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  1. Reaper Staff, I bought this at ReaperCon. I thought that Battlefoam would fit but the Battlefoam is too long. What is this case designed to be filled with? A link of the products would be appreciated so that I can get my Reaper Carrying Case properly outfitted. Thanks, Lue.
  2. Hey all. Bought my ticket for the meet and greet but forgot to write down where it was. Now the ticket page with that information is gone. Can anyone provide the address so I can GPS to it? Thanks! Lue.
  3. Asking the group collective, will masks be required this year? I have not seen anything about this yet. I hope not! Lue.
  4. Do we have an idea for a time frame when tickets will go on sale? Lue.
  5. Hopefully I can make it by then. Looking to get out of work a little early.
  6. Haldir, Thanks! I saw that link on the information on the mask. I just wanted to make sure it was still current. Where is the meet and greet and what time? Lue.
  7. Hey all, Plans for me changed. I am actually able to arrive on Wednesday afternoon. Is there anything scheduled for Wednesday night? Oh and are face coverings still required for vaccinated individuals? Lue.
  8. Haldir! Yes it has been that long! A lot changed since then and now my schedule and the con have finally synched up! I look forward to catching up with everyone. I am coming in on Thursday and staying till Sunday! Lue.
  9. So the last ReaperCon I attended was 2014. That ReaperCon 1/2 the con was at the store and 1/2 was at a hotel. I am sure a lot has changed since then. What are some of the things that have changed? What has stayed the same despite the growth? Lue.
  10. Thanks Glen! I will miss gaming with you and your daughter, Mike, Dallas, and the rest! There is always next year! Enjoy the con and spill out a few dice on the floor for your missing fellow gamer! Remember I am there in spirit, especially when a 3 is rolled! Lue.
  11. Haldir, Sorry Haldir, I won't be at R-Con this year. Family got a wedding I have to attend the weekend of the con in New Jersey. maybe next year? Unless the dates conflict with Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. Lue.
  12. Hey all. Just found out my cousin is getting married the last weekend in April 2014. Of course with cloning being what it is today, I cannot be in two places at once. I will miss you all this year. I will be back in 2015. I look forward to that time already. Someone post those dates ASAP! Lue.
  13. With a new season of Pathfinder out, will any of the new adventures be played at ReaperCon 14? Lue.
  14. Hmmmm.... whoever does he mean? Surely, it couldn't be one player so engrossed in Pathfinder Society that he never gets to see any other part of ReaperCon. Nah... surely, he doesn't! Lue.
  15. Always a pleasure Rapheal! all your GMs did a great job immersing us in Society play. Logan's GM style is great and of course who could not enjoy L - ea? Chris was awesome at GMing Blackros Matrimony! I didnt think i would like a social based scenario, but he GMd it so well that I almost didnt mind my cursed dice and the minimal combat! Awesome job by all! Lue.
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