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  1. MiniCannuck,


    Texas Land and Cattle is a restaurant where you get to pick out which cow you wish your steak to come from then they invite you to the back to carve it off the carcass yourself. It's quite the Texas experience! Nothing like hacking off your own slab of meat! If you have never been it's a true Texas experience!



  2. I will be at the airport at around 1:00 PM on Wednesday. I have a Nissan Frontier King Cab. One seat is already taken. But it has two seats in the back but its really cramped. If everyone puts bags in the back I may be able to squeeze some folks in for free! It would be the ReaperCon Airport Run 2013! Let me know if you want to save some cash!



  3. Reaperwolf (Joe),


    As you know I play a lot of Pathfinder with Rapheal and Pandora (with the blessings of Dresda (add glitter)). They are long sessions of 3 hours a piece. However, in the case of a repeat scenario, I would like to play one of your scenarios but if they all line up, then how do you squeeze in heading to the Reaper facility. If some events (gaming sessions) were shorter then the gamers could also swing by the Reaper facility as well. If we are all locked in to 3 hour slots then the gamers will be stuck at the Hilton the entire time!


    I voted two hours!



  4. Sad to say that I cancelled my BW reservation. Hated to do it because I am very fond of loyalty. The thing that sold it for me was the fact that the gaming will be at HGI and rolling out of bed and being in teh gaming center seems like a good deal to me! HGI here we come!



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  5. Hi everyone, he said somewhat nervously.


    I'm trying to figure out if I want to go to ReaperCon. I figure there's plenty of opinions around here to hopefully help me out. I am new to the painting scene and mostly just enjoy sitting down with a mini and painting it to the best of my ability which, given that I've got maybe 30 minis *total* under my belt, isn't that spectacular. I started by signing up for the Bones kickstarter, which was *amazing*, and decided I should figure some things out about painting minis before they showed up. What I discovered is that I really like it, I find the act of sitting down and very, very slowly working on something to make it just so is very relaxing to me. So with that in mind, here are some questions to hopefully help me figure out if I'll enjoy myself up there.


    1) I'm mostly excited by the prospect of getting better at painting: taking some classes, learning some techniques and getting some practice. Are there a *lot* of different classes for me to take? Enough to fill up four days of con-ing? Will they help me get better?


    2) I'm in Northwest Austin, and due to my new-ness to the scene, this is the only mini-painting convention I know about that's anywhere near me. Are there others I should know about? (Don't be afraid of driving me off...I can go to both.)


    3) Is this a good place for a new person to just...show up? The pictures don't make the place look all that big, and I'm afraid I'll feel like I'm crashing an exclusive club if I don't know any people or anything about what's going on beforehand.


    4) A technical question: Do I need to buy tickets for anyone to come in? If my wife wants merely to come in and find me, will she not get past the vicious door guards without a pass? if she does come in, will I need to get a ticket for our two-year-old? He's unlikely to take any classes. :)


    5) Describe the Con' to me, if you have some time. What's it like, what's the vibe? What do people do there for 4 days?


    Thanks again for the help, I'm excited by the potential, and just want to make sure I don't sign myself up for something that's not quite right for me. Oh, and Like I said, I'm from Northwest Austin, so if there are any fellow mini-painting enthusiasts that want to introduce yourselves, just say hi.





    Hello and Welcome to the forum!


    I, too, am from Austin. I enjoy ReaperCon for many reasons. Not simply because of the miniatures and painting, not simply because of the gaming and comraderie, but I enjoy because of the people. This forum community gets together and really takes the time to find your interests. I was introduced to many different aspects of the miniature world that is Reaper. Painting, roleplaying, tabletop wargaming, terraforming (thanks to last year's awesome terrain map), are all on feature there. ReaperCon is like a diamond. It has too many attractive facets not to call it a thing of beauty!


    As far as other things, the hotels have been great. The on-site staff is awesome. Definitely get to the facility tour as they show you how minatures are made. Oh and lets not forget SonicMike!


    If you have any other questions feel free to post them here or PM me. Us Austinites have to stick together!




    Don't count on the boutique being there again. He ticked Bryan off.

    There was a misunderstanding, and I think we have sorted everything out. I've been kind of consumed with Logistics planning for Kickstarter shipping in the weeks preceeding ReaperCon, so I think I'm not on the vendor committee this year. Probably.





    Were you voted off the island? LOL




    Does HGI charge immediately when you reserve with advanced purchase?



    With advance purchase, they will charge immediately (hence the name). There is no refund or changes possible with advance purchase. I stayed at the HGI Denton last year for ReaperCon with an advance purchase reservation and was charged immediately.


    A normal reservation will be charged upon check out.



    So then if you book directly with the hotel using the group code, you should not be immediately charged, correct?



  8. ReaperRon,


    Is there a way to get the full layout or full schedule or full locations of events published soon? I come to ReaperCon for the gaming primarily but I want to make an informed decision on where to stay for convienance. I would like to know what other events will be held at the HGI. This may cause me to switch my reservation.



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