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  1. I was able to get a room at the Embassy Suites for 1 Sep - 4 Sep, but not for Wednesday Aug 31st. I will either have to find another hotel for the night or come in on Thursday direct. But I really like being there Wednesday night!



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  2. Hey all, 


    Plans for me changed. I am actually able to arrive on Wednesday afternoon. Is there anything scheduled for Wednesday night? 


    Oh and are face coverings still required for vaccinated individuals?



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  3. 16 hours ago, haldir said:


    Has it been that long ago??? Wow time flies!! Good to see you back again, if your coming back.


    Yah the biggest change is, factory is only used for tours & metal bin shopping now. The Con hotel is really nice too, almost too nice for a group of mini painters/gamers. At least there isn't a time limit on when games stop now. Other then the size of attendees & venue, really nothing has changed. People are still pretty friendly, everyone is still there for 1 thing at least, Reaper Miniatures & forgetting the rest of the world for 4 days.



    Yes it has been that long! A lot changed since then and now my schedule and the con have finally synched up! I look forward to catching up with everyone. I am coming in on Thursday and staying till Sunday!



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  4. Haldir,


    Sorry Haldir, I won't be at R-Con this year. Family got a wedding I have to attend the weekend of the con in New Jersey. maybe next year? Unless the dates conflict with Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim.



  5. Hope all of my players made got home without incident. Naturally I extend this to those who opted not to play in my games, you know who you are. ;)




    Hmmmm.... whoever does he mean? Surely, it couldn't be one player so engrossed in Pathfinder Society that he never gets to see any other part of ReaperCon. Nah... surely, he doesn't!



  6. Always a pleasure Rapheal! all your GMs did a great job immersing us in Society play. Logan's GM style is great and of course who could not enjoy L - ea? Chris was awesome at GMing Blackros Matrimony! I didnt think i would like a social based scenario, but he GMd it so well that I almost didnt mind my cursed dice and the minimal combat! Awesome job by all!



  7. Reaper Staff,


    I really can't say thank enough. I hope you all got to read the note I had left on the Thank You Wall. Once again the staff went above and beyond!



  8. The worst part of ReaperCon is the drive home. I-35 was bumper to bumper from the I-35/I-35E split all the way to Salado. It took me 4 1/2 hours to get home! So not only was I in a state of depression from having to depart friends and games, but I was being punished with terrible traffic!


    Next year I am flying from Austin!



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  9. I will be at DFW airport picking up Haldir at 1:30 on Wednesday. If you need a ride at that time and you are smaller you can fit in the jump seats in the king cab! It's tight but it's free!


    Let me know if you need the ride?



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