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  1. Great job as always, although this time with a twist. I don't know why but these ones just pop. I don't remember being this impressed with terrain pieces. Feels weird complementing terrain but that's just my spontaneous reaction.
  2. These are all great, but I'm especially taken away by the face of the Rhino-guy (don't know what he's called) and the suit of Kingpin (fantastic job on the jacket and pants!)
  3. Supercool and creepy. I think this is my favorite version of those I've seen.
  4. Wow, great job. Those muscles popped so much they jumped out of the screen and smacked me across the mouth! I also really like the darker color scheme.
  5. I love dwarves and this is no exception. Clean and cool paintjob!
  6. The ice effects on the Wraith King is really well done!
  7. Fantastic! The zombie giant especially. I love the extra zombies on the base.
  8. The paintjobs for the Rock Troll and The Skinsawman are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.
  9. I love the "all or nothing" approach to OSL in these paintjobs. I really struggle with the effect and never dare to push it. That's why I love bold examples like these!
  10. These are all really nice! I love the bronzed look of the blacksmith and the lush purple of the strumpet. My favorite however is the beggar. You've captured a fantastic amount of character into that paint job!
  11. That's a super cool idea! The thought of this thing lurking in the dark.... shivers down my spine.
  12. You've done a fantastic job on this miniature! Your paintjob really brings character to the miniature.
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