust monster and will try to paint it this weekend and see how it goes.
  12. Thread necromancy!!!! How many inches of foam fit in the case and are the bases of the trays a 1/4 inch like most other ones? Thank you. Edit: Well I see the full one comes with 5x2" trays. Which would be 10" + bases. Nevermind, found a figure case solution.
  13. I'd mostly like to see things I don't really want to spend the cash on to buy in metal. Townsfolks. Henchmen and pack animals. Town guards. Spell effect markers and things like the Pillar of Good/Evil, dungeon furnishings and terrain. Animals and bulk monsters.
  14. That would be nice. pre paint sci-fi would be nice to go with Traveller.
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