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  1. The details are pretty nice. I think the pink issue the poster above pointed out is solvable with a glaze - mix the color of the skin creases (well, maybe a dark red-violet) with the color of the skin highlights and put 2 or 3 drops of that in 8 to ten drops of water (maintain that ratio) and wash the skin with that. It will soften the chalkiness of the pure pink. Using the tiles like that is genius. :)
  2. Not slamming Trollforged here, and they deny me the coolest beholder mini ever. Why, oh why, isn't that a Reaper mini? I would already have it. ;)
  3. Well, boo, at least selfishly speaking. But, hey, we found out TaleSpinner is a ninja!
  4. Hi TaleSpinner, Is Trollforged going to release this mini? There's nothing on their site about the mini under any spelling of the name ("Oculus"). I followed your work in '12 and I've been chomping at the bit since, so I'm hoping the kit sees the light of day. Thanks, Ket
  5. Hi folks, I'm not sure where this goes, so mods should feel free to move it to a better forum. I am interested in practicing casting on some inexpensive minis and I have a few soft plastic minis, my son's Sculpey work, and green stuff. I am definitely going to cast some of my son's work with a two part mold and I am afraid to press too hard into the clay I use to get the first part of the mold; even worked, the modelling clay is too firm. How do I sink a brittle mini without breaking it? The same is true when I press a soft plastic mini into the clay - the extremities (bows, swords, arms and the like) all deform so that they are either bent oddly or don't stay properly in the mold once cast. Whaddaya think? - Ket
  6. You folks rock. I spent the morning cleaning (filing) the Baletide miniature - fairly bad mold lines, but not the worst I've seen. The pommel on his sword is ridiculous, though - the part descending from his fist might as well be a chain (for real as well as in-the-sculpt; it was connected to his hip, which also left an unsightly lump of hard-to-remove metal on his hip), and the grip does not match the angle of the sword itself - almost as bad as on Alastriel. I've probably got a quarter hour or so of slowly bending the crossguard in an attempt to match angles... If it can be done. I'm inspired to paint him, so I got to working on him first. The Elaanderia mini doesn't have it as bad, but I haven't started on her yet. I am not sure if I like the production sculpt or the one to which Wren linked better. Who gets those super-limited runs? This is the second time I've seen an alt sculpt referenced as going to "some people." Thanks, Ket
  7. Hi folks, First, hi! I purchase more Reaper minis than I can paint. I know I am not alone... That said, my boy picked these up about four years ago and I can't recall their names. I am going to straighten them out, clean 'em and paint 'em, and I like to catalog them by name when I can. I've been through the Finder and can't seem to find them. Not even something like "female sword staff" generates a hit on the female. Any ideas? Here they are: Male - sword, plate armor, human, sort of 2D, skulls on massive spiked shoulder pads. The underside of the base is stamped © 2005 Reaper but no signature. Female - sword, staff, crown, looks like fangs, kind of jumping down, big cloak. Slot tab shows it's a Garrity and is copyright 2002. Thanks, Ket
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