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  1. Thanks Glen! I will miss gaming with you and your daughter, Mike, Dallas, and the rest! There is always next year! Enjoy the con and spill out a few dice on the floor for your missing fellow gamer! Remember I am there in spirit, especially when a 3 is rolled! Lue.
  2. Haldir, Sorry Haldir, I won't be at R-Con this year. Family got a wedding I have to attend the weekend of the con in New Jersey. maybe next year? Unless the dates conflict with Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. Lue.
  3. Hey all. Just found out my cousin is getting married the last weekend in April 2014. Of course with cloning being what it is today, I cannot be in two places at once. I will miss you all this year. I will be back in 2015. I look forward to that time already. Someone post those dates ASAP! Lue.
  4. With a new season of Pathfinder out, will any of the new adventures be played at ReaperCon 14? Lue.
  5. Hmmmm.... whoever does he mean? Surely, it couldn't be one player so engrossed in Pathfinder Society that he never gets to see any other part of ReaperCon. Nah... surely, he doesn't! Lue.
  6. Luethar

    Thanks from PFS

    Always a pleasure Rapheal! all your GMs did a great job immersing us in Society play. Logan's GM style is great and of course who could not enjoy L - ea? Chris was awesome at GMing Blackros Matrimony! I didnt think i would like a social based scenario, but he GMd it so well that I almost didnt mind my cursed dice and the minimal combat! Awesome job by all! Lue.
  7. Just don't put guns in my fantasy RPGs! I hate that! Lue.
  8. Luethar


    Reaper Staff, I really can't say thank enough. I hope you all got to read the note I had left on the Thank You Wall. Once again the staff went above and beyond! Lue.
  9. The worst part of ReaperCon is the drive home. I-35 was bumper to bumper from the I-35/I-35E split all the way to Salado. It took me 4 1/2 hours to get home! So not only was I in a state of depression from having to depart friends and games, but I was being punished with terrible traffic! Next year I am flying from Austin! Lue.
  11. Never played. I wouldnt mind trying it tonight. Count me in! Lue.
  12. Loim, I am at the Hilton now if you need a ride. Just text me, 512-787-3756. Lue.
  13. Bah! It's 3:18 PM the night before ReaperCon and I have nothing packed yet! Packing up some stuff tonight. Am working from home tomorrow. Guess who will be getting paid to pack tomorrow?! See you all there! Lue.
  14. Reaper Staff, Where will the gaming portion be. I have heard the Hilton and I have heard Reaper HQ. When will the final arrangements be set so we know where to head? Lue.
  15. Sergeant Crunch, Driven in Seoul in 2000. Piece of cake. Now what scares me are Texas drivers on the road when the temperature is below 32F. Texans cant drive in the rain.. never mind in icy conditions! Now that is scary! Lue
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